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2008 The Year Ahead

February 22, 2008

Last year Jerry Reese pulled a stunner when he cut Luke Petitgout. The fact that he could not even get a draft pick out of his starting LT shows you why Reese says Shockey is still his starting TE. There is very little trading that goes on in the NFL on a roster-weighted basis. Analysis by Position-


LB: See yesterday’s ‘Linebacker’ article for analysis. Get a strongside LB. I have two good reasons- we play Jason Witten twice each year. I like Wilkinson, but we did not see the Giants using him that much in the playoffs. Either he is ready to contribute in his third year or someone new can be given the opportunity.

DL: You are only as good as your last at-bat, and the sack of Brady by Jay Alford was a very good at-bat! Unless Strahan retires or Umenyiora holds out, the Giants do not have acute need here. Reese did well to lock up Tuck. There is always Kiwanuka in the wings.

S: Gibril Wilson wants more money. Butler lacks speed. Dahl (torn ACL) was cut after failing a physical. The Giants will be busy looking for safeties, free agent or drafted. Michael Johnson will improve with another camp. Everyone wants Wilson back, but at what price?

CB: Madison and McQuarters were integral parts of the success of the Giants this season, but they are on the downside of their careers. Bring in younger players to challenge these players for their roster spots.


WR: Steve Smith is the answer. The Giants like Michael Jennings (just re-signed). I think the Giants hold out more hope for Sinorice Moss than I do. When you add Burress, Toomer, Smith, Tyree and Hixon, it is getting pretty crowded in there. Bring in more competition, but no acute need unless Burress does not heal in the off-season or Toomer surprisingly retires.

RB: One new body to keep the mix from getting stale. Droughns will get cut unless we miss in the draft and/or his salary is still competitive with reduced production.

LT: Diehl was the weakest link on the Offensive Line. He is a wonderful Guard, but he is not a full time Tackle. Diehl got beat like a drum by many speed rushers this year. Get a REAL Left Tackle.

QB: a credible backup please.

TE: None.

Strongest Need: LB and S
Need: LT, CB
Normal Turnover: WR, RB, QB
Only if too much value present: TE, DL

Final thoughts: Reese calls the draft the front office’s version of the Super Bowl. Constant improvement is critical for the Giants to remain competitive. Players like McQuarters, Madison, Strahan and Toomer need to be viewed as 0-1 year possibilities at a maximum. The Giants have needs, but they have enough cap room and draft picks to address them adequately. The good news is that the Giants are a very young team (see Article on ‘The Rookies’ from Wednesday). Ross is 25, Smith is 22, Bradshaw is 21, Boss and Tuck are 24. Umenyiora and Snee are 26. Eli Manning is 27. DID I SAY TUCK IS 24?!!! These players can all get a lot better- that is scary good. Do you think these players are hungry enough for another Super Bowl title? Their improvement and impact on the field will say a lot about those possibilities. Given how each one of those players improved over the course of 2007, it is hard to imagine how each would not be able to do special things for the Giants in 2008. “They can write this team off again (in 2008) if they want but they’re going to be wrong,” former general manager Ernie Accorsi says. “It’s sound at the key positions and they’re signed, and the QB is going to only get better.”

