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Spags new HC of the Rams

January 17, 2009

Spags signed as new HC of the St. Louis Rams The St. Louis Dispatch broke the story. No one is surprised. Happy for him. Jerry- Keep building the defense up (from a personnel standpoint), because it is likely going to have a dropoff without Spags.

Thanks Steve for helping the NY Giants to win a Super Bowl Championship, maybe even two if other things had gone well.


January 3, 2009

O’Hara: This team knows how to step it up when it is time to do so. Get something out of the rest, practice in pads next week to get faster to be ready for the game. Key to spags is that he is not afraid to blitz, and his players love that because it means that he trusts them, and they want to reward that trust.

Fassel: Definitely interested in HC job. Ravens will win, bad matchup for dolphins. Nothing good to say about tarvaris jackson. Peyton manning very special, sd could have played ind in conf championship if brackets broke differently, that is how good these 2 teams can be.

simms: AZ, SD, MINN

Giants had 13 turnovers, a record low for 16 games. 1 was from Jacobs (the hurdle at PHL) and 12 were from Manning (10 INTs and 2 lost fumbles). Amazing stat. If the Giants can somehow keep protecting the ball the way they have, it may be exactly what is necessary to put them over the top.

Latest Spags is Denver, Lions, Browns and Jets. No one will know anything significant until some/other teams start dropping out of the picture by announcing they are hiring someone else. Word is that Spags is #1 on the Jets list. And word is also that Shanahan is not preferred either. Shanahan has gone on vacation for 2 weeks to get some perspective before he sets out to determine what he wants to do. Richard Neer (WFAN) makes a good point.. why is WOODY JOHNSON out of the country? We should be reminded that the Maras and Tisches were certainly involved in the Giant’s coaching selection, interviewing candidates etc.

BEWARE OF CONSENSUS. The consensus geniuses like the Colts, Ravens and Eagles. If all of them (and the world) were right, Las Vegas would be dead. To quote a local who lives off the Strip, “this town wasn’t built on winners.” Take the Chargers, Dolphins and Vikings. You will be correct on a minimum of two out of three. Why? Because betting is not this easy. And the easy thing to do is take the Colts, Ravens and Eagles. Nothing in life is free. You can argue that there is a point spread too, but in one of the games there isn’t and the other two they would take them anyway, FG or no FG. Bottomline is there is such strong consensus that it should wake us up to the fact that the other team is ‘live.’

The Jets head coaching vacancy

December 31, 2008

Yes, this is a New York Giants Blog, but it is not every day that your co-tenant is out there looking for a new coach. And it is certainly not every day that Spags gets this much attention nationally. There has been a great deal of news on Brett Favre, not the least of which is that he has a torn biceps tendon that has likely been hurting his throws near season’s end.

Separately, linked is a piece on the Mangini firing that I could not have said any better. Favre still has a shot with the Jets in 2009 considering the injury story, and how that was probably mismanaged too.

Wonder’s head coach list for the Jets, in order of preference:

1) Bill Cowher. Cowher coaches a 3-4, which is the Jets’ defense. And if there is one guy who knows that defense and can save Gholston, it is him. Cowher and the Jets are reportedly going to meet.

2) Steve Spagnuolo. We all know the story here. And the Jets have asked to interview Spags during the bye week.

3) Jim Schwartz. Defensive Coordinator for the Titans. Non-media town for 8 yrs as DC.

4) Steve Mariucci. Would bring the West Coast offense to the Jets, some of which is already there. Would only make sense if Favre is not severely injured (which was confirmed with the mild tear in the tendon) AND if they could groom Brett Ratliff. Wonder is HUGE on Ratliff, fyi, the next long term Jet QB, and a good one.

5) Josh McDaniels. Offensive Coordinator of Patriots. A political hot potato, given Mangini and Belichick and Parcells all coming from NE, so it is doubtful, but would work if they didn’t concern themselves about that issue.

addendum: this was done Monday afternoon with links afterwards, Wonder likes Shanahan on this list also.


July 24, 2008

Giants coaches spoke to the media yesterday.

1) Linebacker is (parsing his words) the biggest weakness on the defense
2) he likes the secondary now because as a group there are a lot of bodies and a lot of competition
3) he singled out Butler’s solid play from the end of last season, doing a lot of quiet/unnoticed things during games that were very important to helping the team win
4) happy he has all his positional coaches back in all the same spots
5) the elephant in the room- how will the run defense make up for losing Strahan?

