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Butler – Brown = $1.9M; Tisch the con artist (PSL Part 6)

March 13, 2009

Butler’s 4 year deal is $3.5M/year. Considering that we signed CC Brown for $1.6M for 1 year, this is far better than spending $3.5M for Butler. Is Butler that much better than Brown? Doubtful, considering how slow Butler is.

This one is 3 days old: Tisch says that the PSLs are well-received by Giants fans. Tisch was there in September at halftime when he was roundly BOOED in reaction to the PSL. So for him to say that the Giants fans are supportive of them is either

(a) delusional or
(b) an outright lie

Since I do not believe that Tisch was born yesterday, I’ll pick (b).

TISCH IS A LIAR. Sure, he is trying to push his product, and he has every right to do that. But please do not take Giants fans for being stupid, gullible, vacuous patsies that are ready to be brainwashed by any public relations that you inject into the media. If you would be kind of enough to at least show your customers a modicum of respect and admit the truth, then perhaps there would be a little less resentment about the situation.

Tisch says there has not been a “backlash.” This is his proof. Does he mean no marches through East Rutherford? Giants fans are too busy trying to earn a living (SO THAT THEY HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY YOU FOR YOUR TICKETS AND PSLs) to have time to organize ‘backlashes’ against an entertainment entity.

No backlash? So what was the halftime booing all about? Be so bold, Mr. No Backlash, and try showing your face for some other halftime promotion this September and see what kind of response you get then, and then tell Ralph Vacchiano and the rest of the media that there is no backlash. There were tons of comments off of the Daily News piece. I read the first 30 of them and of the ones that were positive or negative, it was 21 NAY, 0 YAY. 100% against and negative, spewing their ire at Tisch.

No backlash? Go try walking the corridors of your stadium (hint: NOT the club seats) at intermission… I suspect the reception will be somewhat akin to wearing a Giants jersey at the old Vet or Linc.

It cannot be stated enough times that Tisch and Mara have a right to do anything they want with their franchise. We as fans have plenty of choices. This is not bread or water they are selling us. We may all be emotionally tied to this team, but we can also live without them. It could be a lot worse. That $1K big screen hdtv never looked so good. The beer is reasonably priced, and the only thing I will regret is not being able to boo Tisch. But somehow I suspect that there will be a few people at the game who will want to do that for the rest of us.

Bradshawlic’s Anonymous Meeting #2

November 26, 2008
Bradshaw Math: 44-52=77

My name is Andy and I am a Bradshawlic. It has been many weeks since my last Bradshaw TD. When he got a few carries against the Ravens, then proceeded to fake Ray Lewis out of his jock strap on his way to that 77 yard carry, it was sweet music. Two more yards and the world would have known what we already KNOW. 4 more yards for the day and he would have had 100, a noteworthy accomplishment. Instead he once again was buried in the back of a 200 yard performance. Yes, there is no “I” in “TEAM.” And the Giants are 10-1, so I am not going to be a LenDale White and cry about the carries when my team has won 91% of its games.

But I can be a Bradshawlic!

It is bad enough that Bradshaw gets so few carries. Check out this little ditty- Bradshaw has 3 pass catches this season (1 of which is for a TD, a coincidence?!)… and Ward has (gulp) 31 pass catches! Whatthebrown! 3? 31? What is going on around here? And just to make me not commit myself to Bradshawlic Rehab, Ralph Vacchiano (Bullet 2)has given us a reality check for wondering aloud, is there a Bradshaw conspiracy when Jacobs goes down and Bradshaw still only gets 4 carries?



Hand the ball off to Bradshaw. Throw the ball to Bradshaw. Bring in Bradshaw in short yardage. Bring in Bradshaw in the red zone. I keep saying there is no reason we can’t score 40 points per game with this offense. If Bradshaw were playing the sane minutes he deserves, this offense could score 50 points per game. You think I’m nuts, right? I do not kid about these things, Giants fans. Dead serious. START YOUR BEST BACK ALREADY. His name is Ahmad Bradshaw.

Bob Popa talks about Strahan’s decision to retire

June 10, 2008

Bob Popa spoke Monday evening with WFAN’s Schmoozer Steve Somers.
1) “Shocked,” and surprised that Strahan retired. Expected Michael Strahan to be back.
2) The fact that MS was 100% healthy likely came into the decision… that he was healthy in the offseason was another plus in leaving now while on top.
3) MS has apparently done well enough in other ventures, real estate etc.. to make the money issue not as significant as (the divorce angle) would have had us believe.
4) Popa referred to the (oft linked) Ralph Vacchiano blog, which said that Strahan had listed his goals, checked off the ones which were met and the ones which were not, and the(~ only) ones which were not were individual ones, so not as urgent to play anymore.
5) Somers (for the rsdodgers point): How crazy was it that the Giants players made him a team captain after holding out last summer? Popa said that the players respected the elder statesman, he works as hard as anyone and keeps things on course in the locker room when things are less steady. He certainly made that Coughlin Leadership Council work, because there is no way Coughlin can give up power like he did without someone like Strahan on the other side delivering the results and getting the players to follow the program.

The media reply to Shockey

June 9, 2008

Shockey claims that he said nothing about wanting a trade. Technically that is correct. The media have been in the middle of this all offseason, and here is the reply from Vacchiano to this matter directly. I think Shockey is out of line because he had plenty of opportunities to refute allegations of requesting a trade. Serby for his part sees that this thing can end quickly if the Giants and #80 simply talk it out.