2nd Annual Ultimatenyg Awards

February 19, 2008

1) Offensive Player of the Year — Plaxico Burress
2) Defensive Player of the Year — Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck
3) Crippling injury of the Year — Mathias Kiwanuka
4) Coach of the Year — Steve Spagnuolo.
5) Play of the Year — Manning to Tyree. Catch 42. The Helmet. The Play.
6) Most Improved Player Award — Corey Webster, Eli Manning
7) Rookie of the Year — Ahmad Bradshaw
8) Disappointment of the Year — Sinorice Moss
9) Ugly Play of the Year — Moss Bomb TD in W17
10) The Please Cut Him Already Award — James Butler
11) Honorable Mention Award — Madison Hedgecock
12) Official “Bust” Tag Declaration Award — William Joseph
13) The “On-Deck” Bust Tag Award — Sinorice Moss
14) Special Teams Player of the Year Award — Domenik Hixon
15) Stupid Penalty of the Year Award — Sam Madison Personal Foul at GB
16) Decision of the Year Award — Coughlin playing to win in W17 vs NE
17) Inflection Point of the Year Award — Giants’ Defensive Stop of Redskins on 4th and 1 in W3
18) Best Game of the Year — Super Bowl vs New England
19) Worst Game of the Year — Minnesota
20) Prominent Player Most Likely NOT to be on the roster next year— Gibril Wilson ($)
21) Comeback Player of the Year Award — Amani Toomer off ACL surgery


February 3, 2008

I am not a very big Mike Francesa fan, but he did a beautiful job articulating all of the storylines for this Super Bowl. In a nutshell, this matchup has the ability to live up to the hype for the first time in a long time because of the 18-0 season of the Patriots. And if the Giants were to somehow pull off an upset, it would also imply an epic game and one of the biggest upsets in all of sports. So we are going to see some form of history tonight, and if the game is competitive it will be very special.

Phil Simms was on for an hour. Newer blog readers know that I think the world of Simms for too many reasons to list here, but suffice it to say that I respect his opinions and views immensely. Phil can be wrong- he picked the Raiders over the Bucs in the Super Bowl ~5 years ago. He also contended that the Giants were fine for being conservative on offense in Q4 vs Dallas, something I disagree with in a HUGE way.

Against Dallas (3 weeks ago) he thought the Giants would be competitive and had a chance at possibly winning the game. TODAY HE THINKS “THE GIANTS CAN HAVE A CHANCE TO BEAT THE PATRIOTS.” So his sentiments are eerily similar. What does that mean? It simply tells us that we are not completely subjective and biased for thinking that the Giants have a chance.

* Almost everyone he has spoken with thinks the Patriots are going to score in the 40’s and and are going to win easily, but that he is not of that opinion.
* It will be a lower scoring game than most think and it will be more competitive.
* The NYG are on an emotional high that he has not seen in sports.
* Two keys are (1) can the Giants DL be disruptive (2) can the Giants be more physical on offense.
* Has heard this fast turf is in excellent condition and will be even faster, which benefits speed.

In terms of the players who benefit from speed, this means Moss, Welker, Umenyiora and Bradshaw.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Win the game, win it ALL, win the SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP. Are we underdogs? Yes. But if we have that small chance to win, I want to win. I will leave it with the final thought from Michael Strahan after the Patriot loss in W17:
“It’s frustrating because when you have a team like this up against the ropes, you can’t afford to do that,” Strahan said. “I guess I am supposed to be happy that we are going to the playoffs and we played well and we came almost close but that is not good enough for me. I’m not out there to play and be fish food,” Strahan continued. “I’d rather be the fish. I want to eat it.” Beat the Patriots tonight and win the title!

Super Bowl quick takeaways

February 2, 2008

A list of reasons for why the Giants will lose the Super Bowl:

1) The Patriots offense is as good as the ’99 Rams, maybe better.
2) Tom Brady is one of the best QBs of our generation.
3) Bill Belichick is one of the best coaches of our generation.
4) The Patriots have too many ways to win a ball game.
5) Umenyiora and Burress- talk is cheap.
6) A Pats win means the ’72 Dolphins crybabies can finally go away.
7) Is Coughlin/Gilbride ready for primetime?

A list of reasons for why the Giants will win the Super Bowl:

1) The Giants played NE already and know what it will take to win.
2) Toomer and Strahan: The Giants are here to win the game.
3) You cannot plan a ring. Seau and Barber both get denied.
4) The road warriors are on the road.
5) Confidence.
6) 18-0. The bigger they are the harder they fall.
7) The Patriots defense is the chink in the armor.
8) This team is resilient. Bruschi on the gmen: “…incredible mental toughness.”
9) 1990 analog.