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You guys are smarter than me…

August 20, 2009

After the draft was over, we asked: “Which draft pick do you like the most?” The winner was 93 people out of 214 taking Ramses Barden. This was in MAY. It was only ONE (preseason) game, but clearly you guys did a very impressive job. Sintim had the best rookie evening, but Barden looks the part. And you guys did not flinch this past week when asked which WR was going to breakout this season, going for Barden again. Smith did not play, but if anything was clear from Monday night, Barden is certainly out of the blocks faster than Nicks. THIS IS A MARATHON, NOT A SPRINT. So do not think for a second that Nicks is not going to be seen or heard from again. That is RIDICULOUS. What we are talking about here is the simple observation from camp (one data point) and Preseason Game 1 (second data point) that Barden looks good so far. We saw bits and pieces of good and bad things from all of the WRs… it is a work in progress but they are getting there. Moss did some good things. Manningham got separation. Barden looks so good once he gets off the line. If he put on another 10-15 lbs he could be a tremendous TE. How do you guard that?!

Kudos to Oxbay, Mitch, Craig and Wonder for nailing the idea of the Round 3 big WR ON APRIL FREAKING 7th. THREE WEEKS BEFORE THE DRAFT. Having had success with the Ed McCaffreys and Joe Jureviciuses of the world, we’d be much better served here in the third round with Patrick Turner or Ramses Barden than going for the glamour divas of Round 1. Those Round 2 (and Round 3) guys have their heads screwed on properly and they have the requisite physical tools (read: pedigree) to make it in the NFL. We’re not implying that Nicks is a diva, just that WR is not worth it in Round 1. Doesn’t the optimism of a Barden in Round 3 make that argument more plausible?!

Nicks can end up in the Hall of Fame. Guys like Barden and Turner can both be busts. But you want the upside if you are right. The upside in these guys?.?.?..I’d rather be good and 6’6″ than good and 6’2″. In 2007, how much of the Super Bowl Title that the Giants won was due to Toomer being 6’3″, Burress 6’5″ and Boss 6’6″?? You cannot teach genes. Remember Mike’s quote on George Young: “I’ll take size over speed every time. In the fourth quarter the fast guys slow down but the big guys are still big.” Here is to Barden in Q4.

Ask Wonder

April 7, 2009

Yesterday we talked about the Giants WR corps being small, how they need to get BIGGER. In the past week or so, a few commenters asked us about a few players out there that are big, and we asked Wonder about them..

1) Oxbay: “Ramses Barden a WR from Cal Poly. He’s 6’6″ and around 230 lbs”
Wonder:”great value for Jints in 2nd/3rd round”

2) on 4.3.09 Mitch reported possible interest from Chris Mara at the USC Pro Day for Patrick Turner. On 4.6.09 Craig reiterated the idea about Turner.
Wonder:”might be the steal of the draft…total pro…great size, good hands…has to “fill out” to NFL body…not a burner.”

3) Rumors flying on radio yesterday about the Eagles interested in trading DOWN. Now where did you hear that possibility before?

Wonder’s remark about Turner certainly got my attention. The Giants are very good in Round 2 and this is precisely why. So while we all want to trade up and go for glory, part of us should sanely respect the ability of Reese to sit back and pick. As good as the Giants have been in Round 2, their track record in Round 3 is not very good. Okay, I was being polite, it browns. About the best third rounder we have gotten historically has been Justin Tuck, and then the dropoff is off a cliff thereafter. Drew pointed out to us that you cannot trade that #100 compensatory 3rd rounder, so trade the other 3rd rounder (#91) up with a few others to get into round #2 to cut down the number of players we draft. Quality, not quantity. Where else have we been using that argument lately?!!

Summary: Go for the big boys, and they do not necessarily have to be in Round #1 either.