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Who is still on the board at the start of Day 2??!!

April 26, 2009

LB: Phillips, Ellerbe, JASPER BRINKLEY, Freeman
G: Robinson, Johnson
TE: Jared Cook, Cornelius Ingram, Shawn Nelson
C: Caldwell
QB: Bomar
WR: Murphy, Barden, Turner, Edison, Collie (late), Iglesias
DE: Sidbury, MJohnson

Wonder on players 51-100 in the draft

April 13, 2009

Wonder: I usually come CLOSE to agreeing with Gil consider…I do like (for value)
RB Shonn Greene
WR Juaquin Iglesias
TE Richard Quinn
RB Andre Brown
G Duke Robinson
WR Lewis Murphy (might be GREAT for Jints in 3rd round)
DE Lawrence Sidbury
DB Deangelo Smith
LB Marcus Freeman
DB Donald Washington
and my 2 favorites, one for Off, one for Def:

IF you can get him at end of 3rd or in 4th…Rhett Bomar MAY be the best QB draft value BY FAR…FEAST OR FAMINE

S Rashad Johnson…get him in the 3rd round and you got VALUE..he’s a football player.

For those of you new to Wonder’s assessments, understand that his message is that it is not only important who you take but where you take them… note how Wonder can highlight LB Marcus Freeman from Ohio State and NOT be keen at all on Laurinaitis, from a VALUE perspective.
When he says feast or famine, he is simply implying that there can be so much upside to a player that it is worth the RISK of taking him at a certain place in the draft because of the potential. So Bomar could be a bust, but if he hits you have taken a lower risk and will get paid handsomely.

Wonder has some very good company with Marvelous, who completely concurs with the thumbs up finding of Shonn Greene. Marvelous:”Well.. my real sleeper was mentioned & I was going to look like a real genius–BUT– now that the cat’s out of the bag I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE Shonn Greene of Iowa!!! He is a great talent– runs like a beast–fast–AND LOVES the game!!!!!!! Can he improve as a pass receiver & blocker? YES!! But he is a hungry mother browner–he LOVES challenges. CLUTCH should be his middle name!!!! LOVES contact.”

Note one of the things that separates Wonder’s picks from others: meanness/softness. He uses that criteria often to accept or reject a player. He likes an Offensive Lineman with a mean streak. NOT dirty. Simply aggressive/fierce/competitive. It does not surprise me that Greene is described as loving the game, loving contact. You would be surprised to find how many players at this level in college who DO NOT have their heart in the game. Tomorrow, Wonder will mention one player in the Top 10 of the draft that he you stays away from. It does not imply he will not be successful in the NFL- it implies that you as the GM do not pick a player that high based on his risk. If you cannot get the certainty w/o the risk in the top 10, you are doing something wrong and need to trade down.