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Dallas Preview

September 18, 2009

1) Read it and weep: Canty (calf) is out for the game on Sunday.

2) Dallas Game Preview

Wonder Game Plan for the Giants defense:
a) Do NOT let WR’s get “over the top”
b) Treat WITTEN as a WR
c) POUR in on ROMO…he does NOT like pressure
d) RUN BLITZES should also do well
e) ATTACK CONSTANTLY; their Oline is not as good as it was

And Ultimatenyg will add one more:
f) Maintain pocket integrity because if you let Romo out of the pocket he buys time and is far more effective.

As far as the Giants offense is concerned:
a) Give help to Diehl on DeMarcus Ware
b) Exploit a vulnerable Dallas defense that will try to stop the run

Mike Francesa points to the limping Giants secondary for why he likes Dallas to win the game. Considering the Boys are home and favored in their new stadium, that is not an outrageous call. Phil Simms likes the Cowboys. Add that weaker handicapper Warren Sapp likes the Giants, and it is not particularly encouraging. Simms is not infallible, but all else equal we’d rather have him on our side.

No forecast from us, but two reasons why you should not count the Giants out: the road warriors and Wade Phillips.

3) Did you ever ask yourself why sportswriters, during the game, have TWO recaps being written, one for each possible result of winning and losing?

How convenient it is to have two versions of the game, one dialed in for a view with rose-colored glasses when they win, one with a coroner’s autopsy glasses when they lose. How come no one rips these journalists for that bs? At least around here, we take shots at the Offensive Coordinator, win OR lose! Today we’ll just let Banks do the dirty work for us instead. Take it away Carl…

4) Papa and Banks Show on Giants.comCarl Banks on why the team struggles and is 10% below league average on short yardage/red zone (see minute 12:30):
a) spread out your formations so that you are not predictable
b) pass more

NYG at DAL tonight

December 14, 2008

The Giants got dropped last week and are still hurt and undermanned. The consensus sees problems with the gmen, that the mounting loss of players is taking its toll. The Giants are a lot better team than they showed last week, so if they have been playing with (1) concentration and purpose all season, what do you think we are going to see from the (2) road warriors tonight (3) coming off a loss (4) playing Dallas? There is not a single doubt in my mind that the Giants will be ready for this game.. is there any in yours?! Addendum 855am.. Let me be clear about it: the Giants will win the game. Why? the Giants have every reason to lose the game, the Cowboys have every reason to win it. But I just heard from Emmitt Smith (who is one of the weakest sports commentators, not to mention a Dallas blohard) that he likes the Panthers now as his favorite out of the NFC. After one loss, the Giants ship is sinking! NOT! Ridiculous. I heard the expression, you are only as good as your latest at-bat, but this is ridiculous. This is the same team as a weAk before, except Toomer, Smith, Boss and Hixon are not going to drop their passes, Manning will be able to throw the ball all four quarters, and when Wade Genius puts 8 men in the box today, the Dallas secondary will get roasted.

Phil Simms from London

October 26, 2008

Francesa: “Giants offense has not been crisp” (read between the lines, he says the Giants are the best team in the NFL right now, so that implies they are underachieving, hello Mr. Gilbride.)

World Series: they let the game start at 10:07PM after a 1:30 rain delay. The game ended at 1:50AM. Another fabulous job by MLB. What a freaking embarrassment. So many things that went wrong here. Why is the game starting at 830PM in the first place? They cannot postpone the game because there are not enough warm days left in the calendar because of all of the dilution and playoff games. And what about the simple fact that a 5-4 normal 9 inning game takes 3:43 mins? One large joke. A World Series game ends at 1:50AM. Pathetic excuse for a major league sport. This is your championship and the game ends at 1:50AM! Hellloooo??!!


1) Sean Payton great playcaller. Brees terrific, protected well. Saints defense is the problem.
2) Saints have a lot of guys who have tested positive for this steroid cover. Impact from losing McAlister would be huge. (As Giants fans, perhaps it happens sooner than later, so that we see the team implode and get the higher #2 pick.)
3) For both Ben and Eli, they both will see blitz pressure. Both can do well if they get the protection. The 2 teams are very equal except in one place, the Giants OL. The Giants OL is a BIG difference, and that is why “the Giants will win the game.”
4) Colts will not come through vs the Titans on Mon night. Titans DL (read: Haynesworth) is overpowering… if they are overpowering against everyone, they will certainly be overpowering vs the Colts OL, so the Colts will lose.
5) Buffalo comes into MIA and will lose to MIA. Buffalo got dominated by the Raiders for 3.5 Qtrs, so it is hard for me to anoint Buffalo when I have not even seen them ‘dominate’ someone else.
6) Francessa reminded everyone that it was Phil Simms who quickly said when Romo first got hurt that Romo had to lay off playing, to rest and heal that injury or else he risked not getting ready to play. And how now the Cowboys have finally come around to that thinking and are holding Romo out until after the bye (Nov 16).
7) Dallas will not have the passing game vs the Bucs because the Bucs play very well in pass coverage. This means Dallas has to run the ball and be physical. “Dallas does not outhit anyone.” Conclusion- TB will beat Dallas in Dallas this weekend.

