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May 1, 2009

1) I like it when Wonder gets to reply to another draft analysis that is contrary to his own thinking. We see how they think and perhaps collectively we can get better insight into whether one of them is missing something.

Wonder likes, not loves Nicks. He is not excited about Sintim and certainly does not like him IN THE SECOND ROUND. In walks a KC Joyner critique of Nicks and Sintim that is very positive. What are we missing?

Wonder: “Nicks will be playing against a LOT of press coverage which makes these numbers irrelevant..however, he should be able to learn to use his big body to shield and Keyshawn somewhat…and the CB’s are a LOT faster and better.

“As for Sintim…I really don’t agree with Joyner…I think he’s actually pretty good against the run..but not FAST enough to be an OLB/pass rusher in the NFL.”

2) Separately we asked Wonder about Sintim in light of his comments about not having the speed to be a SAM in coverage, but being able to rush the QB.. why not just make him a MLB? Answer: “Yes…I think it’s his ONLY chance for Jints.” The Giants are pretty smart about player development. They will figure out what they need to do to get this player on the field.

3) “Wonder”

At 2:11AM (Between Day 1 and Day 2 of the draft) he emails: “as for tomorrow, ….would LOVE Turner for Jets…also, I like Murphy for Jets..BUT the real Home Run for Jets is SHONN GREENE..I would even trade my 6th and 3rd to get the 1st pick tomorrow and RUN to the podium (if not, maybe A.Brown)…I must admit, IF he’s gone, Jets MIGHT go for Michael’s a BIG gamble..but if he “fills out” w/o losing his speed, he would be a stud DE.”

At 2:27AM he emails another time: “my god…I’ve lost my mind…I forgot about Gilbert…for Jets..IF Greene not available…I would take either him or M. Johnson depending on how the Jets evaluated them…”

Well, at 10AM the third round opened up. The Jets trade up to the #1 pick of Day 2 and take ..SHONN GREENE. Note also that Gilbert went 4th and Michael Johnson went 6th. So the three people he keyed on were selected in the first six spots of Day 2. The Jets needed to pay their 3rd, 4th and 7th to move up, which is more accurate than just a 3 and 6. Nonetheless he was right on target for what the Jets ‘should’ do. People are already saying that Rex Ryan is aggressive- so is Wonder, and it should not surprise that he is in synch with the coach. The only thing that remains now is to see how Greene does in the pros.

Btw, note how Wonder was keyed on Andre Brown if Greene was gone by the time they picked at 76. The Bmen got him a round (and a half!) later at 129. This was a good day for New York teams getting running backs.

4) Speaking about “and a half,” let’s remember that Reese has been drafting from the back of the line for two years now. Considering we have filled in the blanks (Edwards asking too much, Maclin trade to move up 9 spots) it is not as if he is asleep at the switch. On the contrary, he is playing poker with much weaker position and is still doing a good job of getting a lot of good people in.

5) Speaking about Maclin, as much as the Ultimatenyg mantra was against taking a WR in the first round, as much as the last minute thoughts before the draft asked that the Giants did not trade up even higher for a WR (I was worried about them doing that for H-Bey), if Reese would have grabbed Maclin you would have to be COMPLETELY ON BOARD with that move. Maclin was a lot of value at that spot. I will go further and say that the Eagles got a very good player. Ralph Vacchiano may be correct to point out that the Giants will not necessarily see him hurt them initially at WR, but I think he overlooks the more important impact… I am particularly concerned about his special teams contributions he will make. I do not watch a lot of college football, but the one game I did catch was scary– it was very obvious that you had to do everything in your power to keep the ball away from this guy on specials. The opposition did that well, until one play in the second half, and boom the game was over, he broke open a close one with one touch of the ball. All I can think about is the line from Deacon Jones, a must-see video.

6) Speaking about the Eagles, we will have a recap of all 32 teams’ drafts next week.

