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February 5, 2008

Of course he is NOT jealous of the Giants. But he is JEALOUS that today the team gets a parade down the CANYON OF HEROES. If memory serves, the ’86 and ’90 teams did not get such treatment because the team moved out to Jersey in the 70’s and the mayor/s of NYC did not exactly greet them back for a parade in open arms. Celebrations took place at the stadium instead. This one will be a little better. (addendum- Len Berman said that ’86 was rejected by Koch because of ‘NJ’ and ’90 did not happen because of the Gulf War.)

A few members of the ultimatenyg contingent were at the game…

Trying to put this Super Bowl win in perspective

February 4, 2008

Eli’s place in Giant and NY sports is set for life. I am having a somewhat hard time comprehending it all. I know it happened, but this is larger than anything we could imagine as fans of this team.

We think of other events in sports that are similar… Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. I was 6 years old when the great NY sporting events of ’69 occurred, Willis Reed, Miracle Mets, Joe Namath. So I cannot compare those events. My first Super Bowl that I watched and understood was Dallas beating Miami (24-3), so the only true comparison I have for this is Montana to Taylor when the 49ers beat Cincinnati. For this to happen to OUR team in those similar circumstances is somewhat amazing. And let us remember Montana and the 49ers were favored, and they did not need Manning (slipping out of the grasp) to Tyree’s Helmet to survive. Beating the Bengals was not beating the Goliath of Belichick and Brady. I think I will only begin to comprehend the scope of this win in the next few days.

The 1990 Championship Season’s analog is alive and well. Carl Banks had this one pegged MANY weeks ago. As glorious as the 49er NFC Championship was, as amazing as the triumph over the Bills was in Super Bowl XXV, somehow it misses. This year had even more. THREE ROAD PLAYOFF WINS. Overtime versus the Pack IN Lambeau. Followed by the insanity of this comeback with ~2 minutes left against an 18-0 team that was huge favorites. Incredible. SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!

ONE MORE THING- Please read Phil Simms’ comments on the game BEFORE IT WAS PLAYED, posted yesterday at ~1PM. He NAILED IT right here.


February 4, 2008

I thought Super Bowl XXI and Super Bowl XXV were sweet. Super Bowl XLII’s victory is beyond anything I could have imagined. It is a figure of speech to ask someone to pinch you when you are having doubts imagining that reality is indeed exceeding anything you could have dreamed about, but I found myself doing that because the win was so surreal. We thought the Giants had a chance, but did any of us truly KNOW that we were going to come out winners tonight?! And when we went ahead 10-7 we thought it was possible. And when it was 3rd and goal for the Patriots at the 8 and a stop forces a possible OT, are we thinking win when Moss gets the TD? There is enough time left, 3 timouts. But can we go down the field? I just saw the replay and it was a Brandon Jacobs falling forward on 4th and 1 or else we are thinking of what could have been. Miracle play after play kept the drive alive. Manning getting out of that sack and then the scramble for….The catch by Tyree on the helmet?!!!! That play was better than Mark Ingram on 3rd and 12 in 1991! I never thought I would hear myself say that. And then the Steve Smith (okay, you are forgiven for the INT) catch for 11 yards and a 1st down. And then Burresssss in the end zone for TD!!! Comfortably NUMB! The rookie Alford sacks Brady to put them in the hail mary and the game is sealed!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! ELI MANNING GETS A FREE PASS FOR THE REST OF HIS CAREER!!! THE GIANTS ARE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!!!!!


February 3, 2008

I am not a very big Mike Francesa fan, but he did a beautiful job articulating all of the storylines for this Super Bowl. In a nutshell, this matchup has the ability to live up to the hype for the first time in a long time because of the 18-0 season of the Patriots. And if the Giants were to somehow pull off an upset, it would also imply an epic game and one of the biggest upsets in all of sports. So we are going to see some form of history tonight, and if the game is competitive it will be very special.

