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Roster Cuts-updated sporadically throughout the day

September 5, 2009

David Tyree, Andre Woodson, Rhett Bomar (ps?), Robert Henderson, Maurice Evans (ps?), Sha’reff Rashad, Anthony Bryant, DeAndre Wright (6th round pick, ps?), Cliff Louis, Kenny Ingram, Jeremy Clark, Travonti Johnson, Orrin Thompson, Vince Anderson, Shaun Bodiford, Dwayne Wright, Tommie Hill, Allen Patrick, Terrance Pennington

ps?= practice squad possibility if clears waivers

Traded: Michael Matthews (to NE for conditional draft pick)

Results of roster cuts: at this moment in time Moss and Hagan are still on the team, BUT DO NOT EXPECT THIS TO BE FINAL. AT THE MOMENT THERE ARE 53 + Boley. That means they have to cut one more when Boley is added and because they are with only 3 RBs and 3 Safeties, you would expect the Giants to be trying to pick up 2 of those from other teams, meaning 3 more cuts coming.

Update: trade rumors with Moss.

DC Bill Sheridan comments, so does the NFL Commissioner

May 19, 2009

Video from Bill Sheridan media interview last week.

No transcript was available. Summary:

1) Sintim: “Did well rushing the QB out of the nickel. Has a knack/natural pass rush ability. He’s going to be a very good OLB. Big kid, smart, will do a good job over the TE.”

2) Wright and Woodson: They are getting used to playing up front on the press coverage at the line of scrimmage, so them getting beat behind is not worrisome at all at this early learning stage.

3) Making a splash:
Maurice Evans (“quickness and explosion”)
Calvin Smith (“plays his tail off”)
Bruce Johnson (“smaller, excellent quickness”)
Shareef Rashad (“more than ambitious in run support, good cover guy”)

Separately, reports that the owners WILL discuss lengthening the regular season. Note how Goodgrief refers to it as the “20 game framework.” Another con artist! He’s trying to mix metaphors. Goodgrief wants you to think there is linkage in removing 2 garbage preseason games and replacing them with 2 regular season ones. What really should happen is they should remove 1 or 2 preseason games PERIOD. But they will never do that, because they are too busy soaking the seasons tickets holders and making them buy those borefests. Since the 1st squad players only make token appearances in these scrimmages, their “contact” is not equivalent to the real McCoy, the regular season. Goodgrief knows this. THE PLAYERS KNOW THIS ALL TOO WELL. If the NFL passes this, which it will not (update: confirmed will not), it will get immediate objection from the players union and will add to diffulties in getting a new labor agreement.

“20 game framework.” Who the brown does this guy think he is kidding? This should be a warning to all of you football fans out there- the NFL commissioner should not be trusted.