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August 21, 2008

1) Maybe it is time to STOP drafting Wide Receivers. For one year?! Granted that we pulled a Ryan Grant on Denver by getting Domenik Hixon. But now we see the scouts at Giants games trolling over our scraps… at WR no doubt. I will guarantee you one thing, they won’t be looking over our Linebackers. Even if Kehl is a keeper, the rest are either aging (Pierce, Clark) or very ordinary and trying to improve (Blackburn, Kiwanuka, Wilkinson).

2) This from The Giants tight ends did not catch a pass vs. Cleveland and had few, if any, balls thrown in their direction. “That is not by intent,” Coughlin said. “It just worked out that way. There weren’t a whole lot of passes thrown, to be honest with you. The numbers might reflect it, 15 out of 30 is not the most accurate (percentage) in the world and we need to get it spread around and get the ball in their hands.”

This is 1990’s redux. You need the TE to take pressure off the WRs. Gilbride better start using the TE or the offense will suffer. Boss better stay healthy or the offense will suffer. If Boss gets hurt (a nightmare)… line Bradshaw up in the slot and make defenses pick their poison, the same way they have to with TEs. But I am not holding my breath.

3) Danny Ware played a very nice game on Monday night. So why am I not jumping on the excitement and buzz created by his great numbers vs the Browns? Because I saw monstrous holes the size of Arkansas opened up for him by the OL. Were the guys out there in Q4 good and Ware better, or was he better than (them being) bad? We need to see how he does in slightly different situations to start getting excited. Is he a fumbler? Will he make the right cuts in traffic? What happens to him when he is met with a defender immediately at the line of scrimmage? Quite honestly all I saw was Ware given the ball with gargantuan holes in front of him… that makes his job a lot easier because now he starts running down hill. In contrast, last preseason we got to see Bradshaw given a lot more ‘normal’ situations- he was able to make cuts and leave LBers grabbing air. He also was able to fight for that extra yard, something which is the difference between death and survival in the NFL. So let’s see some more Ware and hopefully we can anoint him as a good backup. If that is the case, then the decision to let Jacobs play out his contract is once again maestro Reese.