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Matt Ryan

June 23, 2009

Eli Manning is a good QB, cool under pressure, he won us a championship. He enters his 6th year with the confidence befitting a veteran. He had a good offseason and (generally speaking) makes improvements each year. WITH ALL OF THIS SAID… I trade him straight up for Matt Ryan IN A HEARTBEAT.

For Ryan to make a big leap his second year, not a surprise here at all. We are going to have our hands full (we play ATL after the bye), this kid is the real deal.

Simms Sunday Morning QB

January 4, 2009

Phil Simms WFAN/Showtime commentary can be found on Ultimatenyg New York Giants Blog.

1) SD wins over IND. Norv Turner coached, managed, called the plays as well as I have ever seen him. Colts cannot run the football. Chargers defense was more aggressive. People simply not worried about the Colts running game anymore. SD defense bailed the team out. SD was refusing to win. Rivers was not comfortable, uneasy. Guys were wide open downfield, but the Chargers offensive line could not pass protect well, Rivers had no confidence that he could hang in there long enough to go downfield. On the 3rd and 2, Colts go empty backfield(!), Chargers were man to man with one extra guy short zone for the slants, would have picked off Peyton Manning. Result of a sack was caused by the extra defender on the 1st choice slant… would have been an INT if Manning threw it.

2) Jets players re Favre. The amount of attention Favre receives anywhere is extraordinary. So players on his team felt left out and unloved. Not surprised.

3) BAL-MIA today. Simms doing game. Keys.. Balt on defense is smart, hard to read, tough matchup for Dolphins. Miami tries to widen field for Williams and Brown. Simms admits to be wrong about the Ravens, they are a very good team. Cam Cameron doing well for the Ravens under Harbaugh. Matt Ryan hit the wall, Flacco is bigger and stronger and has not hit the wall. Flacco like Eli, unemotional and calm. Dolphins will try to pressure Flacco to force him

4) AZ-ATL. Weakness of ATL run defense was exposed because generally speaking, when ATL is ahead it takes away the opponent’s ability to patiently run the ball on that team. AZ won because they (despite being a bad running team) were able to run the ball later in the game.

5) MIN-PHL. Jackson has settled in. Both teams with West Coast Offense are similar. But MIN has a chance to do things that the Eagles cannot. People forget that just two weeks ago the Eagles scored only 3 points vs the Skins. Phil likes the Vikings.

Showtime Phil Simms Week 15

December 13, 2008

Where do you find Phil Simms? You find him on the Showtime link, but you also find him here on the Ultimatenyg New York Giants blog.

1) NYG at DAL. “Dallas will beat the NY Giants.”

“IF Dallas can make the playoffs (thinks they will), I believe they are a big time threat to the NY Giants because they are one of the few teams that are big enough and strong enough to just go in there and slug it out with them.”

(Re last weekend’s game) “Weather is the great equalizer of talent.”

2) DEN at CAR. Despite the mon night hangover factor, likes the Carolina Panthers, big and strong and will find a way to win it.

3) TB at ATL. Veteran QB Garcia vs a rookie QB Ryan, going with the veteran QB, Tampa Bay.

4) BUF at NYG. Bills have speed but not showing up, Jets will have some success throwing the ball downfield and win a close game.

Phil Simms Week 14

December 7, 2008

1) Singletary looks to get the nod with a permanent contract from the 49ers. The 49ers are not a 4-8 team, because they are on the rise, playing better since the coaching change. Need to solidify QB position, but the nucleus there. Singled out Willis, who is an “unbelievable” MLB, Pro Bowl in rookie year, deserved. Simms was very positive about Singletary, went out of his way to endorse the way that Singletary is doing it, that this type of coach is what is important (for leading players) in the NFL.

2) Jets-49ers. Jets got caught last week after a high, Broncos were rebounding from a bad loss. Looking for the Jets to play a lot better today, but no gimme win. Jets missing the killer pass rusher. Jets did not react well to Denver taking away the short throw. Made Jets go downfield, which they did not do/enough of. Simms will be watching to see if the 49ers do the same thing.

