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Sinorice Moss- June 2009 edition

June 18, 2009

Sinorice Moss has had some trouble with injuries bogging him down. On Tuesday, Day 1 of a 3 day minicamp, he pulled his hamstring in the afternoon practice. He will sit out of the rest of minicamp but says he will be fine. With hamstrings, they linger and just when you think a player is ok, a week later he is bogged down. But with 6 weeks off before training camp, this does not rate to be a big problem.

Assuming Moss recovers quickly, the early returns are very good. If it comes together for the 4th year player, it will not be too late. Everyone knows that the Giants need- one or two of these young WRs to step out and make an impact.

We never understood why Moss did not get more playing time last season. Then again, there are a lot of things we do not understand about our coordinator. In limited action Moss did really well, and we noted his impact vs Seattle and Minnesota.. assuming he can stay healthy, more touches will help the team. Give him a chance in 3 or 4 games and see how he does. He deserves that much.

Day 1 of Minicamp

June 17, 2009

First the bad news, Moss has a hamstring injury. Vacchiano was concerned.

Garafolo had raves for Carr (“Awesome”), Moss (“Big practice”),

and the good news…

“Wait til camp and the preseason, when you see how fast the ball comes out of QB Rhett Bomar’s hand. He flicks the ball and it’s out. It’s quite something. He did it again Tuesday on a great ball over the middle for an incompletion. Yes, I said incompletion because TE Darcy Johnson dropped it. But that’s not the point. The point is Bomar got it out and up the seam so quickly that the LBs didn’t have a chance to get their hand up. I’m really impressed with Bomar so far.”

There it is, the first official “gush” about Rhett Bomar from Mike Garafolo. No, he has not done anything as a Giant, not yet at least. But let’s give a little credit to Wonder, who

targeted him here at Ultimatenyg NY Giants blog on Monday April 13th.

Just do me a favor guys, if this 5th rounder ever starts for the Giants, remember where you heard his name first, 13 days before he was picked by Reese.

Sinorice Moss

May 20, 2009

Kevin Gilbride on Moss:

Q: What makes you think Sinorice Moss will flourish?

A: Because I think last year he had his best year and again, I said to him a couple of times at the end, “We are sitting you down but it is not because you are not contributing.” Because I think he was playing pretty good football. And every time we threw him the ball – I may be off by one – but I think every throw we made to him, he made; he made the catch. And there is a place for his speed and his quicks that I thought he did a much better job last year. And he always, for a little guy, gets after people blocking, which helps in the running game; he does those things. So I think his confidence is a little bit improved. I think our confidence in him is a little bit expanded. So I think it is reasonable to think that he can maybe take one more step forward as he did last year and become a guy that gets a chance to play. Last year it really just came down to the kicking game. We wound up just sitting him down because he wasn’t contributing as much as some other guys were on special teams.

I am still puzzled. This is my problem with KG. He leaves me puzzled more often than not. If it were one player I would be fine, but the problem is that Smith, Boss, Bradshaw AND MOSS all could have helped this offense a lot more and all (except Boss, at the very end) were denied more involvement. So when it is 4 players I start thinking lack of adjustments and lack of leverage of personnel.

I was of the wrong opinion after 2007 that Moss was headed to the dreaded “bust” tag, but he really played well in limited appearances in 2008.

vs SEA: Moss! This praise for one player after another is going to get tiresome. Limited snaps obviously went way up this game and he made the most of them, with 2 TDs and a lot of fine play.”

vs MINN: Moss looked very good. He has the speed to stretch the defense, not as big a target as a Boss for that long reception, but use him to keep the defense honest.”

The reason why I am so confounded is that obviously there is something there, we see it, even Gilbride sees it. I am at a loss to explain why he could not help us more last season. Obviously he can help next season, and if he has a strong camp he can step out of the shadows and make an impact. The exciting thing about camp is that without Toomer and Burress, there is tremendous OPPORTUNITY for a lot of players to get more reps, to step up their game. We saw Hixon take advantage last season, right before our very eyes in preseason. He missed the Toomer toe, then practiced it and a week later was making great grabs and getting those (two) feet inbounds. For Moss to play the slot now and step up, I do not see why (other than his height, a problem for Eli, who tends to throw high on a good day, nevertheless a bad one) he cannot exploit that and then go deep just when the defense is thinking short.

Coughlin mic’d for rookie minicamp (remember, he was a WRs coach for Parcells back in the day)
Kevin Boss .. what a load! 6’6″ and now he weighs 270?!! If he still has decent TE speed, he can be an animal! You have to figure Manning is going to be MOST comfortable going to this BIG target.

New York Giants 44 Seattle Seahawks 6

October 5, 2008


This was a clinic against a team that is not that bad. The Giants simply dissected them and took them apart piece by piece. Fantastic. Bravo. Great HOME performance for the fans, who have not seen a QUALITY win like that in a while. Great post-bye performance. So many great contributions from almost everyone on the squad (those that did not simply were not on the field or dressed).