Spags on Phillips and Thomas

July 17, 2008

“They were both very productive guys that both played at a high level of football so that right there we think means a lot. Just in the few days we have had a chance to work with them they are pretty much every bit what we thought they were. We will keep working them and hopefully get two good players out of them.” – Steve Spagnuolo on S Kenny Phillips and CB Terrell Thomas.

New York Giants Minicamp Review

June 14, 2008

There are upwards of 60 minutes of interviews with players and staff on the Multimedia site. Here are some takeaways from minicamp:

1) Gilbride on Manning: “The Quarterback was particularly sharp for this early in the year… not only with his accuracy but recognizing blitzes.”

2) Moss has that chip on his shoulder and the media will not let it go away until he not only earns a roster spot but also starts making plays.

3) TE Darcy Johnson got singled out a few times for his good play.

4) Pierce noted how ‘smart’ the rookie LBers (Goff and Kehl) are.

5) Spags on Kiwanuka: “Light years ahead of where he was a year ago.” He is remaining very flexible on where Kiwi goes in the defense. If the Giants had more speed and an answer at SAM, Kiwi would be doing what Tuck did last year with Tuck at left DE. But since the Giants’ weakest position on the field right now is LB, you have to believe that they are invested in Kiwi to make it work there. So he is the blitzing LBer, 5-2-4, or 5-1-5.

6) Pierce noted how he has had 7 defensive coordinators in 8 years. He is very relaxed and happy about actually knowing a defense. He sees the difference in practice when all the players are in the right places etc…

7) Toomer… “the old man… all he does is show up and make plays.”

8) O’Hara points out that with Eli in his 5th year now, he is like another coach out there, telling people where they need to be. You can feel his confidence is up to another level. His focus is on improving, period. We have the new Eli until we don’t. Coughlin was positive on Manning’s “growth” as well.

9) Coughlin handed out the players a stat sheet with numbers for what happened to the Super Bowl Champion the following year, and it was not particularly pretty… the team got a dose of reality and was confronted with ‘the brutal facts’ (Good to Great by Jim Collins). Sobering.

10) The Shockey hangover continues. At least he had a shouting match with Reese. Good, that is a start.

11) Sometimes it is what is NOT said… No rookie flashes yet.

12) Albany in 38 days.


May 28, 2008

1) Get Kiwanuka back on defensive line. Yes, we hear from LBs coach Sheridan last week that Kiwanuka is making very good improvement at LB, but I for one certainly do not see it.
3) SIGN STRAHAN. For enough money he’ll even sell peanuts during halftime.
4) Find an answer to the TE in coverage. Is this Kenny Phillips? Or one our new rookie LBers? Wilkinson is weakside, so that is not the answer. I guess this circles back to Kiwanuka, but until we see him handle this assignment with confidence the gmen are vulnerable here.

I have to confess that watching Spagnoulo last season was a privilege. My only knocks on the defense are more related to personnel (lack of speed at LB) than anything else. With the Giants having drafted 4 players at S, CB and LB in the first 5 rounds, one would hope that these additions will give us some potential/speed in space. The Giants certainly did not underachieve at defense in 2007. The lowest common denominator is a comparision between Spagnuolo and Gilbride. It is on the shoulders of the offense to absorb more of the improvement.

Sammy Knight signing

March 4, 2008

Coughlin on Knight: “Sammy Knight is a durable, physical player with 42 career interceptions. He comes to the line of scrimmage extremely well. He’s a smart player who gets everybody lined up. He played in Kansas City for (secondary coach) Peter Giunta, so we know all about the quality of the man.”

The Giants are a physical team, so it is good to hear that he will be able to fit in with their schemes. But please note sometimes it is what they don’t say that is just as important.. ‘he comes to the line of scrimmage very well’ means he plays run fine. But what about his coverage skills? They left that part out. Spags will have to compensate for a 33 year old safety and not expose him to too much single.

From Paul Schwartz NY Post on Sammy Knight: “He does not possess the physical skills he once did, and reports are that his lack of speed will at times be a liability in coverage. But Knight is an able and willing participant in the running game and is effective up in the box, where he is a sure tackler.”

Knight fills a need and allows Reese to manage the draft much easier. The Giants still need to draft here, but at least it is not rushed development.

How much confidence do we have in Kiwanuka to cover the TE? I still see a strong side LB as a key need for the Giants. We face two Pro Bowl TE’s in our division, they need attention.