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read between the lines

October 18, 2008

Ultimatenyg blog monday night: “The main problem this evening was that the anchor of the defense (its pass rush) was not present. We had seen this to a degree in the Bengals game, when the blitz was not effective.”

Schwartz NY Post: “If there is anything to sweat, it’s a defense that is starting to feel the after-effects of losing its most gifted lineman, Osi Umenyiora. The Giants haven’t hit the opposing quarterback in two games.”

Tom Coughlin (re the DL pass rush): “There has to be a lot of self-analysis there.”

Is it just effort? The guess is that maybe someone on the defense is giving away a ‘tell‘ when the team (rushes/) blitzes the QB*, making it far easier for the opposing offense to be efficient in their protections.

Publicly, the Giants are talking about lack of execution, lack of being physical and opposing teams using 3 and 5 step drops. But ONLY ONE HURRY, NO SACKS? From the #32 rated offense??… there has to be more.

*About 70% of the way thru, Schwartz implies that the self-analysis that Coughlin was referring to may very well have been Cleveland figuring out what the Bengals figured out on the blitz pickups. Let’s hope the Giants have that ironed out.