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Odds and Ends

May 24, 2009

Coughlin did not say anything particularly new in this video, but it does review the state of the gmen. (Audio kicks in automatically.)

Injuries? A longer NFL season? Here is reason 23b for why lengthening the NFL season is without foundation.

You know ticket price increases are coming. Better for the Giants to get revenue this way than raising tickets prices any more than they have to.

Tom Coughlin radio interview

March 8, 2009

Tom Coughlin spoke to local radio in Jacksonville.

1) On the playoff loss to the Eagles: “But you know, we held them to a reasonable amount of points where we should have had a reasonable opportunity to win. We were on the fringe of the green enough times to win, but we just didn’t get it done.” We’ll let you connect those dots.

2) “Chris (Canty) is as excited about being a NY Giant as anyone I’ve ever been around.”

Capers, Phil Simms- Conference Championships, Eli Manning

January 18, 2009

1) Giants first: Dom Capers is being targeted for Defensive Coordinator. I do not like the choice. Would have preferred the younger, hungrier assistant, like Spags. It took a miracle CHANGE in an older Coughlin retread to get us a title. So I think you have a better shot when you take someone new, someone in the present, not in the past. How is Capers going to innovate? All I can say is that the Giants won three Super Bowls with a first time head coach (Parcells), a first time Def Coord (Belichick, Spagnoulo), and a head coach who had to become something new (Coughlin).

Phil Simms:

2) The hiring of Raheem Morris (in the league for 2 years as a position coach, 32 yrs old) as the Head Coach at Tampa Bay… “Remarkable. Unbelievably impatient league.” Continuity is in the toilet. They want youung guys, this is a bad development, says Simms. John Harbaugh and Mike Tomlin are youung guys who are just as hard and smart as Coughlin and Parcells, they keep the players at arms length, but they are young. Denver almost hired Morris.

3) Jets want the def coord of the Ravens, Rex Ryan. Will be good with the fans and media in NY, because he is honest and upfront. Good fit. Can he get the staff? Simms recommends staying with Brian Schottenheimer to make the team’s offensive transition smoother.

4) Cardinals-Eagles. AZ has changed up their defense. One of the reasons why they won was they were doing things (on defense) that were not expected. Will be interesting to see if Fitzgerald can do damage on the talented secondary (which has not given up a passing TD in 7 games) of the Eagles. Jimmy Johnson relieved about playing the Giants w/o Burress, well, today he is going to have to deal with TWO tremendous receivers. Thought the Eagles got worn down by the Vikings and lost a lot of battles, but that the Vikings refused to win.

5) Steelers-Ravens. Tenn Titans had a big physical OL that could beat the Ravens, but the Steelers OL not nearly as good, so Simms will be watching to see if the Steelrs can at least manage that part of that the game. Flacco will be throwing the ball deep today. If the Ravens win, they will win it with passes down the field. Can the Ravens pass protect long enough to give Flacco the time, because the Steelers will rush and blitz with those great LBers (Harrison and Woodley). Parker healthy now for the Steelers, a big plus for them.

SIMMS FROM FRIDAY WITH BOOMER AND CARTON (go to the end, last ~20%) for important remarks on the wind and Eli Manning:

6) >Eli lost confidence in the wind. A couple of bad passes, it changes a lot of things. Work on it on the offseason. Always things you can do mechanically, change your grip. You are able to control the football better. Donovan McNabb did it better in the wind than Eli Manning and that is why the Eagles won. When it is windy like it was (last weekend), no, you cannot overplay the wind factor, it was a HUGE factor. Simms’ secret advantage was realizing he WAS going to throw like cr*p in the game, the other QB had no clue how bad HIS day was going to be.

Conference Championships

January 17, 2009

Tomorrow are the conference championships. The chances for an all-Pennsylvania ‘Steagles’ Super Bowl are pretty strong. I think I speak for nearly everyone when I say that the thought of watching the Eagles in the Super Bowl is simply revolting. I do not know if I will be able to watch the Eagles win the Super Bowl. I already have enough disgust for that coordinator of ours, so I do not need anymore.

