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Strahan and Keys Duet

July 3, 2008

Michael is not boring.

Strahan WFAN

July 2, 2008

Strahan was on WFAN a few days ago… 12 minutes of remarks.

summary- 1)Tiki has a lot of intelligence, worth listening to. 2)Shockey gets a bad rap, he is in a no-win situation, if the Giants win this year they should have won because they were the defending champs, if they lose it was because he came back and they lost the chemistry. He gets a raw deal. If he is unhappy let him play with another team. 3)Defending the title not my problem anymore, feels good! 4)Basketball at least has a decent rookie contract structure. 5)His new job means speaking out so if he offends some players, that comes with the territory.

New York Giants sign Chris Snee, Michael Strahan says trade Jeremy Shockey

June 25, 2008

Giants sign Snee.

Strahan says let Shockey leave and play somewhere else.

So much for a quiet period between minicamp and training camp. These two items are VERY important within the context of the NY Giants’ attempt to repeat. There is a list of veterans that are quietly and (duh, Plaxico) not so quietly waiting for a new contract. Locking up Snee BEFORE he went to the Pro Bowl (he is there in everything but name only) was a great move… another one of those ‘meat and potatoes’ #2 picks.

As for Strahan’s remarks about Shockey, they mean A LOT because Strahan was the pulse of the team. He just left, meaning he still IS the pulse. He understands and is not bashful about speaking his mind, so we just got a clear signal of where the other players are. They know how good he is but after a certain point you do not need the distraction anymore. Does he fit? Unless these guys can patch it up, Strahan argues to get what you can get for him and move him. I re-watched the Dallas, GB and Patriots playoff games, and saw plenty of weakness in Boss’s game..poor/inconsistent blocking, dropped passes.. Boss will get better but remember he is not Jeremy Shockey. This will be a loss. I am not closing the door on Shockey- ironically it could be the lack of a deal with Reese and him that force him to play out (the next year of) his contract, but it looks like Jeremy Shockey is ultimately going to get what he wants: a different team.

The Eagles and Strahan

June 24, 2008

Eagles misery? Bring it on. There is very little that is better than to hear old tales of Eagles misery at the hands of our Giants warriors. The picture is sweet not only because we know McNabb is about to be sacked, but also because it has Runyan already on his back. Earlier this month we had some reflections from the Eagles on Michael Strahan. They are happy he is gone. They knew and understood that Michael was not the greatest player of all time, but he was the consummate professional who got the job done every season. Sacking the QB, stopping the run, blowing up screens, disrupting the defense wherever he could. He’ll be missed here. He won’t be missed there.

Michael Strahan’s Career Retrospective with Bob Papa

June 23, 2008

Giants Access Blue
Strahan Tribute Part1

Top 10 Pass Rushers of All Time

June 18, 2008

It is so hard, nearly impossible to track and accurately rate run-stoppers. Finding clips of meat and potatoes run tackling is not there. So for Strahan’s NFL eulogy we will give the list of the Top 10 Pass Rushers of All Time.

10. Derrick Thomas Poor Man’s LT that had his life cut short. The Chiefs (coincidentally or uncoincidentally) have not recovered since his loss.

9. Doug Atkins
..this was worth listening to just to hear the Voice of God (aka John Facenda) for a few moments.

8. Mark Gastineau

7. Michael Strahan This is some collection of players, but if I had to have anyone on this list on a running play I would take Strahan. How many on this list can you say were better at the run than the pass? Strahan was.

6. Kevin Greene Juice, imo.

5. Gino Marchetti I love what Marchetti said about Tarkenton-“he won’t last a year, (they’ll) kill him!”

4. Bruce Smith Wow did he put a lick on Esiason.

3. Lawrence Taylor Reinvented the game.

2. Reggie White Never liked the baloney he fed everyone when he left for Green Bay. As George Young said, when they say it isn’t about the money, it’s about the money.

1. Deacon Jones A shame they did not keep sack records back in his day, but he was the one who INVENTED the word ‘sack!’ As a kid growing up and watching football, he scared me. Mommy!

Where will you be in 5 years?

June 17, 2008

When Strahan announced his retirement, the first thing I heard was how he was going to get inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame along side of Brett Favre and Warren Sapp. Not so fast. The HOF Class of 2013 looks like it is going to be a little crowded.

I think the order is just about right, but mine would look like this:

McNair? Nope. As for the other 6, ALL OF THEM are getting into the Hall of Fame, period. But if you can only let in a maximum of five in one year, then one is going to have to wait another year. If I am the voter, I make Allen wait. F the Boys!

