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August 18, 2008

Battle at RB for fourth spot.
Sanya Richards runs for Gold tomorrow night (later in the morning here). She qualified with the best time in the semis, making her a favorite.

Brett Favre, Aaron Ross and Sanya Richards

August 4, 2008

1) Yesterday Goodell reinstated Favre. What this means now is that the ball is in the Packers’ court. The Packers tried unsuccessfully to buy Favre out by offering him $25M in a lifetime personal services contract; Favre turned it down because Favre wants to play (we can take that for face value… this is where all the oldtimers chimed in about offering their services). So now the Packers have to decide if they pay Favre $13M per year to ride the bench or trade him to someone else. The Vikings are rumored to be the ones most willing to pay up for a trade. What a mess.

Time is against the Packers, unless there is a high profile injury. If (as an example) Eli Manning went down for the season in a preseason game, would the Giants be willing to trade for him? For a one year solution to his injury, absolutely they should. That is how the Packers might play it, simply willing to use the insurance until someone outside of the division is willing to pay up for his services. It is easy to understand why they would not want to move him to Minnesota, but if they get a credible offer from someone in the AFC, the deal will come together quickly. Considering that every year a prominent QB or two gets hurt in a manner that destabilizes the team (because of lack of credible backup), I would not be surprised to see something happen along this path.

2) It would certainly be interesting to watch Aaron Ross race Sanya Richards in the 200 Meters. They should stage it promotionally for charity. Even Ross admits he doesn’t know who would win. She will certainly be getting a lot of attention at training camp (and obviously the Olympics).