Trading the #1 pick

April 18, 2009

Why is it that the NFL can be so upside down that you have more teams trading #1s and #2s than ever before? I’ll tell you why. The world has gone mad. Favre and the Packers go batty. Cutler and McDaniels get in a pissing match. If Burress hadn’t gone totally ballistic he would have been moved too. Peters cries enough times and forces a trade to the Eagles. Jeremy Shockey. Braylon Edwards. Anquan Boldin. Men behaving badly. Men behaving like children. Teams have little choice but to move the player and get SOMETHING for salvage. At least they can start anew with some draft picks. The team trading the pick for the player gets a great deal- a proven NFL player. It is the proverb standing on its head: two in the hand or the bird in the bush.

And that is where we are with the pursuit of Edwards. Eli Manning practically leaked the trade, the way we see it. We’d rate the chances as ~70%, maybe higher, the way we read our Mississippi Gomers. All the Giants will have to do, assuming they do trade, is to make sure the head is screwed on properly to the neck, or else we’ll be on the losing end of this deal too come a few more seasons. Wonder reminds us the big picture here: “Don’t get Boldin..too old..too MUCH MONEY…too much hassle..give Browns whatever the brown(!) they want, within reason, and Jints get an all-pro entering his PRIME…plus, it’s the 29TH PICK!!!” To be fair to Boldin, it is not that Boldin is “too old,” because he’ll be 29 this season. It is just that Edwards is 26, and that makes a world of difference in the land of free agency and trades.

The Eagles won big. The Giants must do that trade in a heartbeat. I email Wonder, am I missing something? The Eagles made out. Wonder: “Great deal for Phila. Now they trade their #21 and a third for boldin…draft a bigger, tougher, RB in the 2nd…and they’d be REAL competition for Jints.” If they get Shonn Greene I will be ill. Greene weighs 227 lbs, so this guy who “loves contact” would be a fit. Knowing the Eagles, that is precisely who they are targeting. We said this weeks ago- the Eagles would not stay in the 1st round, we expected them to trade down, but essentially this is the same result, moving OUT of the first round.

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Wonder on players 51-100 in the draft

April 13, 2009

Wonder: I usually come CLOSE to agreeing with Gil consider…I do like (for value)
RB Shonn Greene
WR Juaquin Iglesias
TE Richard Quinn
RB Andre Brown
G Duke Robinson
WR Lewis Murphy (might be GREAT for Jints in 3rd round)
DE Lawrence Sidbury
DB Deangelo Smith
LB Marcus Freeman
DB Donald Washington
and my 2 favorites, one for Off, one for Def:

IF you can get him at end of 3rd or in 4th…Rhett Bomar MAY be the best QB draft value BY FAR…FEAST OR FAMINE

S Rashad Johnson…get him in the 3rd round and you got VALUE..he’s a football player.

For those of you new to Wonder’s assessments, understand that his message is that it is not only important who you take but where you take them… note how Wonder can highlight LB Marcus Freeman from Ohio State and NOT be keen at all on Laurinaitis, from a VALUE perspective.
When he says feast or famine, he is simply implying that there can be so much upside to a player that it is worth the RISK of taking him at a certain place in the draft because of the potential. So Bomar could be a bust, but if he hits you have taken a lower risk and will get paid handsomely.

Wonder has some very good company with Marvelous, who completely concurs with the thumbs up finding of Shonn Greene. Marvelous:”Well.. my real sleeper was mentioned & I was going to look like a real genius–BUT– now that the cat’s out of the bag I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE Shonn Greene of Iowa!!! He is a great talent– runs like a beast–fast–AND LOVES the game!!!!!!! Can he improve as a pass receiver & blocker? YES!! But he is a hungry mother browner–he LOVES challenges. CLUTCH should be his middle name!!!! LOVES contact.”

Note one of the things that separates Wonder’s picks from others: meanness/softness. He uses that criteria often to accept or reject a player. He likes an Offensive Lineman with a mean streak. NOT dirty. Simply aggressive/fierce/competitive. It does not surprise me that Greene is described as loving the game, loving contact. You would be surprised to find how many players at this level in college who DO NOT have their heart in the game. Tomorrow, Wonder will mention one player in the Top 10 of the draft that he you stays away from. It does not imply he will not be successful in the NFL- it implies that you as the GM do not pick a player that high based on his risk. If you cannot get the certainty w/o the risk in the top 10, you are doing something wrong and need to trade down.