I have a particular bias toward interior Defensive Linemen anyway- it is easily the single most thankless position in the NFL. You can be a great DL and there are very few stats that can capture your play. Tackles? Many times this is irrelevant because you are so often getting wedged and doubled. Your job is just to maintain your place, not get blown off the line, so that the LB can get the glory. Yes, Sapp’s mouth was bigger than his play some of the time, but not a lot. He went at it with Favre so many times over the two of their careers that for them to not go into together would not be right. It would not make sense.

Favre is going in on this ballot.

Strahan is going in on this ballot.

Seau played for so many schtick dreck teams, think about how many times he had Guards and Tackles in his face yet somehow made the tackle anyway. 12 Pro Bowls? There are a lot of people in the Hall who have not played 12 YEARS, let alone have 12Pro Bowls. It was a good thing he was in the waning moments of his career, because if the Giants saw him on a Patriots team a little earlier, it could have been ugly.

Ogden? All I can think of is cyclops, aka Cedric Jones. We had the 5th pick in the draft and were gambling that someone (hint, Cardinals) would be stupid enough to take Lawrence Phillips before we picked. Then it would not matter, because Johnson-Hardy-Rice-Ogden… one of them would be ours. Johnson, Rice and Ogden all won a Super Bowl ring, but Ogden was the prize. Ogden shut it down, imo more than Allen. And since I have a stronger appreciation for Tackle than Guard, and Allen played a lot of Guard… well, you are a great player and belong in the hall, but… Larry, take a seat. In the audience. For one more year.

Michael Strahan- Run Stopper Extraordinaire

June 13, 2008

How will you remember Michael Strahan?

I will let Michael answer that one for me…

“I love playing the run more than I love rushing the passer, to be honest with you. Because it’s fun, it’s just fun. It’s different when you have a big guy you have to run around because that seems a lot easier. But it’s not easier than holding up a big guy and getting off and making the play. I just love to play the run more so than the pass. And I think as a defensive end I prided myself on being a defensive end, not just a pass rusher. I want to do everything. If the ball was between that center and the sideline and I didn’t make a tackle, then I felt like it was my mistake; that I gave up the yards even if it was two gaps over or on the outside. So I would show somebody just the run tapes; show how I played the run and say, ‘That’s him, right there. Forget about the sacks, he took pride in this end of it more so than that.'”

Do not ever forget it… sheer artistry was watching Strahan against the run. Teams spent much of their time running to the right side because they knew Strahan was a nightmare and saboteur on the left. Some times they would go at him and he would blow up the play like it was going in slow motion. Yes, Strahan would toy with the linemen, TEs and RBs who would fruitlessly try to push him off the play. One thing I consistently did NOT see.. Strahan being doubled on run defense. Why? Because he would shed one blocker so quickly to get to the second position, then adroitly push off the next player at the moment where he could dart over to blow up the play and make the tackle. And he did it VIRTUALLY EVERY TIME. Yes, Michael Strahan, your sacks will get replaced eventually, but your run-stopping never will.

Bob Popa talks about Strahan’s decision to retire

June 10, 2008

Bob Popa spoke Monday evening with WFAN’s Schmoozer Steve Somers.
1) “Shocked,” and surprised that Strahan retired. Expected Michael Strahan to be back.
2) The fact that MS was 100% healthy likely came into the decision… that he was healthy in the offseason was another plus in leaving now while on top.
3) MS has apparently done well enough in other ventures, real estate etc.. to make the money issue not as significant as (the divorce angle) would have had us believe.
4) Popa referred to the (oft linked) Ralph Vacchiano blog, which said that Strahan had listed his goals, checked off the ones which were met and the ones which were not, and the(~ only) ones which were not were individual ones, so not as urgent to play anymore.
5) Somers (for the rsdodgers point): How crazy was it that the Giants players made him a team captain after holding out last summer? Popa said that the players respected the elder statesman, he works as hard as anyone and keeps things on course in the locker room when things are less steady. He certainly made that Coughlin Leadership Council work, because there is no way Coughlin can give up power like he did without someone like Strahan on the other side delivering the results and getting the players to follow the program.

Flash- Jerry Reese tells WFAN that Strahan is retiring

June 9, 2008

He said to Mike and the Mad Dog that Strahan’s chances were 50-50 but that they just got word he is retiring. (This confirms an earlier report from Fox, who broke the story.) Also remarked when queried about Shockey that the Giants expect him to be at minicamp on Wednesday.