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Fran Tarkenton, the original Houdini

February 5, 2008

Fran Tarkenton Video Clip- The Most Mobile QB in NFL History

When Manning gets away from the grasp of a number of Patriot rushers, it does look like luck. But when I think back to my youth about how Fran Tarkenton used to do that kind of maneuvering on an almost regular basis… there is obviously a tremendous amount of intangible skill involved.

The clip on Tarkenton is a great show, even in 2008. He had eyes behind his head. Deacon Jones’ and Merlin Olsen’s remarks had me roaring in laughter. When Tarkenton went to the Vikings, it was a very bad day for Giants fans. The play by Manning to Tyree heals that wound too. There was plenty of redemption going on on Sunday night.

One more thing- Tarkenton and Manning both are #10..!!