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Rhett Bomar

July 21, 2009

How many of you saw this little nugget from June 16th?

Garafolo: “Wait til camp and the preseason, when you see how fast the ball comes out of QB Rhett Bomar’s hand. He flicks the ball and it’s out. It’s quite something. He did it again Tuesday on a great ball over the middle for an incompletion. Yes, I said incompletion because TE Darcy Johnson dropped it. But that’s not the point. The point is Bomar got it out and up the seam so quickly that the LBs didn’t have a chance to get their hand up. I’m really impressed with Bomar so far.”

Wonder told us about him ~ two weeks before the draft, his #1 offensive Day 2 gem. NOT because he is going to be a great QB. Because of value. Wonder loves upside. He loves potential. Bomar has the potential to be a franchise QB. Will he realize that potential? Anyone’s guess. But Garafolo sees the arm, the release, he likes what he sees. He’ll have the opportunity to be groomed, and then we can see what we have. No guarantees. Although Wonder the psychopath football nut believes that Manning could be out of football from injuries in 5 years and that Bomar could be the Giants’ #1. With camp and preseason rapidly approaching we’ll get to see first hand what he looks like.

A note from Mike Garafolo

May 6, 2009

It’s the NFL offseason, folks!

Garafolo: I awoke this morning feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work after taking some time late last week through yesterday to catch my breath a bit after the draft and before rookie camp. I realized you folks must have been starving for news and, frankly, I didn’t plan on twiddling my thumbs before Friday. Plus, I wanted to get to know more about some of the Giants’ picks, so I figured let’s take a peek at some of the late-rounders who didn’t get much coverage at draft time and will get overlooked again this coming weekend at rookie camp.

And then, I noticed several e-mails in my inbox. You folks must have held a secret meeting or something because I was being bombarded with notes today about how I’d been slacking off for the past week. So I want to address something here – something I have to address every year, it seems – because I don’t have the time to get back to all of you who e-mailed and commented.

I was off since last Wednesday. Like the average human, I need a breather every now and then – particularly after working 7-day weeks during the season and around the draft. I have tons of comp days and vacation time. I don’t take all of it because I don’t need it. But I will grab a couple of days here and there. Just like anybody, I have to have some time off. I’ve heard from plenty of people who say I should be grateful for my job – and I am. But it’s still a job! And by that I mean it comes with the stresses and redundancies of any job. So I need to get away.

That being said, I know you like your info. And I love passing it along, so I’m here working as much as I can during the off-season – but not too much because I will burn out. And then, guess what happens? The in-season work suffers. And that’s not good for anybody.

So please, the next time you get aggravated there’s no new entry on the site, understand it’s a necessary evil. (And remind yourself there’s probably nothing going on, either. Believe it or not, the NFL off-season sometimes actually resembles an off-season.)

Okay, that’s all I’ll say on the matter. Back to work on digging up tidbits on the draftees in preparation for this weekend.

After you read Garafolo, you will say:"Good Riddance"

April 3, 2009

Take it at face value. Mike Garafolo delivers good stuff, and this story, if correct, sheds plenty of light on what has been happening. (I am operating on this story being correct. If it is not, then some of the things I state below will be subject to change. I doubt that will be necessary. I think Garafolo has it and I think his story is very telling.)

Let me get this straight, Burress is upset? At the Giants? If this is the case, then the man is completely and totally whacked out and the Giants were sane enough to cut him and move on. The only thing the Giants did to protect themselves at any time was suspend him and withhold pay, which I believe will hold up (or at worst get arbitrated down) as part of the morals clause.

This story was so remarkable that I had to read it a second time to completely understand that Burress is a total lunatic.

Brafman’s remark is completely true. As his lawyer, the Giants cutting him is a mistake because from that vantage point my client is now unemployed. As a Giants fan, it is a mistake on the surface because we just have “lost” a very good player. But according to all of this, it is just spin, because apparently he was lost a while ago. His own client wanted this!

Remember back in early fall, the ink was not even dry on his brand new contract, that first bonus check had just cleared and he was already causing more problems? Well, the Giants have been saints in all of this, have given him anything and everything, every opportunity, and he spits in the team’s face. The Giants are a strong club, and players rave about them as an administration because they stand by you and give you every opportunity to succeed. In a word, they are loyal. They gave this man every opportunity, time and again. Fines, suspensions, holdouts, gunshot wounds… they stood by him as long as possible. He’s upset?


Burress does not practice at NY Giants minicamp

June 12, 2008

Rick: How can you close me up? On what grounds?
Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
[a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]
Croupier: Your winnings, sir.
Captain Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much.

Well, how many of you are SHOCKED that Burress is not happy because he does not have a new contract? The minute Gibril Wilson cashed in we signalled the alarm that Plaxico (amongst others) would want more money. And then we went one step further and warned specifically about Burress because of a report from Garafolo on Jevon Walker. Here’s another WR who has a bigger contract on his mind…