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The Epilogue on Spygate

May 17, 2008

The story is mostly finished. Earlier this week there was no smoking gun at the Super Bowl walkthrough, and that meant that the Patriots and Goodell can breathe a sigh of relief. But that did not stop a few of the main characters from taking some parting shots. Belichick should have been smart enough to stop talking, to simply let it go and move on. Instead he has showed how truly ugly this whole thing is. The story is over, yet it is Belichick who keeps this thing going. Mistake. Apparently Belichick has even more of a monstrous ego than we already thought he had.

I liked Belichick better when he was a defensive genius assistant who was part of the three Super Bowl appearances with Parcells. Now that he is his own man in New England, he gets all the credit for the success of the franchise and he deservedly gets all the stain too. He stepped over the line. It tarnishes a lot of what he has accomplished. Most importantly he does not want to accept that he no longer is going to be judged favorably by history. Bummer. I guess those things matter when you have that kind of ego. Let’s remember Belichick for his last (class) act as head coach, leaving the field with 1 second left on the clock. How appropriate. Actions speak louder than words, but in this case they both say the same thing. Belichick has embarrassed the league, but now that that affair is over he mostly just embarrasses himself.

Spygate and the New England Patriots, Installment 29

April 1, 2008

Spygate continues, and nobody likes that more than the New York Times. They have been at this story when everyone else gave up on it. They do not want it to die. They have enough unanswered questions for it to deserve continued coverage, especially when the owner chimes in on the subject.

What is interesting is that Matt Walsh claims he signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) while under the employment of the New England Patriots. The Patriots do not even bother addressing such an issue. My guess is that (1) Walsh did sign an NDA (2) he does not have a copy anymore (3) New England has a copy (4) it is filed away in some place they do not even know exactly where and (5) this is more than awfully convenient for the Patriots and the NFL. It is obvious that without Specter this would have died a quiet death many moons ago. In fact, it did EXACTLY that! But the pot got stirred up again a few months ago; Specter/Comcast and the media are clearly the only ones who really care about it coming out.

I will never forget that Patriots run. The Patriots proved me dead wrong that season. I kept saying they were going to get unmasked, that other teams would knock them off. Remember, this was the year of the infamous tuck play, where a Brady fumble versus the Raiders was ruled a non-fumble. And of course this was the year where a resurgent Greatest Show on Turf Rams team was two touchdown favorites over the seemingly weaker Patriots. This is how the Belichick Genius Legend began. Until the allegations of cheating, I was always quietly impressed by how they engineered that victory. If it was cheating, it would answer a lot of questions for me. And for many others.

Spygate saga continues

March 10, 2008

The Goodell-Specter-Walsh-Belichick Spygate saga does not go away. The bottomline here is that Matt Walsh is a private citizen with alleged material in a private industry that is dangerous to private parties. So nothing has to happen for everyone to be happy. But Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania is not happy with that. He has asked some interesting questions and will not disappear so easily.

The power structure of the NFL (the owners) does not want a black eye at this point, even if it means justice for one or two teams at the expense of an another. Their logic is simple… from a utilitarian viewpoint, further discussion of the matter hurts the NFL. Apparently Goodell had convinced owners (of franchises that could have been harmed by Patriots spying) that even if they were eventually redressed by the results of a deeper investigation, it would harm the NFL so much that redressed teams would not come out winners either. Since Walsh (the alleged videotaper) has requested immunity in order to come forward, Goodell up to this point has not offered that because he has no incentive to proceed any further with the inquiry.

That apparently has changed- a deal to get Walsh to talk seems closer. Goodell is certainly getting pressure. As much as he has tried to make this thing go away, he is likely getting threats with other actions if the investigation does not continue. You can tell in his press release how he words everything to demonstrate that the NFL is not acting passively, at least not anymore. At this point he is trying to prove effort as much as anything else.