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Over/Under for 2009

May 21, 2009

Here is a look at the 2009-2010 over/under numbers for team totals.

Giants 10.5
Cowboys 9.5
Eagles 9
Skins 8

My initial reaction is to buy the Eagles and sell the Cowboys. Sure, Owens was a circus distraction. But who does Romo throw to? Roy Williams and Jason Witten? They lost enough players, and as long as Wade Phillips is around, he provides more questions than answers. As we mentioned here before, Maclin can provide an immediate boost to the Eagles’ specials. I’ll bet that spread and take the Eagles +0.5 over the Cowboys.

This is the first time in recent memory seeing a number this high for the Giants. I think what impresses the professional bettors (remember, this Vegas line is about balancing the money, and that means the professionals who dominate this, NOT us the retail* money ) is that the Giants have been able to handle prosperity. Winning 12 games last year despite losing Shockey, Strahan, Wilson, Mitchell and Umenyiora.. AFTER a Super Bowl WIN.. got a lot of attention. So for a team that was one and done in the playoffs after a 12 win season, the professionals have to expect that the Giants are going to be competitive week-in-week-out.

If we walk through the Giants’ schedule, it is simply too early to map out wins and losses. There are too many players who have yet to get injured in preseason (for us and/or our opponents). Plus, the Giants play a total of 8 games vs teams who went to the playoffs last year and another 4 games against teams that were in the hunt. Too many variables. The only forecast we’ll make right here is the Eagles +0.5 over the Boys. We’ll check back on that when preseason is over for any updates.

Btw, did you see the Week 1 lines are already out?! (Click through the above link to find all 16 games.) The Giants are -5.5 over the Redksins.

* speaking about retail, perhaps the Boys are higher than we think because as “America’s Team” they get sufficient retail money bet on them from an inordinate amount of fans relative to other franchises.