Onto bigger and better things, yes, the discussion is already morphing into what the team needs to do to get back to the championship. Good. Let these young players live with the disappointment this offseason. Let the Giants coaches live with the failure they wrought. My respect for the work of Tom Coughlin is already weakened by his role in what took place a week ago, but it will weaken further if nothing is done to improve our OC, ie removing Gilbrown.

There are many needs out there for this team in order to get BETTER. LB, interior DL, WR, OC, QB tight spiral, replacing Spags after he is lost. What is YOUR #1 need? What need has not been listed that you believe is crucial? Is Terrell Thomas coming along well enough for the Giants to be finished at CB for the time being? What about another OT? Wonder thinks you do not let Plaxico Burress come back– do you agree? (I agree, but the players seem to have enough trust in him. Next to the link, there is a Daily News poll, and it is dead even. We are going to see what you think on the right side of the blog with a poll of our own. Maybe the viewers here are a little different.) How does this team get back to the Super Bowl?

Eagles 23 Giants 11

January 11, 2009

First off, congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles. They played hard and were able to capitalize on the opportunity.

The MVP of the Eagles today was shared by three people: Eli Manning, John Carney and Kevin Gilbrown. While I will not take anything away from the Eagles, THE GIANTS BEAT THEMSELVES TODAY. Like we said this week, there will be no excuses if this team loses because they were afforded all the opportunities with advanced warning of how the game would play out. Indeed, there were no surprises! The only surprise, which really should not be one, is how cranially-challenged Kevin Gilbrown really is. But we will get to that in a bit.

1) I have said it here after we won Super Bowl XLII–> Eli Manning has a free pass for life. He won me, he won you, he won all the Giants a championship. So I will not serve him up and skewer the guy. I have no animosity or anger at #10. It was what it was for him. He played very poorly today. His longest pass, a connection to Hixon, was another backfooted prayer that happened to be fortunate enough to randomly hit Hixon. A broken clock is right twice a day, and that was Eli, who was guessing with his throws all afternoon and came up inaccurate too often in too BIG a game. Jim Johnson told the FOX TV crew that he was putting it on Eli by committing to stopping the run. ELI DID NOT ANSWER. If Eli answers the Giants win. If Eli does not answer, the Giants lose. It is not that complicated. When you think back to the “pick 6” by Manning throwing off his back foot into the wind in Q1 to Samuel, Manning effectively did not contribute ANYTHING offensively. 6 of the 9 points were set up by a Bradshaw kickoff runback and a Robbins INT. Technically speaking, that makes Eli essentially NEGATIVE FOUR POINTS WHILE OUT ON THE FIELD.

But Eli had some help in this crime of the Giants being beaten by themselves. He did not have any help from the dartboard poster child of this New York Giants blog..

2) Kevin Gilbrown. For those of you who do not know, we have been calling Mr. Gilbride “Gilbrown” because ‘brown’ is short for Dave Brown, the official curse word of the 2008 season here at ultimatenyg. Gilbrown was brown today. In such a big and horrendous way. All you have to do is go back to Carl Banks’ discussion on WFAN which we painstakingly detailed 5 days ago. Banks spelled it out- the playcalling was hampering the team. The red zone inefficiency (0 for 3) and 3rd down inconsistency (3 for 13) was going to come back to bite you in the playoffs if you were in the wrong place (tight game) at the wrong time (ie Eli Manning playing poorly). We discussed in detail many weeks ago that what is needed as the antidote for opposing teams committing to stopping the run (WITH BURRESS NO LONGER ON THE ROSTER) is to do the following:

a) run flares to the RBs
b) run screens to the RBs
c) run delayed TE screens
d) draw plays
e) play action
f) quick slants

WHERE WERE THESE PLAYS TODAY? There wasn’t a single screen. THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE SLANT!! So when your team is in the red zone 3x and comes away with 9 points, it is going to be a killer.