Phil Simms was on for an hour. Newer blog readers know that I think the world of Simms for too many reasons to list here, but suffice it to say that I respect his opinions and views immensely. Phil can be wrong- he picked the Raiders over the Bucs in the Super Bowl ~5 years ago. He also contended that the Giants were fine for being conservative on offense in Q4 vs Dallas, something I disagree with in a HUGE way.

Against Dallas (3 weeks ago) he thought the Giants would be competitive and had a chance at possibly winning the game. TODAY HE THINKS “THE GIANTS CAN HAVE A CHANCE TO BEAT THE PATRIOTS.” So his sentiments are eerily similar. What does that mean? It simply tells us that we are not completely subjective and biased for thinking that the Giants have a chance.

* Almost everyone he has spoken with thinks the Patriots are going to score in the 40’s and and are going to win easily, but that he is not of that opinion.
* It will be a lower scoring game than most think and it will be more competitive.
* The NYG are on an emotional high that he has not seen in sports.
* Two keys are (1) can the Giants DL be disruptive (2) can the Giants be more physical on offense.
* Has heard this fast turf is in excellent condition and will be even faster, which benefits speed.

In terms of the players who benefit from speed, this means Moss, Welker, Umenyiora and Bradshaw.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Win the game, win it ALL, win the SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP. Are we underdogs? Yes. But if we have that small chance to win, I want to win. I will leave it with the final thought from Michael Strahan after the Patriot loss in W17:
“It’s frustrating because when you have a team like this up against the ropes, you can’t afford to do that,” Strahan said. “I guess I am supposed to be happy that we are going to the playoffs and we played well and we came almost close but that is not good enough for me. I’m not out there to play and be fish food,” Strahan continued. “I’d rather be the fish. I want to eat it.” Beat the Patriots tonight and win the title!

Phil Simms Sunday NYG-GB Part 2

January 20, 2008

Quick Summary– I believe Simms sees the Packers winning.

Longer Version: Sometimes it is what isn’t said that is more important than what is said. Simms does not think the Giants will win because Francesa did not put him on the spot. That was by design. So Simms was a nice homer in giving the rah rah go get’m pitch. But his tone was less bold than last week when he firmly stated the Giants would be in it. He did not come off that way to me this time. That spoke volumes.

Major Points:
1) The place between the corner and the safety is where Favre is going to try to stick the ball in, and with the ball being harder to grip, this could be the place for a turnover.
2) If Favre has enough pressure and gets a little too aggressive, he can make mistakes. This point was echoed by Troy Aikman.
3) The Giants should use the same varied offensive game plan they have used the past few weeks.
4) With light winds, this favors Favre.
5) Since GB uses almost exclusively man-to-man, there are ways to attack that. (Not going to reiterate what he said, but there are formations and routes that can work.)
6) With Favre likely to go quick route against our pass rush, you use zone so that it takes him longer to figure out where to go with the ball. (When you go man, he just goes to his preferred WR.)
7) COMPLETE DISAGREEMENT. Simms liked the conservative playcalling at the end of the Dallas game. Simms might be my svengali, but we part company here. I emphatically disagree. And I will go down to the grave knowing that when the secondary is that stripped, you MUST get some first downs in that spot. They have tremendous field position and it is extremely fortunate that we are in the NFC Championship having lived to tell the tale.
8) The Giants need to avoid giving up chunks of yardage to the Packers. Make them drive the ball down the field and make a mistake which trips them up. Do not give them the huge catch and run. (This is easier said than done.. the pack are the #1 offense in the entire league in YAC.)

Notice how Simms spent little (if any) time discussing WHY the Giants could do all these things. He laid out a blueprint but by its absence, the implication is that it is an entirely different matter for whether the Giants can execute that.

Phil Simms on NYG-GB Part 1

January 18, 2008

I always like listening to what Phil Simms has to offer, because he is about as honest and objective as any professional out there. He is also very smart too. He asks great questions, he sees the game through a good lense. Last weekend, for example, he thought the Cowboys-Giants game was too close to call, that it would go down to the end, and he did not know who would win. He felt the Giants could win, but would not definitively go that far. That forecast was probably as accurate as anything I heard.

