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NY Giants 33 Dallas 31

September 21, 2009

This was a great win, warts and all. Yes, there are a multitude of problems that need fixing, but there were MANY positives gained from this victory. We have been saying since the middle of preseason that the defense needed time to come together- they are buying time with wins. Phil Simms said before the game that the Giants defense gives up the big play and that that would cost us the game. Well, he was right, but he did not know that the Giants would have a +4 turnover ratio. Dallas beat themselves with those turnovers, so DO NOT try giving back this win with all the warts we had. Collect a nice win, move on to next week, fix the problems, get PEOPLE BACK HEALTHY and improve the defense.

1) The Giants have their #1 Wide Receiver, his name is Mario Manningham (10 catches for 150 yds) and to quote Al Michaels, he is their “budding star.” Look over to the right side of the blog and give yourselves a pat on the back- you saw Mario Manningham as the breakout WR for the Giants this year, LONG BEFORE ANYONE ELSE. (Okay, let’s throw a bone to Peter King, he was there too.)
2) Eli Manning (330 yds, 2 TDs) was tremendous. Cool as a cucumber in the 2 minute offense. Evaded pressure with poise in the pocket all night. He did it all.
3) Steve Smith (10 catches for 134 yds) is the Rock of Gibraltar. You can lean on him, clutch, reliable, money. Did you see that move he put on Scandrick for the TD? He left him in a different zip code.
4) The Bruce Johnson INT for a TD is how you win on the road. Make impact plays and make the home team pay for their mistakes. That was a huge lift for the team because this game could have been a rout early, the way that Dallas was dominating. Antonio Pierce is slowing down on defense but he changed the defense when Romo audibled and that set up Johnson.
5) Pass protection was good. Wonder and I disagree on this one. Wonder felt the protection was not good and that Eli Manning’s pocket presence did it all, that there were plenty of times Dallas guys were getting through. There were no sacks, that is GOOD enough for us.
7) Ahmad Bradshaw was a jack of all trades. Picked up blitzes, pushed the pile, got respectable yardage when Jacobs was having trouble.
8) The defensive secondary did enough things well to be on the other side of Romo going for 13 for 29 with 3 INTs. Romo may have been tied with Eli for the Giants MVP, but the DBs played well in pass coverage. Phillips was playing hurt or else this unit will look better in run coverage. We could have used Gibril Wilson out there to clean up all of the run defense mistakes.

The Bad
1) OL run blocking did not get the surge. Wonder asks aloud if these guys have lost something from last year. Jacobs likes getting the handoff about 28 yards behind the line of scrimmage so that he can have a running start and a head of steam, but the problem is that he was getting greeted at the line of scrimmage too often and the plays look too slow-devloping.
2) Kickoff returns
3) Kickoff coverage

The Ugly (aka “warts”)
1) RUN DEFENSE was GASHED repeatedly. The DL was blown off the ball, Osi overpursued (creating wide gaps), our LBers are too slow. Boley was gassed and was out there far longer than he should have been, considering it was his first game back. Yes, it was hot and hurt both DLs, but there is no excuse for 251 yards. Would we have been aided by rotation with Tuck and Canty? Yes. But it has to improve.
2) This game, like the Redskins game, could have been over much earlier in the evening if the Red Zone offense could do better that 0 for 3 for 2 FGs.
3) Gilbride did not call Kevin Boss’s number ONCE in the red zone. Instead, in this mission critical area, we get balls thrown to Hedgecock and pitchouts to Bradshaw
(See Rule #5, AGAIN!). Brilliant. NOT.
4) If Tuck’s injury is serious.

Yes, the Giants were dominated at the line of scrimmage. When you have difficulties running the ball AND you give up 251 yards at the point of attack, you will not survive for very long if that does not get straightened out.

We have been complaining about the inadequacies of Kevin Gilbride for over a year now, but it has gotten so bad that even Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth now are talking about it on National TV.

Re kickoffs, each team was getting a runback of ~22 yards per kick. But their kicker makes us start from 2 yards inside the endzone while ours (thanks to Tynes’ weak leg) makes our coverage of kicks start from the +10 yard line. So we get out to the 20 and they are at the 32. Bad.

