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ESPN’s McShay reviews the NFC East draft

May 4, 2008

I usually pay little attention to these draft recaps. What was of note is that McShay said almost precisely what Wonder said about Phillips, that this was not a first rounder and that Tyrell Johnson was the better pick. Reese feels differently, and considering Reese’s track record as a scout and GM in 2007, he will get the benefit of the doubt. The Giants rated Phillips not only as the best Safety in the draft but also very high on an absolute basis for talent, so that stands at odds with the evaluation of Wonder. If Phillips is the starter for the Giants in Game 1 that will be the first test to determine if the Giants did well.

Giants draft Phillips and Thomas- Sunday Morning QB

April 27, 2008

1) If you did not catch it, reread Wonder’s comment #3 from Saturday morning about where the league was going with corners. It fits TOTALLY with why the Giants went after Thomas at the end of Round 2. Big strong physical corners who can play bump and run.

2) My sense is that the Giants went corner and safety in the first two rounds because of need AND the fact that the new ‘force out’ rule is going to help defensive backs vs WRs. Having strong physical guys who can push WRs at the line AND muscle them out of bounds may have a new ‘urgency’ with the new rules.

3) I am already reading this morning how Phillips is from a long line of blue blood Safeties from Miami. As if that matters one single iota. If Phillips can ‘come to play’ EVERY game then he will be a good pick and if he disappears from game to game (like he did in college) then he is not going to be a good pick.

4) My standard for a first round draft choice is (with exception of interior defensive line and QB), (A) CAN YOU START FOR ME IN GAME ONE OF YOUR PRO CAREER? (B) CAN YOU BE AN IMPACT PLAYER? What impressed me about Tyrell Johnson was that Wonder said unequivocally that Johnson starts his first game as a pro. He could not say the same thing about Phillips. MAYBE Phillips can. MAYBE he is as good as Johnson. The pick is made, I hope Wonder is wrong, but the odds favor Wonder. Let’s hope both Johnson and Phillips are good pros and it is the “push” where either is a good pick.

5) Well, the Shockey saga is not completely over, but apparently the Giants demanded much more than anyone (Saints) was willing to pay. Smart move. Vacchiano LAST NIGHT: “Now it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens next. Shockey has made it very clear he’s not happy in New York.” Vacchiano has not backed off- he has someone telling him that Shockey is not happy, and like a pebble in your shoe, that the pebble has to be removed. Ever think that maybe Shockey is the shoe and the questions are the pebble? Enough already. NEXT.

6) In all of the focus on the draft, I missed this little nugget that says Osi is not going to hold out and will be in camp on time. Good for Osi, good for the gmen. The only people that win with holdouts are the other 31 teams.

New York Giants NFL Draft 2008 Round 1 and Round 2 recap

April 27, 2008

The Giants missed a very good opportunity at #31 and went conservative with Phillips. Remember the reviews of Wonder as draft guru- Wonder may not be right, but he won’t be wrong… at worst he is a push, meaning in this case another Safety like Tyrell Johnson will be just as productive if not more so as opposed to Phillips. The CB at #63 (Terrell Thomas) was a good pick. He has good speed and is a reliable tackler. Between him and Ross they will get it done. And that also leaves Webster in there to compete with them for jobs.

Wonder was surprised at how Quentin Groves dropped to the Jags at #52; he thinks it was probably due to teams not wanting to risk that much on a player that had a medical condition (heart procedure, fixed, Doctors gave clean bill of health).

Wonder was very pumped for the Giants to get Avril or Bryant at #63, and is willing to bet even money tomorrow at the beginning of Day 2 that the Miami Dolphins take one of those with the #64 pick. We will see.

The Steelers got Mendenhall and Sweed, a great draft. KC scooped up Dorsey, Albert and Flowers, a huge haul. The Redskins got Devin Thomas at #34 after trading down, a very nice move.

“The NFL GM’s got it right for a change, did not bite on Connor in the first two rounds. Good for them not going for that Penn State LB 1st round bs.”