Phil Simms for Week 7

October 19, 2008

Phil Simms is on WFAN with Francesa’s ‘NFL Now’ via the internet at ~945AM E.S.T., for all of you out-of-towners who can’t tune in. Today he snuck in at ~925AM and we missed the first few minutes. Here is a summary of what he commented on this weekend:

1) Marvin Harrison was written off too quickly. If the Colts repeat what they did last week, Simms will be (more of) a believer in the Colts. Packers do not have the running game to challenge the Colts weakness (run defense with Sanders hurt).

2) Aaron Rodgers impresses Simms.

3) Romo- practicing and playing with the broken pinky delays the healing process, confusing to Simms. Brad Johnson should just get in there and get it done for them, which he can and will do. Re the breakdowns in protection by the Cowboys OL in the AZ game, Romo holds the ball as long as anyone in the NFL, it puts pressure on the OL to hold their blocks longer, has resulted in Romo fumbles and sacks.

4) Simms has been a big Derek Anderson supporter, so it was an I-told-you-so moment. It was about a healthy OL, given time. Simms’ general message: good players who lose good/healthy players around them need to be judged in that context.

5) Titans- Young coming back, he was not exactly supportive of his role and Collins (referred to as ‘5’). Simms thinks Young will be back as the starter at some point this season. Collins still has it. He has liabilities but he can get it done if he avoids the throws done after missing the hit and throwing off balance.

6) Patriots- where does the explosion and impact come from? They do not have a top premier pass rusher. The passes that Casell threw to Moss were not Casell’s fault. Moss was breaking the route and essentially freelancing. Matt Casell did not go through his progressions, bailed and ran with the ball too quickly. (Francesa says Moss is a ticking time bomb, he will explode sooner than later.)

7) SD-Bills game, a big question mark. Jamal Williams important on the defensive line for SD. Chargers getting healthy. But Chargers have not proven they are good on the road. Simms leaning Bills.

8) Panthers have fight, despite loss to TB. Saints defense not there, not as good as TB’s. Believes the Panthers will beat the Saints.

Phil Simms Week 3 Around The NFL

September 21, 2008

1) If you noticed from Friday’s Q&A with Wonder, I was in a little disagreement with him on whether the offenses of the Eagles and Cowboys were that good as opposed to the defenses being that bad. Simms (who covers the Eagles today vs the Steelers)came to my side, at least on the Dallas offensive part of the story, by his remarks about Tony Romo. Simms argues that Tony Romo is a very special QB who continually makes plays. Versus the Eagles, Simms counts no less than 8 fantastic plays he made. He does it on his own, says Simms. He adds that Romo is a terrific thrower of the football, with an underrated (strong) arm.

2) Praised Roethlisberger and said the Pittsburgh offense is perfectly suited to him and his talents. Feels that Big Ben could also fit into almost any scheme, but that the situation in Pitt is perfect. Separately, he felt that Roethlisberger did great in the very windy conditions he faced last week.

3) Desean Jackson is the real deal. Very good route runner, As good hands as you will see. SO much better than he expected. Jackson puts the Eagles over the top. They now have the receiver for Donovan McNabb.

4) Francesa ripped Romeo Crennel, and Simms politely deferred but did seem to concur that the decision to go for the FG on 4th and 7 vs the Steelers was wrong. I did not see it, but checking back, I do not know what planet Madden and Michaels were on to say the decision was a good one— to quote Simms, going for the FG “gave you one way to the win the game and going for the first down gave you two.”

5) As a quarterback , YOU NEVER TRASH YOUR OFFENSIVE LINE. Holt opened his mouth, and even though Bulger was not as bad as Holt, it was not a positive at all. Damage that comes from this is irreparable.

6) If the Jets cannot throw it versus the Chargers defense, they are not going to be able to throw this year. I would not go that far, given that Favre and Coles are still learning their timing, but I would agree that this has to be a day the Jets can (and should) rip apart that defense. Favre has called this a must-win game(saying they are all must-wins), obviously sensing the opportunity.

7) And under the category of what is UNSAID by Simms and everyone else… when the NY Giants are the biggest favorites of the week there is little to say about their matchup. Play for 60 minutes and destroy this team.

Exceptions to the Rules..?.. Part 1

July 5, 2008

Life is not perfect. Rules are made to be broken. The Rules For Winning in the NFL were posted on July 4th 2007. They cover a wide array of football decision-making, so it is not an easy task of assigning grades/performance. Yesterday we had some good comments that indicated some exceptions, but are the exceptions really EXCEPTIONS? I contend that the exceptions actually bolster even more evidence that the Rules continue to work.

As an example, it has been suggested that Rule 8 (being unpredictable) and Rule 21 (getting quality wins of 11+ points) were not used by the Giants and thus disproves and provides exceptions to the idea that a championship needs those elements. It is very clear that Coughlin (and through his mediocre assistant, Gilbride) used a very straightforward offensive approach, which on the surface supports this contention. My rebuttal is that the Giants offense was HELD BACK by Gilbride/Coughlin (specifically in Dallas) or else we would not be sitting here looking back and comfortably indicating the exception.

