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Preseason ticket extortion, etc…

July 31, 2009

1) From Sunday, Phil Mushnick: NFL Extortion, KC Chiefs-style.

If you have an opinion to share, write a letter to

Commissioner Roger Goodell
National Football League
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

All that is necessary for the forces of NFL evil to win in the world is for enough good fans to do nothing.
Edmund Burke Ultimatenyg

2) Sintim and Beatty signed, one left.

3) Andrews and Peters hurt at Eagles camp. Not major, but not a help either. Everyone has injuries, deal with them.

4) Rich Seubert:

Q) What are your individual goals for this upcoming season?
A) My personal goal for this season is for the team to win. The only way you have fun in this business is if you win games, and my goal is for the team to do well. At this stage of my career, it’s all team goals. My personal goal is to stay healthy and play well, but it’s really for the team to win games, and a lot of them.

Q) Who’s going to be the breakout player on the team this year?
A) Everyone can predict a receiver. You know, I think everyone has proved themselves, so you have to pick a rookie probably. So yeah, one of the rookies. It better be one of the rookies.

We just love the wisdom of a lineman. Anonymous team effort. Meat and potatoes. Win.

Tisch and Mara speak to their customers

July 24, 2009

Earlier this week the Giants reduced ticket prices on their remaining unsold tickets. Yesterday morning Tisch and Mara sent a letter to the waitlist. It was a grim reminder of how much has changed. The takeaways:

1) “Once you purchase a PSL, you will control your seat for as long as the Giants continue to play in the new stadium.” Yes, that’s right, suckers. In 30 years when this stadium is no longer state of the art, we’ll come at you with hat in hand and do this all over again. Can’t wait.

2) “We have attempted to convey from the beginning of the PSL sales process that great thought and care has been given to the pricing of the PSLs and tickets in our new home.” How much can we get out of this group of people without an insurrection?

3) “After literally sitting in many of the seats, we have decided to reduce the ticket price of the outer two sections in all four Mezzanine Club B corner areas from $400 to $250 per game.” These seats smelled, so we had to lower the price on them.

4) “As a reminder, the approximately 70,000 non-club seats have been sold out in the new stadium.” The Club Seats are selling as fast as those Yankees seats behind home plate.

5) “Please note that the ticket prices in our club sections will remain the same for at least the first three seasons in the new stadium.” The economy browns, we can’t sell all of these PSLs at the current price, so we are spinning this as well as we can. Aren’t we great for holding the line on ticket price increases?

6) “As waitlist members, we hope you take advantage of this opportunity to experience Giants Football in one of our new clubs.” Waitlist member? What’s a waitlist member? That list disappeared along with the generations of goodwill that we threw down the toilet. Oh, did we mention how many toilets there are in the new stadium that you are paying for with those PSLs? Alert- new money-raising idea: Maybe we can have naming rights for the urinals.

One Giant fan who also received the letter yesterday emailed Ultimatenyg: “Gotta love them. They are so caring and compassionate.” A little sarcasm there? Ya think?!

Mushnick’s reality check

July 3, 2009

This morning Phil Mushnick, sports muckraker extraordinaire, takes batting practice against one of our favs, Bud Selig. For those of you new or passing through, that was a joke. Bud Selig has, from this blogger’s not so always humble perch, singlehandedly ruined a spectacular professional sport and turned it into QVC.

Mushnick: “By now, I suppose, we’re supposed to accept it, roll with it. Baseball’s Selig Era cultivated a strain of shamelessness that trades common sense and common decency for, well, how much ya got? So, take it or leave it. And get over it.

I’m trying. But it’s not taking.”

And then Mushnick does what any self-respecting (football) fan would do- he takes a step back and sees that Goodell and the NFL are going down that same path:

Incidentally, when the Giants and Jets don’t sell out because of their PSL ticket extortions, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be forced to change the TV blackout rules rather than risk the New York market. And he’ll claim that the bad economy is to blame. But Giants and Jets patrons have remained through previous hard times. The economy will be blamed for the NFL’s greed.”

Here, I believe Mushnick may err on a minor technicality.. The Giants (and Jets) will likely sell out. You just won’t see all the seats filled. The Giants will find some corporate s**kers to pony up the dough for the remaining $20K PSLs and $700 seats that serve all you can eat. Oh, and how we wish that Mushnick will be right and somehow, some way, they all do not get sold. The embarrassment will be palpable. As it is, the Giants should be embarrassed that their hardcore fans passed up on PSLs in DROVES. And that is the reality, the perspective that Mushnick reminds us of today.

Just remember that games ending at midnight in winter time, 18 game seasons going through the month of February, PSLs, flex game schedules that hold ticket holder schedules hostage, cable pilfering.. these are just SOME of the many ways that the NFL is going to war to grab every last dollar from your wallet.