3) John Carney. This one is on the coaching staff, actually, squarely on Tom Coughlin. If there is one thing everyone knew, it is was that the 40something Carney did not have a long leg. So Coughlin is smart in activating Tynes for kickoffs, but why not use Tynes for the long FGs that Carney cannot make? Yes, they were with the wind, but you use Tynes because it was Carney who missed the LONG ONE two weeks ago vs Minnesota. This is not Monday AM QB. We have been asking (more than few times this season) for both FG kickers to be dressed for these reasons. Carney missing these FGs is more a symptom of the Manning problem/Gilbrown disease than anything else.

The rest of these items are subplots to the loss:
4) Matthias Kiwanuka was invisible later in the season and was once again unable to make the impact we needed.
5) The DL lack of push up the middle from Robbins and Cofield in pass rush was clearly a problem, especially after some early (Q1) effectiveness disappeared.
6) Jacobs running wide (getting strung out way too many times for no impact and NO POUNDING) and not north/south was a symptom of the Gilbride disease.
7) Bradshaw’s # was not called a single time all game. Egregious misuse of personnel. At a certain point you have to accept the fact that Bradshaw can break a big play, and he got ZERO touches. 0.0. Those plays mentioned about were a perfect way to put him out there in space to utilize his skills. It was absent. Instead, all we got was one pass (ALL GAME!) to Ward in the flat that Ward dropped.
8) Boss got a lot more balls thrown to him, but Manning missed him also on 3 occasions that I can recall.
9) Manning needs to learn to throw a tight spiral beginning NOW. In the offseason. Simms changed his mechanics to make the Meadowlands in Nov/Dec/Jan an advantage. Until he does so, you can easily argue that it is a DISADVANTAGE to be playing at home. Indeed, what is Manning’s playoff record at the Meadowlands? 0-2 I believe.
10) I am tired of watching LBers chasing RBs. Spags had more safeties on them this game, and it worked, but Spags will be gone soon and these slow LBers will not. Pls draft FAST LBers by committing stronger resources (high picks) toward this position.

There are so many other items that could be discussed in this recap, but it will have to wait for coming days. After all, we now have plenty of time in the offseason to examine the responses needed. Certainly, it was not the Giants coaching staff’s fault that Plaxico Burress essentially undermined this season. But it was the Giants coaching staff’s fault that proper adjustments were not made to put the Giants in the best position to win. Gilbrown and (ultimately) Coughlin will have to deal with that. One of the things said here back in September and October when the Giants were kicking major brown on opposing teams was that the offense and the team were winning DESPITE GILBROWN, not because of him. When Burress was lost, this put more pressure on Gilbrown to work with less and adapt to the new hand being dealt. He was not equal to the task.

Ultimatenyg is a home to many people who are passionate about football and the New York Giants. I will put on a new hat right now: Ultimatenyg Grief Counselor. We have had a death in the family, a Giant death. The 2008 Giants season. So that you can manage this painful process, I offer you a personal journey through this bitter and painful period. The 5 stages of grief are:

1) Denial– I cannot believe we lost and are out of the playoffs. What happened?! Was this a bad dream? Someone wake me up from this bad dream and tell me it wasn’t real.

2) Anger- That Motherbrowner Gilbrown. I hate him.

3) Bargaining- If I promise to be good and not send a letter bomb to Kevin Gilbrown, will the Giants be nice enough to release him?!

4) Depression– Sorry, not there yet. In a few days when I have to deal with the thought that the Eagles and Cardinals are playing for the NFC Championship, I will start to get nauseous and depressed.

5) Acceptance– The Giants were given plenty of advanced warning about what they needed to do back in W14 in order to win. They did not take advantage of their enormous opportunity and they have to learn from this if they want to win next season. Losing guys like Strahan, Umenyiora and Burress are body blows that are hard to come back from, so let’s regroup for the draft and win it all in next season.