With all of this, the game is still in the WIN column. GOOD FOR THE GIANTS. COLLECT THE “W” and move on to the next game. Thankfully the playoffs do not start for another 16 weeks, so there is PLENTY OF TIME TO IMPROVE. We need time to heal. We need time for Boley to get his legs. We need time for Canty, Ross, Dockery and Sintim to get back. This win was well deserved and well earned in a great fight. The most exciting part of the game is watching Mario Manningham grow up before our very eyes. This has very good long term implications for the team.

Osi mea culpa

September 2, 2009

1) Osi Umenyiora beat a hasty retreat, admitted this AWOL incident was entirely his fault and conceded that this whole thing should never have happened. This was about the best outcome we could have hoped for. Please let that be the end of it. Next.

2) On Monday night this blogger let loose on Wide Receivers with a remark in the comments section of the post. It is nothing most of you have not already heard before. Just go to Rule #3 of The Rules for Winning in the NFL. Then on Tuesday night, I got some good company from none other than the Dean of Wide Receivers, Jerry Rice. The good news for the Giants is that our crop of WRs are pretty grounded and not totally infatuated with themselves. Diehl raves about Nicks. Manningham is a fallen (3rd round) angel. Smith is a 2nd round piece of steak, hold the sizzle. No more Plaxico. Do you really want a player like Marshall who will drop a ball on purpose? Just give me a meat and potatoes LBer in the first round, for crying out loud.

Umenyiora bails on Sheridan/practice

September 1, 2009

1) Osi Umenyiora stormed out of practice. It may be over but where there is smoke there is fire. The last thing this team needs is a coordinator/head coach whose authority is questioned. That authority has to be unquestioned. A Pro Bowl player cannot do this. He is a leader. This incident has a chance of disappearing. Let’s hope it is not any bigger than it already is.

Is it me or does this entire situation feel like the 2004-2006 Coughlin era is back? Players vs the coaches. IF the relationship between the coaches and players is anything less than 100% supportive we do not have a chance.

2) Carl Banks on WFAN yesterday.
a) these WRs are able to get open
b) Lack of veteran leadership at WR can be a negative for the young WRs (drops)
c) Giants: “a long way to go and a short time to get there”
d) the NFC East is too strong, the Giants have no choice but to get there

3) Boley is back.

4) 7th round draft pick CB Stoney Woodson was cut.

The first day of camp.

August 4, 2009

Kenny Phillips off to a good start
Saed Hindash/Star Ledger

1) Note that we have provided a quicklink to NY Giants camp updates in the upper right hand corner of the blog. As always, we’ll try to cut through the fluff and post the salient comments and developments.

2) In yesterday’s lunchtime update, we noted that Stewart Bradley, the stud LBer with 150 tackles last season, is likely gone for the season with a torn ACL. Hey, the Eagles were not holding a benefit for us when Osi went down last year, so pardon us while we do not shed any tears for them or any of the other 31 teams in the league. Every team deals with these ugly injuries, so why can’t it be some other team for a change?! Let’s remember that starting S Terry Kinard went out during our ’86 run. That Simms went out in the ’90 run. That Kiwanuka (and Ward, altho that brought in #44) went out in the ’07 run. So injuries are a part of the game. Deal with it, Eagles fans. “It’s a major loss,” said Donovan McNabb. Yep.

3) Coughlin: “Sinorce ( Moss) had a nice spring. Steve Smith knows exactly what he is being asked to do at this point in time. Mario Manningham had a nice off-season.”

4) Kenny Phillips had two picks. Coughlin: “Yeah, I was (impressed). Those were two outstanding plays, too. I was back here cheering.” Good color at the end of the video link on his strong progress. If this guy steps up big he is going to make this defense hum.

5) Q&A with Osi Umenyiora:
Q. Does this team have the right pieces for success?
A. Let me tell you…I haven’t seen a team like this, as far as depth-wise since I’ve been here, we’re solid at every position, I mean every position. I mean we look real good on paper right now, but as soon as we get on the field we’ll see what we really have.

Q. Are you referring to just the defense?
A. Defense, offense…we’re solid at every position on the field.

Q. Is this deeper than the team that won it all a few years ago?
A. Deeper? I would say so. I mean from a straight depth standpoint I think we’re definitely better. But I mean are we going to be as good? That remains to be seen.

Q. When you went into camp last year, did you feel the same way?
A. I felt good about last year too. Maybe not quite as strong as every position like we have now, but I did feel good about last year too.

6) We’ve been arguing here on the blog that WR is not the issue for the Giants. Pat Kirwin agrees.

