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Hello world!

September 26, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

NYG-Dallas Intragame comments

September 21, 2009

Phillips will start. Look at the list of inactives.. they are almost all hurt:
Ross, Dockery, Canty, Nicks, Sintim, Ware. Koets also inactive (hurt?). I believe Whimper is the only inactive player who is not hurt.

Wonder NFL predictions

September 20, 2009

Short version: Wonder sees all else equal, that the Giants lose 27-20, but does NOT rule a win out by ANY means. He sees the Saints beating the Eagles EASILY in the Linc, assuming Kolb starts.

These picks for division winners are not a surprise

WEST- Seattle
South- Saints
East- Jints
North- Minn

Wild Card: Phil, Atl, GB (2 of 3)


West- SD
South- Colts maybe!
East- Pats
North- Pitt

Wild Card: Jets/Balt/Tenn (2 of 3)

Sleeper: NONE….IF FORCED, Jags

Back to today’s games: “I have Brees…they have Kolb..?? What’s that you say ?? But 2-7 on the road ?? and Phila is a REALLY good team, right ?? True, but that’s why they make this RIDICULOUS LINE*….the NFL is about QB’s !!!! and Saints’ D is getting better…this MAY be a rout after the iglets’ pack it in after Kolb’s 4th turnover….soooooooo, If jints can HANG IN THERE until after their adrenalin dies down, they may be the only unbeaten team in the NFL EAST after the day is out.”

* Ultimatenyg ridiculous line warning. Thanks Wonder, just saw what you were referring to, the Eagles are ONLY laying 2 points? Whaaattt?! This is a classic TRAP game if I ever saw one. So easy to take the Eagles at home. This is why the Saints should win the game outright.

Giants Redskins Intragame Comments

September 13, 2009

It’s a swan song appearance today for Andy at the “old” Meadowlands in Section 307.

Is our OL able to get to the second level (LBers) on run plays with Haynesworth and Daniels potentially blowing things up? Is the DL of the Giants playing cohesively, keeping Campbell inside the pocket, staying in their lanes and winning that battle? How well conditioned are the Skins and Giants in Q4? (Big break for these big guys to be playing at 415PM instead of 1PM.) How is Bruce Johnson doing, are the Skins picking on him? I’ll leave it to Nature to police our friend Gilbride. See you after the game.

NYG-Pats Intragame comments

September 3, 2009

Phillips, Diehl, Boley, Canty, Ross, Tyree, Ware, Whimper


Jets Saturday night

August 28, 2009

I’ll be missing this preseason game, but will catch it on tape thereafter. Please everyone.. give color on what happened. Some of the important things to watch vs the Jets:

1) Boss has the Blutarsky (0.0 receptions). Please correct.
2) Manning should play into Q3. Let’s see rhythm, accuracy, YAC.
3) How is the execution of the screen pass? This is the box-buster, practice makes perfect, KG.
4) Diehl and McKenzie should be back to their old selfs, reliable, seen and not heard. Correct?!
5) Snap from center after O’Hara is taken out of game.
6) Of course, WR progress.
7) How many of the walking wounded on Defense play this preseason game?
8) Lane control on run and pass rush addressed and corrected?!
9) Goff/Wilkinson/Kehl MegaMillions LBer sweepstakes.. any winners?!!
10) Tynes adventures in groin babysitting.
11) Improvement by CC Brown needed immediately.

Bears 17 Giants 3

August 23, 2009

The score was not indicative of how one-sided this loss was. The Giants got their butts kicked.

The bloom is off the rose. Good. Plenty of work for this team to do. We specifically wanted to see how the LBers would handle Forte and the verdict was not good. Carl Banks singled out Blackburn on the 33 yd TD run, where our backup MLB (Pierce out for game) was roasted on the play.

Cross and Banks had this team’s flaws noted well. On Defense, lack of lane integrity meant the Giants got gashed up the middle, taken to school. And that same lack of lane integrity on pass rush meant Cutler carved up the Giants when he ran out of time, quickly going out of the pocket and buying plenty of time to reset plays and kill the pass defense. These are the fundamentals Cross and Banks highlighted as being absent. On offense, McKenzie and Diehl made enough mistakes (2 sacks and 1 penalty) to essentially kill 3 drives. Manning did not have time to throw. Ugly.

Woodson hit Nicks on a 55 yd pass play, but could not finish the drive with a TD. Considering he could not help the team finish the previous drive either, this is not going to help his roster chances.

Jay Alford was carted off the field. They said it was a sprain but it looked worse. Let’s get more confirmation in coming days on that one.

Some positives:
1) Manningham is going to create opportunities with his separation.
2) Tollefson saved a TD and created a FG, so 24-0 instead of 17-3 at the half w/o him
3) Bradshaw behind the 2nd team OL once again looks like he can break it whenever he touches the ball
4) Jacobs looked great behind the sloppy first team OL
5) Ware looked good

Do you want excuses or not? The Giants played poorly. Coughlin wanted to have more than 5 days in between preseason games and the team seemed disorganized. No need for panic. It’s preseason. The Giants won the Super Bowl after getting ripped apart for 80 points in the first two regular season games. Back to fundamentals. Blocking and tackling. Keeping your lanes on the run, keeping the edge contained on the pass rush. It will be nice to get guys like Snee, Seubert, Pierce, Tuck, Bernard and Canty back.

Intragame comments Bears vs Giants

August 22, 2009

Panthers preseason intragame comments

August 18, 2009

Inside Out

August 14, 2009

Yesterday I saw a movie, Julie and Julia. Nora Ephron romanticized email in “You’ve Got Mail.” This time she romanticized blogging.

No romanticizing this blog. It is here to serve one purpose and one purpose only- to share the ride with fellow Giants seeking out one thing, A NY GIANTS CHAMPIONSHIP.

There are three precious jewels we have, XXI, XXV and XLII. Some of the readers remember 1956 and some only have personal recollections of XLII. What unites us all now is that we are on the verge of the 2009 season. The first preseason game is a few days away. Is XLIV in the cards for the Giants? Is there ANYONE here who does not believe that the Giants have a legitimate shot to win the whole enchilada this season? Of course not.

So much of football is about luck. Crayton breaks off his route or it is quite possible that XLII is toast (not to mention about a half dozen other moments in that game, Crayton’s dropped ball, Adams’ Q3 injury, Romo’s penalty..). If Ingram twists and turns to make any less than 5 players miss, XXV is toast (not to mention about a half dozen other moments in that game, Hostetler by some miracle not coughing up the ball on the Safety, Norwood’s miss..).

There are three years of pain- Flipper Anderson, 2002 and 2008. Steeler fans, Eagles fans and Cardinals fans think they were destined to win last season. Bullbleep- the Giants were better than all of them, BEAT ALL OF THEM, but came up short when it counted. So when we hear about the ‘bitter taste’ in the players’ mouths, the emptiness of last season’s unfulfilled promise, we know it well. You can easily argue that the Giants denied other teams that same destiny, as the Bills and 49ers of 1990, Cowboys and Patriots of 2007 were certainly powerhouses who could have won the title too. We’ll whistle past the graveyard on that one.

2009 is our year. Of course you need luck and good health. Other teams and their fans think that the title is possible this year. Giants players, coaches and their fans KNOW it is possible this year. Every team quietly questions whether they have enough to get by Brady or other individuals. The Giants are not worried about anyone.

2009 is there for this team. No chick flicks. No romanticized journeys. Just championships.