Thanks everyone for a great year.

Deja Blue All Over Again

January 9, 2009

I am at peace. I have serenity within my Giant madness…

So many things about this game are IDENTICAL. THE GIANTS GET A DO OVER.

This is a total gift, having seen them in the exact same conditions. We get to turn back time and play the exact same game over again and prove that W14 was a bad day at the office, that THIS Sunday is the real Giants. This game is a gift. If we waste the gift, nobody to look at except ourselves. And since the Gmen are the better team they will take advantage of this gift and win.

The wind means it will be a tighter game, less points likely. No bet, the gmen could win a bleeder as much as they could win big. Could be Giants 13-10. The wind means Eli will only be able to burn them deep/stretch the field when they load the box in 2 out of 4 quarters. It shortens the game, just like W14. But Jacobs will be back and he will be bad, they’ll need 8, prob 9 to stop him, so Eli will have opptys. In the wind, you simply have to do the things we talked about ad infinitum. If my friend Gilbrown has learned ANYTHING from W14, he should be fine. and we should kick their brown. W/o the wind I really felt good about the outcome, with the wind, I feel we will have some struggling moments but should come out on top nonetheless. The giants are the better team… The Giants had the same exact opponent in the same exact stadium with the same exact manpower loss (Burress) and the same exact weather conditions…. ya think they could learn about what they did wrong and what they need to correct? OF COURSE.

NO EXCUSES, it is ALL on the Giants and their coaches for not getting it done if they somehow fall short. They will get it done, I have enough confidence in all of them, and in this spot, I do have (barely) enough confidence in Gilbrown because he had 5 weeks to figure it all out. If he does not get it now, then shame on him. But with the better skilled players, Spags will certainly figure out ways (esp with Cofield and Pierce and Robbins (and Tuck?!) healthier) to stop McNabb and Westbrook.

A shout out to Ron, who points out that “McNabb is most dangerous when he runs outside on 2nd down and gets his 8 or 9 yards rushing to set up a short 3rd down play..and since he has turned his game around after the benching he has been doing that every game.”

Reread the postgame of the Eagles in W14 for some perspective on what was learned. Wake up and smell the Bradshaw. There are so many ways to improve from the last game we played vs this team. It is all there for them to figure out. Rest easy, Giants fans. The element of surprise is essentially gone. Coughlin is always stressing preparation. They should be prepared and the the Giants will win. Bring it! Next stop, NFC Championship.

The Kryptonite

December 10, 2008

Previously we outlined which teams presented the biggest obstacles to the Giants. A good QB with a good enough OL who had that TE could pick on our LBers/secondary.. the kryptonite to defeating the gmen. While I still subscribe to that theory, we certainly saw what the true Kryptonite was this past weekend. THE WIND.

Manning knows he has a problem with the wind. Before GB in the NFC Championship, he spoke with Vic Ziegel: Manning was asked about his greatest concern and, as expected, he mentioned the wind. “I think so,” he said. It was one of his rare direct answers.

The Skins game in W15 2007. The Bills game in W16 2007. The Eagles game in W14 2008. People who want to say the Eagles broke the Giants code by loading the box w/o Burress only have half the story- they had help: (1) the Giants were flat (2) the WIND.

The bottomline here is that Eli Manning (who has a free pass for life for delivering us from 17 years of dearth) does not have a tight spiral. What he has in brains he lacks in that winter wind tunnel known as the Meadowlands. He is the polar opposite of Kerry Collins, the pea brain who can deliver the ball like a howitzer. (I always loved Kerry, I hope we play him in the Super Bowl.)

Is there a fix? Well, we already believe that Gilbride must use dinks and dunks in the short passing game when long passes are out of the question. If the opposition tries to take away that too then you simply have to go to your OTHER tallest option, Boss, and put it up there for a jump ball a la Burress.

