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Jay Glazer gives us some February Giants news

February 7, 2009

As busy as it was for me at work this week, it was equally as SLOW or even slower for Giants news. So we have two things noteworthy:

1) Jay Glazer reports that Plaxico Burress is fighting with the Giants to force them to honor their contract. Yesterday the players union filed a grievance and a few more items came to light. Whether you or any player thinks that Burress should come back in 2009, it certainly looks more doubtful when these details come to light. Could it simply be a financial manuevering ploy? Yes, and arguably for both sides. But as long as they are fighting over money he is not wearing blue.

2) It is not often (read: never) that you hear about someone from my alma mater getting attention for sports. Hey, it’s February and there is no football, so if the NY Times can give it some ink, we can too.