7) I sent an email to a few people yesterday before camp in response to someone asking aloud about who would win the battle between Bomar and Woodson for the 3rd QB spot. Those of you following this blog know what the answer is, given how Wonder was crazy for this kid Bomar two weeks before the draft. If Woodson beats out Bomar for a roster spot (barring injury related reason) I will sing “Hail to the Redskins” to my wife’s Uncle Roger down in Maryland, I will sing “Fly Eagle Fly” to my wife’s stepfather down in Philly, and I will tell Eddie H that the Cowboys are God’s gift to the NFL. But that is Not Happening, folks. From Ralph V today: “Speaking of Bomar … Advantage: him, in the battle for the third-quarterback job. On an off morning for the quarterbacks, he seemed to have mostly crisp, straight, spiral throws.”

8) I have a day job down here in NJ. But Ed Valentine at Big Blue View is there in person at practices in Albany. He is giving very good color. He offered the same strong sentiments about Bomar that Vacchiano gave.

9) Burress shoots the Giants in 2008… Pierce lifts the Giants in 2009. Is #58’s exoneration going to be a metaphor for this season?

Osi Umenyiora

June 24, 2009

Michael Eisen on Osi Umenyiora: “(Gushing, embarrassed, laughing) He’s the quickest defensive end I’ve ever seen. He looked very..tremendous. Very quick. Tremendous boost to the DL. Osi looks like he is primed for a really good year.”

Bill Sheridan, DC of the Giants on Osi Umenyiora:
Q. How has (Osi) Umenyiora looked coming off that injury?
A. “Super quick, quick as a cat. He looks like he has always looked. He is a dart. He is a great enthusiasm guy to have around the practice field, but he looks fantastic. It is funny, Jim Herrmann, who joined our staff, mentioned after one of the first OTAs, gosh, Umenyiora, he is really fast. He is probably the quickest guy in the NFL. He has looked great and I think he is feeling good, too. We are going to keep track of him and make sure he doesn’t get worn out in the preseason. We have a lot of guys coming into camp that can spell him.”

Glauber of Newsday: “Osi is downplaying his comeback from a knee injury, but I’m told he’s possessed in his training in hopes of having a monster year.”

Nice to hear he’s coming back. Sometimes they are controlled in the way they describe a player’s recovery. But in this case when the coaches are gaudy with the comments, you have to imagine he is better than good. It is worth remembering that we were told by the media that Umenyiora may have been ready by late Dec/playoffs had he not been placed on season-ending IR. That should give us a hint that he will be ready.

OTAs: 3 weeks of practices

May 31, 2009

Osi Umenyiora: “I feel explosive.”

Chris Canty and the Defensive Line

March 1, 2009

How aggressively do the Giants go after Chris Canty in the wake of Rocky Bernard being signed? What are the chances of the Giants signing him?

1) The perfect mix of age (26) and experience (4 yrs)
2) Able to play both DE and DT well
3) Cofield and Robbins both underwent arthroscopic knee surgery this winter, so need for depth important
4) Canty grew up in NY (Bronx) and would like to come back here, all else equal
5) Best free agent DL out there (next to Haynesworth)
6) You can never have enough good defensive linemen, because every single dressed player gets snaps in the rotation
7) Lack of pressure up the middle in second half of season a big reason why the Giants want to upgrade the DL
8) Kiwi did not have the year we expected of him, and Canty can line up at DE

1) It’s always the money, and this signing won’t come cheap
2) Bernard’s signing clearly alleviates the need for depth
3) Plenty of other teams strongly interested in him
4) Given that Boley is a 5yr/25M signing, Reese still has not made the big ticket free agent signing
5) With Osi back, Tuck can rush inside and give the push up the middle that was missing
6) Osi, Kiwi, Tuck, Robbins, Bernard, Cofield, Tollefson, Alford (and Henderson, Douzable, Bryant, Clark) make for a pretty crowded roster and enough competition

Summary: the Bernard signing really lowered the chances for this signing, but Canty wanted to play here… he would already be out of town visiting the next team by now if not for his interest in returning to NY. It still looks like Canty will play somewhere else, but all Reese has to do is offer him numbers in the vacinity of Smith and he will be in blue this season. It is up to Reese.. we’ll respect his judgment.