SUMMARY: It took a confluence of factors for the Giants to get beat on Sunday. Considering how poorly the team played, it is not clear that the wind, in and of itself, is a 100% obstacle. Every other team will be studying for ways to beat the gmen, but if the Giants execute they will be tough to beat, wind or no wind. There simply needs to be more urgency in these wind games because effectively it SHORTENS the game and makes each possession more critical. Your offense realistically has little more than half the opportunities, and your defense can compound that (like Sunday in Q3) by not getting them off the field when you are supposed to. As Belichick and Parcells taught us in Super Bowl XXV, when you play AGAINST a great offensive team you need to get time of possession to win. IN 2008, WE ARE THE TEAM THAT HAS THAT POTENT OFFENSE that needs to get put on the bench by opposing teams. So elements like the wind are part of the recipe for shortening the game ON US. As long as Gilbride and Manning and the rest of the team are aware of that, they are already one step ahead. I know Coughlin understands this.. he was there in Jan 1991. When the chips are down in January, if there is wind and the Giants are playing at full tilt, I believe they have enough to overcome that and win the game.

Harold, one of the original people in the email group, asked this question yesterday… if the Giants win W17 vs the Patriots, do they win the Super Bowl vs the Patriots? None of us will ever know, but the point is well taken that this loss was a tremendous opportunity. This team is the same one that Bob Popa was lauding two weeks ago, so it will come back stronger from this and win it all. Those of you know I do not make outlandish or frequent predictions, so there it is, on the record.

It’s the time of the season

December 1, 2008

We enter December, and that can only mean one thing for Giants players. Less pads in practice. Fassel did it with much success. Fresh legs in games.

Coughlin did it when he was forced to listen to his players in the 2007 season on the orders of John Mara. He created the “Leadership Council,” a group of ~ten veterans who were able to communicate player needs and problems. For the first time, Coughlin genuinely listened, and the result was a cohesiveness from which the team was able to mount a Super Bowl run. You could see the players really playing for each other AND playing for the coaching staff. One of those issues the players brought to Coughlin was an issue which came on deaf ears (aired to no avail by Barber) back in 2004-2006> going easier on the team in practice in the latter part of the year so that they could have energy on Sunday. Coughlin listened. Do you think that the Giants became the road warriors because they were eating their wheaties? They became road warriors because, as tough as it was to win on the road with the extra fatigue, they were not killed during the week with pads.

The players responded with more respect for Coughlin. A trust was forged out of this and other actions on the coach’s behalf. The players (that I am aware of) who confirmed this were Strahan and Burress. How ironic that it is Burress who we get to listen to ~ 11 months ago, in a completely different place. Very interesting to hear him again, in light of all of his troubles.

NY Giants 36 Philadelphia Eagles 31

November 10, 2008
very nice td grab by Boss
1) GREAT WIN despite a few intragame nightmares.

2) If the Giants can cut down on these turnovers/fumbles, this team will be hard to beat, because the only team out there that can beat the NY Giants is themselves.

3) PROTECT THE BALL. Repeat after me, I will not carry the ball like a pineapple at the fruit stand. Didn’t Tom Coughlin teach Tiki to carry the ball high and SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE HIS FUMBLES? So why do we keep seeing these balls squirt loose? There are 11 people on the other side of the ball who want to strip the ball EVERY PLAY. This is known. What is not known is why the Giants RBs are not carrying the ball high, and why they are not putting two hands on the ball when contact/tackle is upon them.

4) Bradshaw is the best back on this team, but he does not deserve more playing time until he can demonstrate that he can protect the ball. He and the Giants are very lucky that that ball skips out of bounds. At least he caused a fumble on specials. The Giants coaches must correct the way he carries the ball so that he can gash defenses. He ran wide and completely exposed the Eagles defense.

5) On the Jacobs NIGHTMARE fumble, we were not so lucky, and it cost the team so much that the Giants might have won the game by 20 points if he does not cough up the ball there. The crowd was out of it, the Giants were driving the ball, they could not be stopped, the team was up by 10 on its way to be up by 13-17 points and Jacobs fumbles away almost everything.

