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Crime of omission

June 3, 2009

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN writes an NFC East blog entry on Eli Manning and the Giants receiving options.

Which name is missing from this analysis?


Not a word on his motherbrowning TE, all 6’6″ and 270 lbs. of him! Yes, technically speaking, Boss is a TE, and not a WR. WHO CARES?! Win games. Go tell that to the Atlanta Falcons, who gave up a #2 for Tony Gonzalez, who “only” caught for 1000 yards and beat out approximately 6×32-9= ~183 other WRs in this league. (Not to mention the other 60 or so TEs too!) USE YOUR TE.

Trust us, we still have scars from a decade of Howard Cross killing our offense because of its INABILITY to have a TE as a weapon to pull away that SS. Kevin Boss has all that is necessary for 800+ yards from scrimmage. You think THAT can help Manning and this offense move the ball more consistently and get an identity?!! We just better hope Boss is more on the radar of Gilbrown than that of Paolantonio.

Gonzalez, Edwards

April 19, 2009

Tony Gonzalez was a no-show at mini camp. In and of itself, it does not mean that he is demanding a trade, but it certainly would make a lot of sense in a lot of places for him to move on and see if he can win a ring somewhere else while he still has gas in the tank. Dealing now, before the draft, is when it is most likely, because there is available draft pick currency for 2009 and he can get integrated into another offense before camp. The Giants bid for him last fall, but they did not go high enough. Would this be as attractive as a 26 year old 6′ 3″ Edwards? Of course not. But you can play the Chiefs off the Browns. With the Eagles’ 28 pick traded on Friday for Peters, and the 21 pick being rumored to be in play for Boldin, it puts the Giants in better position to deal with the Browns on slightly better terms.

Add this little nugget from Vacchiano, who reports Britt now visiting the Browns in a late change of plans. You can easily see how an Edwards to the Giants deal can come about. We are not stupid enough to bet the mortgage on this one, but it seems realistic given how both teams have already talked a few times now.

Wonder’s reply to the idea of paying up and offering a 1st and 3rd rounder: “GET THE DEAL DONE…PERIOD !! Overpay if you must..BUT GET IT DONE.”

Giants release WR Burress amid legal troubles

April 4, 2009

Giants release WR Burress amid legal troubles

Clayton’s perspective from a step back affords us some general clarity on all of what we saw over the past number of days, weeks and months.

Trent Dilfer’s macro perspective on Eli needing that big and strong receiver so that he can throw into an area is a polite way of saying that Manning is not an accurate QB. Absolutely correct, spot on. This is why we were pounding the table, pointing to Boss as the new #1 receiver for Manning, despite the fact that he was a TE. He’s a big target, he’s tall, he has great hands, and who cares if he is a TE or not… Bavaro led the ’86 Giants in receiving, but Gilbrown wastes his TE. He barely figured out that the TE was his personnel answer to the loss of #17. If you go man on Boss, he will hurt you too. This is what they needed, and still need. Wonder and I were both disappointed when the Giants did not make a stronger play for Gonzalez before the trading deadline when TG asked out of KC. He had another pro bowl year. As a 1 year solution, he’d spread the field for you too.

Everyone is pointing to drafting an impact WR in round #1 as the savior. History says that we do not get WRs coming into the NFL and blowing the doors off in their rookie year. Either it is going to come from one of our existing receivers, from Boss, or from a trade for Edwards/Boldin. Realistically for 2009, given that the Giants already tried for Edwards and missed, it probably is going to come from Boss, with an outside chance that Moss/Manningham/Hixon makes huge strides in camp to become a consistent threat.

Need a TE?

October 21, 2008

Too late, past the trading deadline.

I guess it would have been humorous to watch and see how Gilbride would react to having a guy like Gonzalez… what would it take for him to realize that the TE causes all kinds of opportunities for your offense?

Question- Opposing safeties that face the Giants each week are worried about:

a) run support
b) Burress over the top
c) Boss
d) Gilbride’s a joke, a+b

Phil Simms this morning

October 12, 2008

1) Colts could be 4-0 or 0-4. At 2-2 they are very fortunate. Peyton Manning healthy, these first 4 weeks were like training camp for him. He needs to be more mobile this year, moving more because he has two rookies on the OL that force him to move sooner than he would like.
2) Ravens face the Colts in the game that Simms covers. Big OL. Offense is too tepid, needs to take a few more chances to open up, relies too much on the strong defense. Simms says a FG will decide the game.
3) Gonzalez trade? The Giants’ offense is focused more on the WR, the TE is more of an outlet only. Would be surprised if the Giants gave up enough to make the deal happen. He did qualify it earlier by saying ‘why not’ do it if the compensation is not too great.
4) Single Wing is a fad. It mixes up your offense to break tendency, but this will not be a new trend and will remain limited.
5) Rivers changed his throwing motion, reverted back to rookie mechanics, his pass lost accuracy and strength after the first two weeks. SD is beat up.
6) Redskins are playing with spirit, energy and toughness. Athletic, they play fast. Saw it in Dallas and saw it once again in Philadelphia. Faster and tougher than the Eagles. ‘Amazing’ what Zorn has done.

TE Tony Gonzalez to the Giants?

October 12, 2008

Chiefs and Giants have been talking about trading a draft pick for Tony Gonzalez. Either way, we’ll know by Tuesday.

I’d do it for a 4th rounder because he gives us the depth and insurance that we do not have at the position. Remember, our 4th rounder is like a 5th rounder from all others because our record at this point is likely to send the draft slot to near bottom.

Devil’s advocate: The best reason not to overpay here is that Gilbride is a serial underutilizer of the TE position. If Boss gets hurt, just use more of Hixon/Smith/Bradshaw as receiving options.

Gonzalez is quality, he has 21 receptions this season, he is under contract, he still has 2+ seasons left in the tank. A late 4th rounder sounds reasonable to me, good insurance for Boss. All things being equal I would rather allocate resources at Left Tackle or Linebacker, but it is what it is. Reese’s offer of a 6th rounder means he is probably only thinking 5th rounder, which the Chiefs would be smart not to take.