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Game plan from Rob

November 1, 2008

Rob gives us his offensive blueprint for this weekend:

There is a saying by Fassel, it is not who you play, but when you play them. As Giants fans, we could not have asked for a better time to get the Cowboys. Except if perhaps the game was in Dallas.

If we are truly going somewhere this year, then we need to win this game. They are missing so many key players that it is just a shell team. And we are pretty healthy.

Have no pity. Go after them from the get go. I would like to see Gilbride throwing early and often. If he comes out and starts trying to run the ball, then he is a fool and attacking the one Cowboy strength that isn’t diminished. If they go nickel from the get go, we should bring out 4 WR. The more WR we field the weaker they are because the people they are putting out there are lower and lower on their depth chart.

From a strategic and tactical perspective, we should be throwing more than running. If at the end, we are “balanced” in run vs pass, then he is stupid. My only proviso on that statement is that if the game is a Giants blowout and the Boy’s have given up, then we can run at the end. But somehow, I don’t think that will be the case.

Close the deal. Put them on the ropes at 5-4. This game will be tougher than many expect. The Cowboy’s will be up and if our game plan is to run, they can stop our run. My kingdom for an offensive Spags.

Ultimatenyg here. Sounds logical. This reminds me of what the Giants did against Minnesota in the Jan 2001 NFC Championship. We were a fairly balanced team, but Minnesota’s secondary was the one with the worts, and Payton went after them. The game was over by halftime and all the oxygen was sucked out of them. Do not let them believe they are in this game. Open up a can of whoop a** and end the game before they know what hit’em.

I particularly like this for another reason- it burns Jerry Jones directly for going after Pacman Jones. How many of you remember that rookie game for Kiwi vs the Titans when Vince Young had his coming out party and Pacman Jones roasted us? Well, Jerry Jones wanted a piece of that and now it is time to remind him that the bill is coming due. Give them the loss while the guy is out on suspension and put Dallas one loss closer to not making the playoffs.

No mercy. They would do the same thing to us.

Jeremy Shockey trade ???

April 24, 2008

The rumors and ideas about Shockey getting traded do not let up. It boils down to this- are the Giants a better team with him, OR without him plus a ~high second round draft pick? Let’s analyze both camps:

CAMP 1: The Giants are better off with Shockey
1) The Giants got better w/o him because of Smith’s return, Bradshaw’s entry into the offense and Boss’ solid play as his replacement, NOT because of Shockey’s exit
2) Boss cannot block nearly as well as Shockey and he certainly is not as good in pass catching
3) The Giants offense was great w/ Manning finding his rhythm and will be unstoppable with Shockey as yet another feature
4) Boss and Shockey are a TWO TIGHT END SET that is scary good, and can give relief to the team if a WR goes down and makes that position a little thinner
5) Sean Payton knows him from his days as an offensive coordinator for the Giants (2002) and wants him for a reason- he is an ALL PRO player for a good reason
6) He is in his prime and under (a very affordable) contract

CAMP 2: The Giants are better off without Shockey
1) Eli played better because he did not have that raving lunatic in the huddle demanding the ball (The Tim Hasselbeck, Elliot W. theory espoused by many)
2) Boss is our new TE… it is inefficient to have two good TEs, so getting a draft pick for Shockey still gives us a TE presence and perhaps defense or an OL to help elsewhere
3) He gets injured often
4) Even when he is not injured he is often playing hurt at less than 100%
5) Gilbride is a moron for misusing him too much as a blocker, so take your losses, admit the inefficiency and let someone else (who expects to use him more efficiently) pay for his services so that everyone wins
6) Get something now for him while you can
7) Shockey has ‘allegedly’ voiced his frustration with the Giants offense to ‘friends,’ and you do not need that undermining your team

I asked Wonder about Shockey, and he thought that if the Giants get a tall WR at #31 like Hardy, it makes Shockey very expendable and that he should be moved (assuming they can get a good #2 pick). This makes a scenario unfold where the Giants wait for their #31 pick to arrive, and as soon as they know what position they take it will dictate whether they want the Saints’ #2 pick. If the Giants are secretly coveting a WR or TE in R1 (OR, just as importantly if one falls to them value-wise), it would make sense to hold off any Shockey trade until that objective is met. I am in Camp 1.. I do not agree with trading Shockey. But if the Giants do want to move him, they are smart in waiting until the draft to see what other variables they can determine before making that decision.