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To Draft or Not Draft the Head Case

April 14, 2009

“Character issues.” We hear about this one EVERY year. We see guys falling down the first round and we ask aloud wtf is going on. And quietly, we understand that there is obviously something else going on that is causing every team to shun the player like the plague. Warren Sapp was the beast DT who fell from the top of the draft to #12, where he was finally taken by the Bucs. Risk finally met reward. Marijuana turned out to be his greatest issue, and he went on to a Hall of Fame career. But for every Sapp, there are so many more Pacman Joneses. This year we get a discussion of five first rounders who allegedly have character issues.

Wonder has his own spin on this year’s crop of problem draft picks: “Food for thought…although I personally think Raji and Andre Smith (OT-Alabama) have a “BIGGER” problem- they’re both FAT SLOBS and will get ripped apart in the NFL if they don’t “shape up”…how Kiper, McShay, et. al. continue to believe Smith is still a top 10 pick is mind-boggling..if you can’t get in shape with the motivation of MILLIONS at stake, what does that say about your “drive” and work ethic?? Are they browning NUTS ?? I wouldn’t touch Smith with a ten foot pole…as for Raji, not TOO bad..but do you really want to draft a guy who’s so out of shape he can barely play 30-35 plays a game ? in the TOP TEN ?? NOT ME.”

Obviously Wonder is not TOO concerned about Harvin’s issues, saying that if he drops, the “Jints should either trade UP to grab Harvin” or can stay put or even trade down.

Ultimatenyg note: Wonder’s remarks were made ~24 hours before Smith fired his agent.

Eagles, Giants, and the NFL

January 8, 2009

1) Not a complete surprise that a ny giants blog would have ~80% of its respondents lining up to vote for them to win the Super Bowl. But how biased is this group? The online odds to win the Super Bowl paint a different picture, one where essentially the Steelers, Panthers and Giants are viewed almost equally. Considering how the Giants are the favorite, it should not be so unreasonable for the sample to be skewed. There is also a little bit of that battle for respect still working here- the variance between 7 of the 8 teams is very small. The Giants are only ~twice as likely to win the Super Bowl as the 7th best team. It’s bunched up- at least that is what the money says, not what we say.

2) The Browns hired Mangini. What am I missing? Maybe I can coach for 30 mins a game too and get a job.

3) Everyone loves Gilbrown. This guy can’t buy an interview, let alone a head coaching job. But others think he is such a great coordinator, why don’t they buy a franchise and give him the keys. It isn’t happening. I certainly hope he does a good job with the offense this Sunday, but it is very clear AROUND THE LEAGUE that the Giants are where they are because of Reese, Coughlin and Spagnuolo. They win despite Gilbride, not because of him. How many times do you hear defensive players praising Spags? All the time. How many times have you heard the offensive players (going out of their way) lauding Gilbride? Almost never. I’ll tell you why- because they are in the huddle and they know first hand how Manning is busy changing out of the playcall- CORRECTLY- because Gilguy has them in the wrong set. I’ll be more than happy to sing his praises if he calls a good game, and we certainly have this season on more than a few occasions. But let’s not kid ourselves- the silence with this guy’s consideration for a HC job is DEAFENING. How many draft choices do we need to give away to have someone take him off our hands?

4) What kind of owner is there to fire his head coach who had a winning record, clearly making a statement that he was committed to winning a championship, then disappears for the interviews with candidates the week after? That never happened with the Maras, because they are football people. Even though the GM was in charge of the hiring, they were on the front lines all the time. Could you imagine Well Mara being out of the country while his team just fired its coach? Away on business? Football WAS Mara’s business. I cannot speak at all to whether Johnson’s presence had anything to do with Cowher saying no, but how can you blame him? All he knew was the Rooneys, another football BUSINESS. It starts from the top. Brown rolls downhill.

5) I am tired of the analysis of this Eagles Giants game. Let’s fast forward to Sunday already so we can play the game.

6) 20-25 MPH winds forecast from the Ultimatenyg Meteorologist. He was 15-25MPH on Tuesday, so this looks pretty firm.

7) Simms on Showtime: “Tennessee won’t be favored if they face the Giants (in the Super Bowl). I believe the Giants will be the favorite no matter how they play in the playoffs and regardless of who they face in the Super Bowl.” His pick in the game this weekend- The New York Football Giants. Phil also takes the Panthers and the Titans, but cannot select in the SD/PIT game because he is announcing for that one.

8) Jacobs as good and healthy as he has been since he hurt himself in W3. “You can hear him,” Snee said. “He’s very vocal and he’s enthusiastic. He came in Monday in here and he was rip-roaring and yelling. I said to Brandon, ‘We don’t play until Sunday at one,’ and he looked at me like I was crazy. He’s fired up and I love it.”

