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Offseason Workout Program Begins Today for New York Giants, early signs are that Strahan looks to return for another year

March 31, 2008

Today marks the beginning of the voluntary offseason workout program. It looks to be a non-event. The only no-show of any significance is Umenyiora, and his agent says it is not related at all to his contract. Otherwise, there is also good news in the Giants and Snee working on a contract extension. Snee will be in attendance at the offseason program.

Early signs are that Strahan looks to return for another year.

"The Price of Winning a Super Bowl"

March 30, 2008

A month ago when the new salaries of free agency were ringing the registers of less than super-stars, we pointed out immediately that Giants star players under contract would be yelling “show me the money.”

An NFL Network video clip (from Thurs evening) points to Monday March 31st, the first day of the “voluntary” offseason workout program, as the beginning of this potential trouble for the organization. Tomorrow we will find out who does not show. Stay tuned.