If you are reading this blog it means you are passionate about the Giants and NFL football. The voice of this blog, along with people like Mushnick, want to remind you that at a certain price, it is not worth it anymore. It was a very sad day when one of this blogger’s best friends, a guy who I went to the 1986 NFC Championship with, could not stay up for the end of the Panther game this December. He had work (early enough) the next morning and smartly, that was his priority. There once was a time when games did not flex and December games were played in the sunshine at 1PM. Today, they know they’ll get someone to buy the seat, so they put it on television to max out the dollar. Tomorrow? That is someone else’s problem. Tomorrow they will have Selig-ed themselves out when people stop attending and even stop viewing. 500 saves? What’s a save?

PSL Update

June 2, 2009

Myers of the Daily News updated us on the PSLs this weekend.

1) Apparently since all of the NON-CLUB (“non-premium”) seats are sold, blackout rules do not apply. The NY Metro area will not be blacked out. Pathetic and embarrassing that such a topic should even have to come up.

2) On the subject of embarrassing, Myers points out that these overpriced club seats behind the Giants bench potentially will be empty for home games, creating the same gaffe that the Yankees have behind homeplate. Ironically, this is only partially true. The TV cameras are on the opposite side of the field behind the visiting team, and when they want crowd shots they usually spin around to get those close ups. You can bet your sweet bottom that if the Clubs remain unsold (doubtful, they’ll find some sucker corporates to mop up the rest) the Giants will instruct the NFL and networks to MAKE SURE that they turn the camera to soldout Field 1.

3) We said a long time ago that the waitlist was inflated with many people who had to be on it to register for the ticket exchange program. Kudos to Myers for getting those numbers on just how bad it was.

4) Between the search for people who will pay for these tickets and the ones who stretched to buy PSLs and need to resell tickets to others to lower their costs, you have to expect the crowd and character of the stadium is going to change. How much of the homefield advantage will be lost? We re-link the article written by Simmons of ESPN, a very good read and reread.

Loyal Fans Are Batting Cleanup

May 2, 2009

The Wall Street Journal reminded us on Thursday that Loyal Fans Are Batting Cleanup.

“The season-ticket holder represents an annuity that is the life blood of the organization.”

“I’ve never seen so many longtime customers — some with season tickets dating back to 1969 — saying they have no choice but to bow out this year,” says Mark Tilson, Royals vice president of marketing and sales. Adds Terry Loose, a season-ticket salesman for the team, “I’ve literally had my customers say it came down to buying the tickets or feeding their families. I told them to feed their families.”

It is encouraging for sports organizations to respect their customers anew. Better late than never. Kansas City is a start. Considering all of the economic hardship in the Greater NY area, perhaps the fan will get some common courtesy from the Giants down the road. John Mara has the decency and tact to keep his mouth shut. Steve Tisch is another story. He wants those PSLs sold, and the moment they are, then you’ll start seeing him ‘behaving’ better. Which will likely be more duplicitousness on his behalf. What a difference 4 years makes- we lost the Duke and got Steve Tisch. Bad trade.

Addendum Saturday morning 830AM- Phil Mushnick reminds us that the Yankee seat pricing which failed over a year ago gives them no ability to use the economy as cover for their greed. The only unfortunate thing about the Yankee story is that Tisch probably thinks he is a charitable saint, giving away his PSLs in comparision.

Separately, the only PSLs which were NOT priced egregiously were the 1K terrace seats. But we have a warning from someone who is a consultant on the new Meadowlands Stadium- those seats in the upper tier are much higher up than they were for the 3rd tier in the current stadium. We checked the panorama exterior webcam, and you can see that the top of the seats from the old stadium is below while the top tier of the new stadium is still extending higher. Hey, they have to put those suites on FOUR separate levels. In 16 months from now we’ll get reports from fans in the upper deck who are not happy with how far up they are. “You get what you pay for?” Apparently you can run up to the terrace but you cannot hide.

Those empty seats at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field

April 22, 2009

I’m shocked, shocked to find empty seats at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. C’mon! These sports franchises are living in fantasyland. This would be a joke if it weren’t so sad. But we have been warning about high ticket prices and PSLs for over a year. No, we are not shocked.

Braylon Edwards trade talk strengthens, Dockery, PSL update, 2009 schedules released

April 15, 2009

1) Earlier yesterday, reports confirmed that the trade talk between the Giants and the Browns resumed in earnest. Last night, Steve Somers reported that right now it is the Browns wanting a #2 (which one?), a #5 (which one?!) and Steve Smith, with the Giants offering the 2,5, and Domenik Hixon. The Giants would be smart to keep it to just draft picks, since we have plenty of picks to give away. Another version of the trade reported is a #1 and #5 for Edwards. Right now, the report from yday afternoon had only a #1 offered for him. Given how the Browns are well-situated to be in the Crabtree sweepstakes, you can certainly understand a scenario where a deal would not go down until the Browns got Crabtree.

Wonder: “I would give Clev a #1 and #5 so fast it would make your head spin…he will be FANTASTIC in NY….a star…as a matter of fact, if I were the JETS, I would look into getting him.”

