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Phil Simms Week 14

December 7, 2008

1) Singletary looks to get the nod with a permanent contract from the 49ers. The 49ers are not a 4-8 team, because they are on the rise, playing better since the coaching change. Need to solidify QB position, but the nucleus there. Singled out Willis, who is an “unbelievable” MLB, Pro Bowl in rookie year, deserved. Simms was very positive about Singletary, went out of his way to endorse the way that Singletary is doing it, that this type of coach is what is important (for leading players) in the NFL.

2) Jets-49ers. Jets got caught last week after a high, Broncos were rebounding from a bad loss. Looking for the Jets to play a lot better today, but no gimme win. Jets missing the killer pass rusher. Jets did not react well to Denver taking away the short throw. Made Jets go downfield, which they did not do/enough of. Simms will be watching to see if the 49ers do the same thing.

3) NYG are a better team than the Eagles at a host of positions, he rattled off (I believe) OL, DL, RB, WR, QB. The only reason why the Eagles have a chance today is because their backs are against the wall, a loss pretty much ends their playoff hopes. The Giants are playing for the Division title and the Burress “distraction” is overrated.. distractions that we on the outside perceive are much less inside the locker room. The players get back to business pretty fast. Next.

4) DAL-PIT. Cowboys walking into a tough spot. Steelers defensive backs can run with the WRs of the Cowboys, the Steelers can rush the passer, they have the LBers, they have the DBs and will win the football game. OLBers of Steelers Harrison and Woodley can beat an OL to the QB/RB. Pressure players on defense get it done, this is why they are on track for the Super Bowl.

5) Buf-Mia. Edwards has lost confidence. Not even making the routine throws. Used to make all those throws, not making them now. Miami lacks a few players, hanging on, tired, long year for them, trying to win 3 or 4 games here will be tougher. Easy enuf schedule for Miami, but Miami certainly looks better than Buffalo.

6) Ravens are in the mix because Steelers’ schedule is so hard. Harbaugh of the Ravens has unified the team. Flacco has been making big plays down the field, making the throws every week.

7) Flacco and Ryan will NOT change the NFL REALITIES on rookie QBs. (It may change the PERSPECTIVE of some weaker teams and weaker minds thinking they can now draft a new QB and turn a team around IMMEDIATELY). Both Flacco and Ryan were in college for 5 years, mature men. So Flacco and Ryan are not the norm, they were ready physically and mentally, and also the teams executed around them.