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Trying to put this Super Bowl win in perspective

February 4, 2008

Eli’s place in Giant and NY sports is set for life. I am having a somewhat hard time comprehending it all. I know it happened, but this is larger than anything we could imagine as fans of this team.

We think of other events in sports that are similar… Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. I was 6 years old when the great NY sporting events of ’69 occurred, Willis Reed, Miracle Mets, Joe Namath. So I cannot compare those events. My first Super Bowl that I watched and understood was Dallas beating Miami (24-3), so the only true comparison I have for this is Montana to Taylor when the 49ers beat Cincinnati. For this to happen to OUR team in those similar circumstances is somewhat amazing. And let us remember Montana and the 49ers were favored, and they did not need Manning (slipping out of the grasp) to Tyree’s Helmet to survive. Beating the Bengals was not beating the Goliath of Belichick and Brady. I think I will only begin to comprehend the scope of this win in the next few days.

The 1990 Championship Season’s analog is alive and well. Carl Banks had this one pegged MANY weeks ago. As glorious as the 49er NFC Championship was, as amazing as the triumph over the Bills was in Super Bowl XXV, somehow it misses. This year had even more. THREE ROAD PLAYOFF WINS. Overtime versus the Pack IN Lambeau. Followed by the insanity of this comeback with ~2 minutes left against an 18-0 team that was huge favorites. Incredible. SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!

ONE MORE THING- Please read Phil Simms’ comments on the game BEFORE IT WAS PLAYED, posted yesterday at ~1PM. He NAILED IT right here.