3) NYG are a better team than the Eagles at a host of positions, he rattled off (I believe) OL, DL, RB, WR, QB. The only reason why the Eagles have a chance today is because their backs are against the wall, a loss pretty much ends their playoff hopes. The Giants are playing for the Division title and the Burress “distraction” is overrated.. distractions that we on the outside perceive are much less inside the locker room. The players get back to business pretty fast. Next.

4) DAL-PIT. Cowboys walking into a tough spot. Steelers defensive backs can run with the WRs of the Cowboys, the Steelers can rush the passer, they have the LBers, they have the DBs and will win the football game. OLBers of Steelers Harrison and Woodley can beat an OL to the QB/RB. Pressure players on defense get it done, this is why they are on track for the Super Bowl.

5) Buf-Mia. Edwards has lost confidence. Not even making the routine throws. Used to make all those throws, not making them now. Miami lacks a few players, hanging on, tired, long year for them, trying to win 3 or 4 games here will be tougher. Easy enuf schedule for Miami, but Miami certainly looks better than Buffalo.

6) Ravens are in the mix because Steelers’ schedule is so hard. Harbaugh of the Ravens has unified the team. Flacco has been making big plays down the field, making the throws every week.

7) Flacco and Ryan will NOT change the NFL REALITIES on rookie QBs. (It may change the PERSPECTIVE of some weaker teams and weaker minds thinking they can now draft a new QB and turn a team around IMMEDIATELY). Both Flacco and Ryan were in college for 5 years, mature men. So Flacco and Ryan are not the norm, they were ready physically and mentally, and also the teams executed around them.

Monday Morning Quarterback

October 13, 2008

1) Just when we were all saluting the conquering of the NFC East over all comers, the division drops two of three games to the lowly NFC West. Message:
>you cannot letdown (Skins) in the NFL
>if winning is the best deodorant, then losing is the best magnifying glass (Dallas)
>just win baby (Eagles), it does not have to be pretty

2) Baseball is a joke. How many of you were up to see the TB Devil Rays win in 11? At 1:30AM? After 5 hrs and 30 mins of playing time? My response to anyone who is going to try to defend the insane behavior of MLB is to ask- what good is a good game if NO ONE IS THERE TO SEE IT? It is bad enough that these games start in the evening and kids don’t see the end, but it is even more pathetic when grownups turn the tv off too. Keep diluting the game. The long term economics of this game will enforce some discipline on this situation, but I expect that discipline to come only after a major crisis. Anything short of that and the ‘players vs owners’ will point fingers when both are in need of major concessions to SAVE THE SPORT. They can start with a real commissioner.

3) George Young quotes from Saturday’s Ultimatenyg blog post will be featured today in the NY TIMES FIFTH DOWN.

4) Have you looked at the NFL standings this morning? The Giants have an opportunity this evening to separate themselves from the pack in a big way with a win. I hope they were paying attention to what happened to the Skins, because the message is clear to get your business done.

5) Do the Giants mail it in this evening or do we get to see the Road Warriors, Act 12? Obviously fading the roadwarrior is a costly mistake. If this team is ‘guilty’ of anything it is that this team fights for respect more on the road than at home. They also have enough pride to not lay an egg on Monday night. So forget the X’s and O’s on this game, if the Giants show up they win comfortably, if they don’t it will be a Bengals-type of adventure. Where have you heard that one before?

6) It is not what is being said, it is who is saying it. So when Matt Ryan’s stock price is rising, it is more important for me to know who is saying it than what is being said. This got my attention.

7) In the attached link from (6) above, notice the “head-scratching” remark about the squib kick? Where have you seen the SAME SITUATION AND SAME RESULT? How about that famed squib floater that trickled out of bounds at the Meadowlands vs the Cowboys on Week 2 Monday night 2003 vs Dallas? Play 60 minutes! They get the ball at the 44 yd line, freaking stupidity! This is the special teams version of the prevent defense. The only thing it prevents you from doing is winning the game. The clock runs out by the time they have any chance for a pass play to put them in enough range for a FG kick. This game is not that complicated… the risk of a return for a TD/great field position is far less than GIVING them enough field position for the 1QuickPassWin. Respect your special teams enough to let them do what they do EACH kickoff. It’s not like the FALCONS had HESTER.. you do! Frightening.