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"The Helmet"

February 4, 2008

Simply the biggest play in NY Giants history… “The Helmet”

Phil Simms: (paraphrased) ‘One of the greatest football plays ever.’
Peyton Manning: “Eli’s pass to Tyree, I think, was one of the greatest plays of all time.”
Bob Golic and Mike Greenberg: #1 Super Bowl Play of All Time.

This was an incredible play defining an incredible game. It had Manning scrambling, it had him getting sacked, then a miraculous Tarkenton-esque escape, followed by a heave to David Tyree, met by a Pro Bowl defender, a jump ball, a catch pinned against the helmet, and the ball somehow stays caught despite Harrison pulling at Tyree’s arms to rip apart the ball (not to mention the additional impact with the ground) from his hands. All taking place in a 2 minute Super Bowl drive for a championship.