New York Giants defeat Cleveland Browns 37-34 in preseason

August 19, 2008

The Giants first team punched the Browns in the mouth the first half. They physically dominated them, and the score was 30-3 with 1 minute gone in the second quarter. The second units came in and it got sloppy. Just like the Lions did their rollouts on offense, the Browns got back in it with cornerback blitzes on defense, using regular season pressure in preseason to get back some composure and self-respect. Make no mistake, after Eli threw an anemic (Old Eli- telegraphed at the line of scrimmage) ball which was batted down at the line of scrimmage for a 3 and out, the Giants went on a rampage.

DOMENIK HIXON took over the game!

DOMENIK HIXON took over the game!

No, your eyes did see correctly. Manning hit him twice for some Toomer-esque TD toe taps in the end zone. Then he runs a punt back for a TD. Then he catches another 18 yarder from Wright after one of those corner blitzes. He was on fire.

Josh Huston left Beijing to do some shot putting in the Meadowlands. Ugly.

Eli still needs to be more accurate.

Sinorice Moss helped himself a lot, looked good, drew the penalty which started the Q1 rout.

Jacobs pounds the defense but boy does he take forever to get back to the line of scrimmage. There was one play where the O-line opened up a hole big enough to fit a grain combine through, and Jacobs picked up ~6 yards. Ward or Bradshaw would still be running. Jacobs had a fumble on a different play.

Manning ran for a first down to keep the (first?) TD alive. He needs to do that (on average) ONCE per game to keep the defense honest and make everyone else’s job easier.

Giants first unit on defense settled down and looked good.

Giants were NOT good on kickoff coverage. Terrell Thomas had to save a TD return, makes the tackle at the ~10 yard line, and then Butler picks up the fumble for a 96 yard TD scamper. All set up by the rookie nice play on specials not giving up.

Umenyiora gives Derek Anderson a concussion on a sack.

I did not like Wright, he made some mistakes, took a step back from his first preseason positive performance.

Scary, but the first team defense looked great and did not play with Kenny Phillips. If Phillips comes along it will be impressive.

Michael Jennings did not help his cause. Downtick. Where was Brandon London?

Anyone see Boss or the TEs? Oh right, I remember. I heard that Matthews got called for a 10 yard holding penalty.

I do not like David Carr’s mechanics. Are his hands too small? Why does it look like he pushes the ball instead of throwing it?

Bradshaw did good work. Pushed the pile, got first downs, good yardage and had a good blitz pickup. Ware looked good, but the second string offensive line was blowing holes open for him, so they were the ones who should be lauded.

The Dockery flub INT which turns into a TD is why the goofiness of preseason is not to be weighted heavily. Still a very nice game for the Giants before the game went sloppy.

Wilkinson on PUP List

July 25, 2008

The news that Wilkinson is on the PUP list is not good. I THINK THIS IS JUST A SMOKE SCREEN FOR THE NEW RULES FOR 2008 LIMITING THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS THAT CAN PRACTICE AT TRAINING CAMP. This guy needed the reps, he has the speed, this is supposed to be his breakout year with lots of playing time and possibly some impact. A setback for the LBing corps, which was already the weakest unit on the team. I think it is just the latest NFL technique to keep as many bodies on the squad as possible for as long as possible.

Jared Lorenzen lands in Indianapolis.

Osi highlights

Tyree will be put on physically unable to perform list.

Jacobs to play out the last year on his contract. This is a good move for everyone. The Giants have plenty of RBs, so why not make Jacobs earn his next contract in this year. He has only played one season as a starter and was injured multiple times. I hope he plays great, stays healthy this season and the Giants have to pay up for his services in 2009.

Shockey speaks to the Saints media, and NY listens in.

Garafolo reports on details of Snee’s contract

June 26, 2008

Here are the details of the new six-year extension for Giants G Chris Snee, according to his agent, Noel LaMontagne of EAS Sports:
*Total value of $41.25 million without escalators. With escalators, the max value of the deal is $43.5 million.
*$13.5-million signing bonus.
*Base salary average of $6.875 million.
*$17 million guaranteed.
*$23 million in the first three years of the contract.
Snee’s salary for the upcoming season remains the same, but was incorporated in the new contract so the actual figure will change.

This is very impressive $ for a Guard. Top 5 Guard money, up there with Faneca. Very hard to argue that Burress (/Umenyiora) does not deserve the same kind of money.