1) Eli Manning was excellent. He was like a kid playing a video game, doing as he pleased with complete control and confidence, which stemmed from…

2) the Offensive Line, which was incredible. Pass, run, it did not matter. McKenzie out with concussion, no problem. It was so bad that the play action had Manning sitting back with all day to go anywhere he wanted. The pulling guards and blocking on the move were textbook execution.

3) HIXON! I am shocked! Not! We have been saying here on the blog that Hixon is ready for prime time ever since he broke out with some Toomer toe sensational receptions versus Cleveland in preseason.

4) Moss! This praise for one player after another is going to get tiresome. Limited snaps obviously went way up this game and he made the most of them, with 2 TDs and a lot of fine play. (Why bother mentioning how well Toomer and Smith played when that is like old news bread and butter?! Okay, okay, Smith had a fantastic sideline grab of a high Manning pass.)

5) Jacobs/Ward/Bradshaw. Plug and play. Scary.

6) Defensive line. They shut down the run, they put the pressure on, Spags had Tuck coming from the inside to mix things up. Kiwi even beat Jones in garbage time. (In the last 5-10 minutes why weren’t the starters ALL benched already?!!! There is 7 mins left and I am looking at Diehl, Snee, Seubert and O’Hara, get them out of there. Granted it was nice to throw Carr a little bone, but NEXT.)

7) Webster/Ross. One looked better than the other. (Webster got called for a holding penalty early which was a figment of the zebra’s imagination. Not only was it NOT a penalty, it was excellent coverage to boot.)

I could mention a half dozen other positives, but completely unnecessary. This was a surgical demolition of a team that was 1-2 and in need of a win. Gilbride was great in attacking from the start, stretching the field.

This 15 yard penalty rule on the face mask is pissing me off. If you look at the face mask they call you for 15. It is getting out of hand. Guys hands incidentally slap the helmet as their hands and arms get moved by the OTHER TEAM, and the flag goes out. This rule has to change.

Oh my goodness, the road warriors go back on the road. Hixon will be out with a concussion and we’ll have Burress back. WR Hydra. NEXT.

New York Giants defeat Cleveland Browns 37-34 in preseason

August 19, 2008

The Giants first team punched the Browns in the mouth the first half. They physically dominated them, and the score was 30-3 with 1 minute gone in the second quarter. The second units came in and it got sloppy. Just like the Lions did their rollouts on offense, the Browns got back in it with cornerback blitzes on defense, using regular season pressure in preseason to get back some composure and self-respect. Make no mistake, after Eli threw an anemic (Old Eli- telegraphed at the line of scrimmage) ball which was batted down at the line of scrimmage for a 3 and out, the Giants went on a rampage.

DOMENIK HIXON took over the game!

DOMENIK HIXON took over the game!

No, your eyes did see correctly. Manning hit him twice for some Toomer-esque TD toe taps in the end zone. Then he runs a punt back for a TD. Then he catches another 18 yarder from Wright after one of those corner blitzes. He was on fire.

Josh Huston left Beijing to do some shot putting in the Meadowlands. Ugly.

Eli still needs to be more accurate.

Sinorice Moss helped himself a lot, looked good, drew the penalty which started the Q1 rout.

Jacobs pounds the defense but boy does he take forever to get back to the line of scrimmage. There was one play where the O-line opened up a hole big enough to fit a grain combine through, and Jacobs picked up ~6 yards. Ward or Bradshaw would still be running. Jacobs had a fumble on a different play.

Manning ran for a first down to keep the (first?) TD alive. He needs to do that (on average) ONCE per game to keep the defense honest and make everyone else’s job easier.

Giants first unit on defense settled down and looked good.

Giants were NOT good on kickoff coverage. Terrell Thomas had to save a TD return, makes the tackle at the ~10 yard line, and then Butler picks up the fumble for a 96 yard TD scamper. All set up by the rookie nice play on specials not giving up.

Umenyiora gives Derek Anderson a concussion on a sack.

I did not like Wright, he made some mistakes, took a step back from his first preseason positive performance.

Scary, but the first team defense looked great and did not play with Kenny Phillips. If Phillips comes along it will be impressive.

Michael Jennings did not help his cause. Downtick. Where was Brandon London?

Anyone see Boss or the TEs? Oh right, I remember. I heard that Matthews got called for a 10 yard holding penalty.

I do not like David Carr’s mechanics. Are his hands too small? Why does it look like he pushes the ball instead of throwing it?

Bradshaw did good work. Pushed the pile, got first downs, good yardage and had a good blitz pickup. Ware looked good, but the second string offensive line was blowing holes open for him, so they were the ones who should be lauded.

The Dockery flub INT which turns into a TD is why the goofiness of preseason is not to be weighted heavily. Still a very nice game for the Giants before the game went sloppy.

New York Giants Training Camp Day #2

July 27, 2008

New York Giants Training Camp Report Day #2

items of note>
1) competition at Safety going exactly as anticipated with Johnson and Butler fending off Phillips and Knight early on because of their familiarity with the system, but the latter doing well and projecting a very tight race for starting jobs
2) Manning threw a lot of picks
3) McQuarters, Pierce, Tollefson, Webster and Thomas all mentioned for individual plays
4) Kiwinuka mentioned for sliding in at DE. Can you say 5-1-5 nickel? Now that is a TRUE double nickel. Coughlin went out of his way to praise his attitude and work ethic.
5) Hixon played well on offense. He is taking advantage of the extra time coming from Burress being inactive.
6) With Clark and Wilkinson limited, Kehl and Blackburn getting a lot of work.