People may say he is biased as a former Giant, but he certainly handles his announcing skills at games he covers slightly more balanced than other QB announcers I listen to. He caught some heat last weekend from a guy named Eggars. Same bs from people who do not listen to him enough to appreciate the value of his commentary and the length Simms goes to protect his integrity.

I will wait for Sunday to hear his comments on Westwood One’s radio show with Francesa (~945AM EST), but prelim remarks are sampled by Serby.

“You’re big and you’re physical and you can run the football and you can rush the passer probably better than anybody in the NFL,” Simms said. “What is there to complain about? You gotta like your chances.”

The tone of his message on Sunday morning will be the most significant element. How forceful he is with his opinion will tell us a lot.

Phil Simms on the NYG- DAL game

January 13, 2008

Francesa went a full segment w Simms, and as usual we got plenty of insight from the master of our Giant universe.

1) No, Virginia, we are NOT hyped out of our butts for saying that the Giants are much improved these past 2 games. Phil Simms sees it too, says a lot of things have changed and gotten a lot better.
2) No great feel for the ending of the game.
3) NYG need to pressure Romo and he has doubts about them getting to him because the DAL offensive line… “is BIG, and they are good on their feet too.”
4) The DAL offense wants to go deep every play and then when it is not there they go for something else. It is not big on deception the way the Colts and NE run theirs, and this is why people have caught up to what they are doing.
5) Francesa asked him if the NYG should use Bradshaw more, and Simms unequivocally said yes.
6) The Giants have used a varied offensive attack the past few weeks and it is what will be imperative again vs the Dallas ‘pressure defense.’
7) The play-calling the past couple of weeks has been excellent, as good as it has been under Coughlin’s entire time in NY.
8) Dallas falls off very hard from their 2 starting corners to their 3rd and 4th CB. (Attack these guys with Steve Smith.)
9) Simms will be surprised if the Giants do not go with Boss more, because “THEY MUST.” Williams is “awful” in space and if Shockey had 12 receptions last game they should have thrown the ball to him even more!
10) The Giants are confident.
11) Simms was in NE covering the game, and when he prepares he speaks to a lot of players on both squads. The NE players had some unsolicited remarks on the Giants- the Giants were good, they were surprised at the talent level, 3 separate guys were very positive about them. The 4th? Bill Belichick, who (Simms laughing, ‘Doom’ humor) said the Giants were “not bad.” … with Simms tacking on that that is like the ultimatenyg comment you could possibly get from him.
12) Final score? No prediction— the “game will go down to the wire.”

Phil Simms speaks

December 31, 2007

Phil Simms on Sunday morning WFAN segment had plenty to say about the Giants et al:

1) The better teams have multiple ways to win. A team like the Pats has ~7 (this is not science, just a random #) ways to beat you. If they have 7, the Colts have 5. And by implication, teams like the Giants have 1 way to win, to play perfect in all facets of the game.

2) The Patriots are opportunistic. They went back to Moss for his TD bomb in Q4 THE PLAY AFTER Madison limps off the field. And when Dwight Freney of the Colts leaves their Pats game for a breather earlier this season, the next play called was a TD bomb to Moss. They knew each time that that was the moment they needed to go for it.

3) Jacobs does a lot of the little things that impress. He forces defenses to adjust to his size and style when tackling, and whenever an opponent has to do that it helps you. He falls forward for the extra yards whenever he can.

4) TB will give the Giants a VERY different defensive look than the Pats. They are a faster team with better coverage. You need to (pound) run the ball on TB.

5) Very kind words for Boss, and positive a “dynamic” Bradshaw.

6) Re Dallas, teams are catching up to their offensive schemes.

7) Re Green Bay, he is not a big believer in the Pack. “Fragile.” Admits to being surprised by them; feels they have overachieved and is implying (reading between the lines) that come the playoffs they will be vulnerable because they have already stretched themselves to their potential. (I suppose you have to say that this is also a ringing endorsement of the job McCarthy has done in getting so much out of that team.)