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March Madness

March 19, 2009

Frequent viewers of the blog know the deal I made with the Mrs. I got all NFL games and March Madness, she got everything else. It has been a very good deal for both of us. The baseball strike of 1994 made it even easier to boycott that sport.

The thing that the NFL and March Madness have in common?! -> Single elimination, no excuses. It creates great drama, and for us as fans we get to watch a tournament with hyperbole everywhere.

I admit I did not follow the college basketball season this year as closely I have in other years. That is mostly a function of how well my father’s Illinois is doing. Illinois is garbage this year, we have them losing in the first round. My father knows a thing or two about college basketball. He used to be a scout for Illinois back in the day. His Final Four are: Wake Forest, Pitt, UNC and Memphis. Defense is his theme. Memphis over UNC in the final. With the randomness of the tournament, your selections are as good as any of his. Let us know who your Final Four are.