Moss on the bubble… this time for real
Coughlin says Burress IS hurting, ankle is sore
Nate Robinson was cut
Jessie Armstead is a volunteer coach
Derek Brown (!) sighting
Asante Samuel strained his hamstring in Eagles camp

First day of camp

July 26, 2008

Sound bytes from morning practice on the ultimatenyg NY Giants blog…. Garafolo on the afternoon report from camp.

Eli Manning is the leader of the offense. He is simply more relaxed, now he is talking about receivers getting reps, TEs getting reps. He is focused on improving, and if he does the Giants are in very good shape.

Michael Jennings?!! I believe it was Sinorice Moss who mentioned that Jennings was making plays and looking very good out there. Remember, Jennings was making a lot of plays in preseason and was looking good until he got hurt last summer. We go from full to loaded at WR if Jennings is healthy.

Right now Ward, Bradshaw and Jacobs are sharing snaps with the first stringers.

Plaxico Burress was in camp but did not practice. He was on the sidelines on the bike and in meetings. Coughlin on him not practicing: “his ankle.” Others are speculating it is all about the holdout, that he is not practicing because of the contract dispute. On the surface that is not true, but at this point this is what we are fed and it might still be part of a work ‘slowdown.’ Garafolo chronicles all the ongoings…

Coughlin singled out a nice play by Kenny Phillips in morning practice.

New York Giants Minicamp Review

June 14, 2008

There are upwards of 60 minutes of interviews with players and staff on the Multimedia site. Here are some takeaways from minicamp:

1) Gilbride on Manning: “The Quarterback was particularly sharp for this early in the year… not only with his accuracy but recognizing blitzes.”

2) Moss has that chip on his shoulder and the media will not let it go away until he not only earns a roster spot but also starts making plays.

3) TE Darcy Johnson got singled out a few times for his good play.

4) Pierce noted how ‘smart’ the rookie LBers (Goff and Kehl) are.

5) Spags on Kiwanuka: “Light years ahead of where he was a year ago.” He is remaining very flexible on where Kiwi goes in the defense. If the Giants had more speed and an answer at SAM, Kiwi would be doing what Tuck did last year with Tuck at left DE. But since the Giants’ weakest position on the field right now is LB, you have to believe that they are invested in Kiwi to make it work there. So he is the blitzing LBer, 5-2-4, or 5-1-5.

6) Pierce noted how he has had 7 defensive coordinators in 8 years. He is very relaxed and happy about actually knowing a defense. He sees the difference in practice when all the players are in the right places etc…

7) Toomer… “the old man… all he does is show up and make plays.”

8) O’Hara points out that with Eli in his 5th year now, he is like another coach out there, telling people where they need to be. You can feel his confidence is up to another level. His focus is on improving, period. We have the new Eli until we don’t. Coughlin was positive on Manning’s “growth” as well.

9) Coughlin handed out the players a stat sheet with numbers for what happened to the Super Bowl Champion the following year, and it was not particularly pretty… the team got a dose of reality and was confronted with ‘the brutal facts’ (Good to Great by Jim Collins). Sobering.

10) The Shockey hangover continues. At least he had a shouting match with Reese. Good, that is a start.

11) Sometimes it is what is NOT said… No rookie flashes yet.

12) Albany in 38 days.

Sinorice Moss, James Butler and Jared Lorenzen interviewed

May 1, 2008

New York Giants draft: where is the competition ABSENT?

April 30, 2008

This morning Paul Schwartz of the Post writes about how Sinorice Moss, Jared Lorenzen and James Butler are going to feel some heat this summer from draft picks made this past weekend (Manningham, Woodson and Phillips respectively). Reese is always preaching competition in camp to make players better and make the team better.

Why do I continue to complain and ask for a LT? Because Diehl gave up the second most sacks in the league last year.

The Giants did not draft ANY Offensive Linemen. None. Add that no (veteran) free agents were signed either (the Giants only signed two), and essentially there is no competition here. The Giants will talk about how Guy Whimper will be in the mix, but how many of you think that is going to shake any trees? How many of you have the Super Bowl on tape, DVR or Tivo? Do yourself a favor and watch the game again. Watch the second quarter when Manning gets sacked and fumbles the ball. Watch the last drive. It is scary. Diehl is going to get Manning killed.

Reese says that Diehl is improving all the time. I agree. Diehl has improved. But not enough to play one of the most elite positions on the field, LT. Yes, Diehl did play LT well enough for us to win the Super Bowl. But you can bet your bottom dollar that the tapes of the Super Bowl Champion are being dissected right now and the competition sees a huge opening. You can make a Tackle into a Guard but you cannot make a Guard into a Tackle. Reese is betting that Diehl will improve some more during training camp. Granted, this will be his second camp at LT and he will be able to get incrementally a little more efficient. But David Diehl is the weakest link on this offense and his weakness in pass protection is a major liability.