EVERYONE WHO HAS ENOUGH SELF-RESPECT AND RESPECT FOR THE GIANTS RUN will freely admit that we needed a whole lot of things to go right to squeak out wins of 4 (last defensive drive stop), 3 (OT) and 3 points (last drive) in the last 3 games. It did not have to be that close.

This was a quality win. Technically it is not (since the final was by 10, not 11), but when you are up by 10 and put the dagger in them with a long sustained drive to go up by 17, that is the definition of letting your offense win the game for you.

1) Patrick Crayton’s dropped ball (..if caught he is still running)
2) Patrick Crayton cuts off his route in the penultimate play or else Romo’s ‘overthrown’ ball is a TD.
3) Romo’s overthrown ball to a wide open TO in the red zone.
4) Gilbride’s decision to use Bradshaw so much less than his effectiveness warranted (even Aikman and Buck wondered aloud about that one)
5) Shutting down the offense with 9:27 left

The Giants held on but violated too many rules. When you play with fire you get burned. The Giants were the better team but they gave the Cowboys opportunities. How about the personal foul on Davis for diving on Strahan- a drive killer. Point is that if the Cowboys executed just slightly better we are bemoaning the violation of Rule 17, 18 and 21.

1) Tons of points left on the field

The Giants offense was not conservative in the GB game. They played to win and could have chalked up a ‘quality’ win in so many ways but the team shot themselves in the foot too many times. Imo, that game does not refute the rules at all. The final score of this game could have easily been as much as ~37-16 Giants.

1) 4th and 1 on the final drive
2) Why all the running between the tackles?

The Giants shot themselves in the foot in the first half, consistently driving on the Patriots and coming up with very little. This was simply a hard fought game. And when you play an 18-0 Tom Brady team the way our defense played them, it just shows that Defense Wins Championships.

Manic on Manning

March 7, 2008

Thanks to Matt Medved of ‘Sports Matters’ for supplying today’s picture.

Toggle to Manic Mode: Eli Manning’s stature is on the rise.

Yes, in total manic fashion, a month after we have stopped playing football, we are shifting into another gear to inflate the already high opinion of Eli Manning.

Cynics out there are already groaning. They are pointing out that the same bipolars who were trashing the guy for every sin just months ago are now going gaga in the same inordinate way. Perhaps.

My reply? That was before I saw a replay of the Super Bowl.

We noted in yesterday’s post that David Diehl (whether tired or not) became a human turnstile for Adalius Thomas in the final drive. So the conclusion from yesterday’s evidence is that the Giants can use a Left Tackle so that Diehl goes back to Guard.

But what about the SECOND CONCLUSION?!… The stock price of Eli Manning has to be going north. Thomas was in his face constantly, and Manning was still putting the ball out there accurately right in front of the pressure. He got chased from behind by Thomas on a few of those runs RIGHT too, or else he would have done even better. If Manning does not get all of that pressure from Thomas he would have been off the charts good.

There were some questions (by others) about Manning’s worthiness as Super Bowl MVP. The implication was that the defense (specifically Justin Tuck) deserved it because w/o the defense he is not even in the position to win the game. But after seeing Manning harassed by Thomas almost every play, it is HANDS DOWN clear that Manning was the deliver of victory in every way possible. If he did not have the CONTINUOUS BREAKDOWNS IN PROTECTION, he would have been far more effective in leading the team to a TD (if that is at all possible). It also points to the other widely held understanding that the Patriots did not lose this game- The Giants simply wrested the game away from them. And the replay of that final drive shows it was Manning who was largely responsible for that. Football is a team sport, and eleven players get a drive done. But upon further review, Manning picked this team up and carried everyone.

There is a very good article about Manning in Their thesis? That this was the only sub-2 minute drive for a championship where a TD was NEEDED for victory. Unitas needed three points for a tie. Starr needed three points for a tie. Montana needed three points for a tie. Manning needed a Touchdown for the championship and nothing less would do.

Hmmm.. Starr, Montana, Unitas… with Manning going up against…Brady. Are you noticing a pattern here? Manning seems to be hanging out with some pretty impressive company. Speaking of good company at QB, how many players went through the Gauntlet of Garcia (4 Pro Bowls), Romo (2 Pro Bowls), Farve (9 Pro Bowls) and Brady (4 Pro Bowls)? That is FOUR Pro Bowl Quarterbacks. 19 Pro Bowls. Two future Hall Of Famers. Two future Hall of Fame Quarterbacks who will arguably be considered amongst the Top 10 QBs of all time. Now obviously Manning does not play AGAINST these Quarterbacks. His defense is the unit that faces them. But at the end of the day, he must do more against those teams than those Quarterbacks do against the Giants; he faced them all and won.

We have stated before that Eli Manning has a free pass for life because he has delivered a championship to the Giants. How much more can he accomplish? He has the ability to play as big as he wants in the biggest of games. The legacy he leaves for the Giants is in his hands.