9) Time to cut the low hanging fruit from the sickly Cowboy tree- Pacman Jones is gone. Is there anyone on the team that was more representative of how we all (including myself) saw this massive assemblage of #1 draft pick talent, and how it did not come together? Jones killed the Giants when he was at TENN, but not here.

Game plan from Rob

November 1, 2008

Rob gives us his offensive blueprint for this weekend:

There is a saying by Fassel, it is not who you play, but when you play them. As Giants fans, we could not have asked for a better time to get the Cowboys. Except if perhaps the game was in Dallas.

If we are truly going somewhere this year, then we need to win this game. They are missing so many key players that it is just a shell team. And we are pretty healthy.

Have no pity. Go after them from the get go. I would like to see Gilbride throwing early and often. If he comes out and starts trying to run the ball, then he is a fool and attacking the one Cowboy strength that isn’t diminished. If they go nickel from the get go, we should bring out 4 WR. The more WR we field the weaker they are because the people they are putting out there are lower and lower on their depth chart.

From a strategic and tactical perspective, we should be throwing more than running. If at the end, we are “balanced” in run vs pass, then he is stupid. My only proviso on that statement is that if the game is a Giants blowout and the Boy’s have given up, then we can run at the end. But somehow, I don’t think that will be the case.

Close the deal. Put them on the ropes at 5-4. This game will be tougher than many expect. The Cowboy’s will be up and if our game plan is to run, they can stop our run. My kingdom for an offensive Spags.

Ultimatenyg here. Sounds logical. This reminds me of what the Giants did against Minnesota in the Jan 2001 NFC Championship. We were a fairly balanced team, but Minnesota’s secondary was the one with the worts, and Payton went after them. The game was over by halftime and all the oxygen was sucked out of them. Do not let them believe they are in this game. Open up a can of whoop a** and end the game before they know what hit’em.

I particularly like this for another reason- it burns Jerry Jones directly for going after Pacman Jones. How many of you remember that rookie game for Kiwi vs the Titans when Vince Young had his coming out party and Pacman Jones roasted us? Well, Jerry Jones wanted a piece of that and now it is time to remind him that the bill is coming due. Give them the loss while the guy is out on suspension and put Dallas one loss closer to not making the playoffs.

No mercy. They would do the same thing to us.

Wonder on the NFC at Week 7

October 15, 2008

NFL guru Wonder on all the happenings around the NFC, the trade deadline, etc. Tomorrow, Wonder on the AFC.

1) How much did the Giants players bet on the Browns? The Giants simply did not come to play. The only unit that showed up and played well was the offensive line. I blame Coughlin for not having them ready to play.
2) Please, do not ever mention Aaron Ross in the same sentence as Darrelle Revis again.
3) The Cowboys are in DEEP TROUBLE. Pacman Jones suspended indefinitely, Romo out, Newman sports hernia, AllPro Punter Briar out, Felix Jones strained hamstring (probably/maybe out thru the bye). Deep trouble.
4) Giants play the Boys before bye, you must win that game, if not there is something wrong with your team.
5) Why oh why did the Giants NOT take Gonzalez for a 3rd or 4th rounder? The first bad move I have seen Reese make.
6) Dallas gave up too too much for Roy Williams. 1,3,6 for him and a 7? The Lions did well. And with Romo out, he won’t be in synch with his QB until late enough in the season that it diminishes the need at the deadline. Jones must have thought that with the Giants losing last night that he could still go for it, but Jones paid too much, desperate. No one else in the league makes that trade except Jones, Jones was bidding against himself.
7) Hasselbeck is hurt again, Arizona is breezing into the playoffs.
8) Wonder sticking with his orig opinion that Skins are still going to have hard time. Boys will be 5-4 at the bye, they need to go 5-2 after bye, the best they do now is 10-6. That skins loss is going to kill them on the tiebreakers.
9) Eagles have a shot at 7-3 to finish 10-6.
10) Giants will finish 11-5 (or if they play really well 12-4) and win the division.
11) Minn (I told you so) has Gus Frerote. GB still is coming out, 9-7 wins that division. If I am wrong it is Minn coming out. Tiebreakers will be scary.
12) Saints- Colston and Shockey losses hurt. Saints sb breezing 6-0 yet are 3-3. Lost to Washington and Minnesota, had no business losing either. Against Denver that FG costs them the other. They should still come through. With Dallas taking the pipe (and not having a very strong record), this opens up Carolina/Saints for a second wild card spot.
13) At this point it is Giants-AZ or Giants-second place NFC East team for the NFC Championship. Giants-AZ regular season game is going to have a lot of playoff ramifications for home field, byes, playoff games.

Eli hurt, Pacman Jones suspended by Goodell

October 14, 2008

Eli Hurt, Pacman Jones suspended by Goodell