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George Young speaks

October 11, 2008

This week, Plaxico Burress came back. (Pat Hanlon, quoting the late) George Young: “We are not in the business of well-adjusted human beings.”

Here are some more quotes from the former GM of the Giants…

On Bill Parcells: “Bill knows what defense he’ll call during the second series three games from now. He doesn’t know what he’s doing in his own life three days from now.”

On Parcells’ unscheduled departure in May 1991: “I wasn’t happy Bill left, not at all.”

On hiring Ray Handley: “My worst decision.”

On his new job in 1979 at the Meadowlands: “It’s a funny place. Everybody’s named either Vinny or Whitey.”

Young on player agents: “The three characteristics that I hate most in a person are arrogance, mendacity and greed. And these guys have all three.”

Another word used by Young to describe agents- “Cockroaches.”

On the feud between Tim and Wellington Mara: “I’m just Irish enough to know that you don’t take one side or another, or they’ll both turn on you.”

On his head coaching personnel decisions: “Always hire somebody you know. That way you have a good idea of what the person’s like. No surprises.”

And some more of his insight on hiring: “You hire somebody with a high energy level. And something to prove.”

On picking Phil Simms with his first pick as the new Giants GM: “You’ve got to assert yourself. You just can’t be reacting to what people think you should do. You don’t often wind up with a great arm and the intelligence to go with it. It’s the kind of opportunity that might not occur for another two years. When you get it, you’ve got to take it.”

On picking LT with the #2 pick in the 1981 draft: “I thought they would take George Rogers, the Heisman Trophy running back, but I didn’t stop sweating until they did.”

On picking his heir apparent, Ernie Accorsi: “He knows who to talk to, and he knows who not to listen to.”

On passing up driving a Mercedes Benz that was offered to him: “(Legendary Steelers owner) Mr. Rooney drove a Buick all his life. That’s good enough for me.”

On players- “It’s about the money. And when they say it’s not about the money, then it is definitely about the money.”

On Karl Nelson considering a choice of careers after playing football: “too well-adjusted to coach.”

“There’s one big difference between college and pro football. In college you have your name on the jersey for four years and you graduate. In the pros, the name on the jersey may be the same for nine or 10 years but the athlete isn’t the same guy.”

As for his place in sports, he knew he would be remembered as: “..the other George in New York.”

On going down to Washington DC to visit the White House after winning Super Bowl XXI: “It’s nice to be here surrounded by the Secret Service instead of by the Redskins.”

One more thing on George Young… for those of you who have read “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, you will know that the great companies (/franchises) have succession plans that are built to last and not built to fail. Young hired both Ernie Accorsi and Jerry Reese. This third title has some of Young’s hand in it. Considering he drafted Strahan and Toomer, perhaps more.

Where have you gone, Wellington Mara? New York Giants Personal Seat Licenses Part 3

June 29, 2008

Yesterday we noted how Wellington Mara must be turning in his grave. Today Rich Cimini of the Daily News recounts another in a long line of stories about how Wellington Mara put the stadium fans first.

This is not a new story, as the seat license has been telegraphed for a while. If I am guilty of anything, it is an attitude of acceptance, of being resigned to this fate for so long. As soon as they announced they would be building the new stadium, we all knew the PSL was coming.

The only way to do battle is to vote with your feet. I had heard that Eagles fans had to put up 5K for the seat licenses, so Thursday’s announcement that it would be 1K for 90% of the upper tier (where I sit), it was almost good news. Zero would be better. But for the same reason that economically the Giants can charge it, you the season’s ticket holder better buy that license because the resale will be worth a lot more than 1K in the secondary market. So don’t get too misty about Wellington being gone, because many of the Giants fans out there have an instant economic boon coming if they want that. And if they just want to go to games and not have to pay for the right, at least you can buy the license and then resell it and use the proceeds for ~8 years of home games from Giants tickets exchange. All I am saying is that it could be a lot worse too– if the Giants put this thing into a Dutch Auction, you would be paying a lot more than they will be charging. And another thing… how many of you out there have been on the waiting list for over 10 years and now finally see an opportunity to get into the freaking stadium with your own seats?! I didn’t make any of these rules, but it is far more complicated than just being pissed at the Maras and the Tisches. It kind of reminds me of Manhattan renters who cry about having no rights… yet there they are not complaining about getting the insider’s price on a condo/coop conversion, OR having their apartment rent-controlled at below market prices, which CREATES the high prices for Manhattan apartments in the first place. Giants seasons tickets holders have been on rent stabilization for a while now. As a ‘renter’ you are entitled to NOTHING. Take risk and OWN. Or walk.

Andy Mara? Personal Seat Licenses?

June 28, 2008

lol. it’s capitalism, love it or leave it. I know… Wellington Mara is probably turning in his grave. I am trying to be realistic. We knew it was coming. For me, I wouldn’t have even bothered building a new stadiumthe old one works for me because I am not in demand of a luxury box. The bottomline is this is the marketplace. Check out the prices for PSL’s being floated in Dallas. The owners can do anything they please. The fans can stay home, spend the grand (or 20 grand) on a home theatre and let someone else pony up the money.

Since the Baseball Strike of ’94 I have not paid to see a single game (have gone to a total of 3 since then as a guest of others) and have only watched a total of ~20 games in 14 years on television after growing up with the sport. Have not watched a single pitch this season. May go to a Newark Bears game. Point is we all have choices. I think that the price of a football game (which represents 12.5% of the entire home season) is still fairly priced. Try spending 500 dollars going to an NBA regular season game where the players turn it on for only 1 quarter at the end. (I was once a courtside guest and was horrified by that one.)

There are other things that piss me off much more than these PSLs. Why do I get ads and far less video updates of other out of town games while AT THE STADIUM than I do at home in front of the television? What will s**k about the PSL’s is if/when they do little to enhance the STADIUM EXPERIENCE. Will we have to pay $20 to park our car and have it still be a nightmare? Will getting out of the stadium parking lot still take 40 minutes?

Make your voice heard. I think Giants fans got tired of the flex scheduling and all the evening games in ’06 and ’07 and finally got some relief in the ’08 schedule. If you really object to the PSLs, boycott them and then simply go to the stubhub/Giants tickets exchange and pay face. One of the original email guys from this blog paid $3800 for one ticket to the Super Bowl- he was in Glendale without a seat and was prepared to watch in his hotel room. Considering it was arguably the greatest game in Giants history, I am not sure if he overpaid.

What irks all of us is that if we all boycotted the PSL I am sure that the 15+ years of people on the waiting list (not to mention the corporates) would swoop in and devour the new availability. If it were not for having to go to football games at 8PM (at the end of December), I would be far more interested.

I will end the post with a little ditty from the Giants’ press release: “…we hope and believe that you will be pleased with the options when we send more detailed information on the stadiumʼs PSL programs.”