2) Dockery signed his tender

3) The NY Giants’ media pr campaign to cast the illusion of how “well received” the PSL has been is a sham. The team has been trumpeting how 130,000 waitlist members are anxious to feast on these juicy nuggets. Problem is, we just found out from a reliable source who joined the waitlist 5 months ago that HE was contacted on Monday. So let’s see if we understand this- the Giants went through their entire roster of CURRENT SEAT HOLDERS, which number ~76K/3= 25K fans, then went through almost all of the 130K waitlist people, and they aren’t sold out yet? Keep peddling those turkey bacon club seats.

4) The Giants 2009 regular season schedule was released.

Sun. Sep 13 WASHINGTON 4:15PM
Sun. Sep 20 at Dallas 8:20PM
Sun. Sep 27 at Tampa Bay 1PM

Sun. Oct. 4 at Kansas City 1PM
Sun. Oct 11 OAKLAND 1PM
Sun. Oct 18 at New Orleans 1PM
Sun. Oct 25 ARIZONA 8:20PM
Sun. Nov. 1 at Philadelphia 4:15PM
Sun. Nov. 8 SAN DIEGO 4:15PM
Sun. Nov 15 BYE
Sun. Nov 22 ATLANTA 1PM *
Thu. Nov 26 at Denver 8:20PM
Sun. Dec. 6 DALLAS 4:15PM*
Sun. Dec 13 PHILADELPHIA 8:20PM*
Mon Dec 21 at Washington 8:30PM
Sun. Dec 27 CAROLINA 1PM*
Sun. Jan. 3 at Minnesota 1PM*
*Times subject to change

John Mara speaks to Chris Russo

April 10, 2009

Mara was interviewed on Sirius radio by Chris Russo.

The comments by Mara confirm and clarify initial reports for the Giants’ reasons behind the decision to let Burress go.

Russo asked him about the PSLs and we got a candid admission…

Garafolo: I caught the tail end of the interview when I got back in the car and heard Mara talking about PSLs. Russo had told him Wellington “is tossing up in heaven, going crazy” about the PSLs and Mara responded by saying his late father “was dealing with a completely different set of circumstances than we’re dealing with right here.” He also added with a laugh his father “never really would have let us go into this new building in the first place if he (had his way)” and that Wellington “was happy with the Polo Grounds. He told me that over and over again.”

Well, we are shocked, shocked to find gambling is going on in here! NOT. Wellington Mara had his way all the way up until he died. And that is why they are dealing with “a completely different set of circumstances” now.

Phil Mushnick airs a PSL story worth hearing

March 30, 2009

Yesterday, Phil Mushnick, proud NY Post muckraker extraordinaire, aired a PSL story that was sad yet typical of the bs gouging:

As the PSL and other ticket stories roll in, we’ll roll some out.

Here’s one from a longtime holder of good Giants season tickets, lower deck near the 40:

The Giants want $20,000 per seat for the PSLs. So the fellow calls the Giants and tells the sales rep he has decided he will cough up the $80,000 for the PSLs plus the $5,000 or so per season for the tickets, but the club must meet one, small request.

“What’s that?” the rep asks.

“Just stop charging me for those two home exhibition games every year.”

The patron goes on to explain that among all the ripoffs he has endured — all the night games and hikes in parking fees — being forced to pay for games that don’t count and are played by players who aren’t likely to make the team is the one he can’t stomach.

“I can’t even give those tickets away. Eliminate those tickets or waive their cost, and I’ll send a check for the balance, the $84,000 and something.”

“But I can’t do that,” says the ticket rep. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry, too,” said the ticket-holder, now an ex-ticket holder, though the Giants have called back to see if he changed his mind.

Mara, the PSL

March 27, 2009

1) John Mara gave a voice of sanity amidst the mob majority of feel-good affection for the expansion of the regular season to (likely) 18 games. Peter King calls it a “freight train.” What is not to like, another two hits of crack for all the football addicts?!! How can that be bad?! Well, what if the crack is watered down so that now each of the other 16 hits we get are all weaker and less interesting? What if the coaches are juggling players for survival by attrition instead of simply being worried about playing the game to win?

Most of us here were watching football before 1994 when free agency started. We know the drop in quality that came from wrecking the continuity of team rosters throughout the league. That kind of drop in quality will likely come again, perhaps not as significant a drop, but nonetheless the same insidious undermining of competitiveness we have seen before. At least Mara gets it. Kudos to him for defending the quality of the brand.

2) More PSL news. The Giants sold out Field 3, the $5K endzone dreck seats. Are you surprised the $5K seats went before the remaining “club” seats? What- you mean you don’t want to spend $20K and $700/game to watch the Giants? Don’t worry, there is a stupid corporation waiting to deduct those seats as a business expense, provided they still have the profits to write it off against. All the food you can eat, what a deal!

And remember the loophole?

From a brochure given to PSL purchasers:

“What if I am not satisfied with the location I am assigned?”

“If you are not satisfied with your assigned PSL zone and/or seat location, your PSL money will be refunded and your seats will be offered to another Giants fan.”

It comes as no surprise that they moved up the date to show PSL buyers their location from ~March 2010 to the Fall of 2009. Given the economic situation, the Giants are likely rushing to get past this loophole before people change their minds.