6) Was this a football game or the Olympic 100M Hurdles?

7) Great call by Coughlin to challenge the Manning pass over the line of scrimmage.

8) THE GIANTS OFFENSIVE LINE IS DOMINANT. THE GIANTS OFFENSIVE LINE IS DOMINANT. The only thing the Giants needed to do more of this game was use more play action when they were passing. The run was SO GOOD that it (and the play action) would work all game.

9) After the beginning of the game, the Giants DL did not get the pressure on McNabb. As the DL goes, so goes our defense. The offense must take responsibility and carry the load when the Giants pass rush is not there. It did that up until 5:30 mins left. (see #13 below)

10) The Giants were lucky that Andy Reid and the Eagles went to run on 3rd and 4th down. MISTAKE, ERROR! These two playcalls cost them a realistic shot at the game. The Giants DL could not pressure McNabb, so why are you running it? Even Madden nailed it, he said he keeps the ball in McNabb’s hands, but he did not articulate why. The reason is that the OL of the Eagles was giving McNabb so much time that he had (a) all day to find a receiver (b) even more success given the Giants pass rush springing a leak and not containing the pocket. That was a gift. Thank you Eagles.

11) Madison Hedgecock’s pass catching is deteriorating. Good blocker. But lately he is killing drives with his drops.

12) Gilbride found his TE! Overall a very good game plan, pounding that small Eagles DL repeatedly. 45 carries, 39 mins possession. The gmen should have won by more if not for the errors, but if you clean them up this team/offense is unstoppable.

13) The only thing the Prevent Offense prevents you from doing is winning the game. 5:30 left. RRRK. Barf. On third down, the Eagles had 8 men in the box and by the time the ball was snapped they had TEN men in the box. Ya think the Eagles knew what was coming? To make matters worse, the play is a big loss, and if it was still near the line of scrimmage, the next play (offsides, 5 yards on Eagles on the punt snap) gives us the first down. Instead we have to give them the ball and decline the penalty because we had more than 5 yards for a first.

14) We have said this before, but it will get repeated- the Giants need to have Manning and their RBs practice the swing pass/check down out of the backfield. It can be far more lethal if executed better.

15) I know Webster got beat on one play late, but I really like the way he is playing.

16) This was a very good team the Giants beat on the road. Despite the turnovers, the team held on, it deserves tremendous praise.

17) I love the smell of roasted Eagles fans in the evening.

18) 8-1. 3-0 in the division. 1 win vs all three divisional opponents. The Giants are nearly a lock for making the playoffs, they are in tremendous position for the division and they are in very good position for a bye/homefield thru the playoffs. This team knows how to win games, and (repeating) the only team out there that can beat them is themselves.

read between the lines

October 18, 2008

Ultimatenyg blog monday night: “The main problem this evening was that the anchor of the defense (its pass rush) was not present. We had seen this to a degree in the Bengals game, when the blitz was not effective.”

Schwartz NY Post: “If there is anything to sweat, it’s a defense that is starting to feel the after-effects of losing its most gifted lineman, Osi Umenyiora. The Giants haven’t hit the opposing quarterback in two games.”

Tom Coughlin (re the DL pass rush): “There has to be a lot of self-analysis there.”

Is it just effort? The guess is that maybe someone on the defense is giving away a ‘tell‘ when the team (rushes/) blitzes the QB*, making it far easier for the opposing offense to be efficient in their protections.

Publicly, the Giants are talking about lack of execution, lack of being physical and opposing teams using 3 and 5 step drops. But ONLY ONE HURRY, NO SACKS? From the #32 rated offense??… there has to be more.

*About 70% of the way thru, Schwartz implies that the self-analysis that Coughlin was referring to may very well have been Cleveland figuring out what the Bengals figured out on the blitz pickups. Let’s hope the Giants have that ironed out.