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Marvelous: The Top 10 Quarterbacks of All Time

March 5, 2008

We interviewed Marvelous, who has contributed to some of these blog pages occasionally to give us perspective on the game. He has been a Giants fan since the 1930’s. Marvelous was at the greatest game ever played, the Giants loss to the Colts in 1958.

Ultimatenyg: You were at THE game? You were at the greatest game ever played?

Marvelous: “Of course I was. I went to all of the games back in those days. I was at the ’56 Championship where we killed the Bears also. The ’56 win was a very boring game, one of the most boring I have ever been to.”

What happened at the ’58 game?

“I had a premonition that Unitas would win. WE HAD THE LEAD. WE HAD THE GAME. To this day it was the BIGGEST CRUSHING LOSS in all of sports in my entire life. I still do not remember the trip going home after the game.”

Marvelous, does the win this year in Super Bowl XLII make up for any of the pain of that loss? Does it heal any old Giants wounds?

“Absolutely. I never thought that we were going to win this game. I did not think we would win until it was BEFORE the 3rd and 11 play to Steve Smith. I was on the phone with my cousin Ron and I told him we were winning the game. This win was the biggest Giants win in history. The win this year was the single greatest biggest win of any team I rooted for in ANY sport. We won with chemistry. We were not the greatest team. But we were the best team that week.”

So you don’t think we were better than the Patriots?

“We were on that day. But I tell you with 100% certainty that we would lose if we had to play them again. The Patriots were stunned, they were sleepwalking.”

Brett Favre has just announced his retirement. Where do you rate him?

“He is definitely in the Top 10 that I have seen.”

Can you give me your top 10 QBs of all time?

Johnny Unitas is definitely the #1 QB of all time. Tremendous. Cool, the most relaxed QB ever. Always knew the time, had a great clock in his head. Tremendous accuracy, most feared QB, NO LEAD WAS SAFE. He always played better with more pressure. Him and Raymond Berry were the best combo of all time.”

Better than Montana to Rice?

“Oh yes. Berry was a freak. He had no speed. He would fail miserably in today’s combines. But he had hands. HANDS! Could not drop a ball. I do not remember him dropping a ball. He would make love to the ball.”

How would you rank the rest in the Top 10?

“I would have Montana #2 and Elway #3. I really cannot rank the rest, but in no particular order they would be Favre, Sammy Baugh, Otto Graham, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw, and Bart Starr.”

Honorable Mentions?

Sid Luckman and Norm Van Brocklin. You could argue for those two being there in the top 10. I loved Tarkenton but he did too much with his feet for me to consider him in my top 10 for QBs. Staubach was the smartest of any QB period. He was brilliant in managing a team. Namath did not play enough. And Bobby Layne was the toughest SOB out there.”

Thanks Marvelous.