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What is the Ultimatenyg NY Giants Blog?

November 8, 2008

What is the driving force of Ultimatenyg? What makes this wacko blogger post nearly every single day? It certainly isn’t the money! This isn’t my day job. So what drives this?

1) Like all of you who have visited the site, we all share the same passion for the Giants. I tell people all the time, I’ll trade 162 Yankee wins for ONE Giants win. I’ll trade 16 Jets wins for one Giants win (sorry, Wonder).

2) >Championship or bust. Any franchise can get a Schottenheimer or Fassel or Denny Green and make their franchise get some wins and restore credibility. F credibility. I root for championships, for titles, that is why the title bar has three Super Bowl victories up there.

3) The (sometimes not so pretty) truth about this team. I do not care if this team is 16-0 or 0-16, if there is something that is wrong about the team I am going to mention it. Some people call that nitpicking after a win. What they do not understand is that I call that consistent objectivity. If there is a problem that could have cost us dearly (turning a win into a loss), it gets mentioned in a loss AND A WIN because it is hypocritical to ignore the same problem just because we got more points that day. As an example, shutting down the offense with 9:27 left in Q4 vs Dallas last January was a cardinal sin that EASILY could have cost us that game and (obviously) a Super Bowl title. The fact that it did not end up costing us the title does not pardon the error, and if you think otherwise you are wrong. (Wouldn’t it be nice if every time OUR OPPONENT was up by 4 points that they went into the Prevent Offense and gave us one or two extra chances per game?! Why can’t OUR team get THAT charity?)

4) Education. Everyone in this forum gets to learn from others what is going on, what is driving what, what is happening. Other sites, books. What Phil Simms is seeing. What’s the latest psycho rant from Wonder.

5) Community. This internet thing is amazing. I’ve made Giants friends all over the country, and they are grateful to find a home away from home with the same passion in the Giants that they used to have when they lived in the NY area. This is only a side benefit though… truth be told, I’d trade every last one of you for another Giants championship. (Hey, I had the Giants written into my Ketubah. I’m not going to let a marriage get between me and the Giants.)

6) THE GOSPEL. This blog started in Nov 2006 when the team was going nowhere. 16 years without a title. This is not a bandwagon blog. Do not mistake criticism for lack of loyalty. Do not mistake momentary emotional despair for lack of support of the team. In 2002 I wrote a letter to Accorsi, the response for which leaves no doubt that our voice is heard.