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Giants vs Arizona Preview

November 22, 2008 Preview

Simms: “Picking the Giants. (The Giants OL is) So big and strong, they run on everybody.”

Wonder: “Lay the -3x. Jints on a mission. CANNOT PROTECT KURT.”

This is the kind of team where YOU NEED THAT PASS RUSH. If Warner is comfortable back there with those excellent receivers, he will make our secondary look very mediocre at best. PRESSURE. I expect #23 to get more single assignments, so this will be the biggest test of the season for him. If the pass rush is there, he will win that battle.

The Cardinals are a better team at home than on the road. That is the only reason why this game is competitive. If the Cards are on the road vs a good team, they are not ready for that kind of primetime. The Cards secondary has a few injuries, so yet another reason to feel that the Giants offense should have its way.

MESSAGE TO GILBRIDE: SCORE LOTS OF POINTS. If the pass rush is not there, there is still no reason to lose the game, because our defense is better than their defense and YOUR OFFENSE is better than theirs. If the Giants offense plays for 60 minutes, we win this game, end of story. Score 40 points. See if they can score more than 40. I doubt it.


September 19, 2008

Ultimatenyg: The best division in the NFL?

Wonder: “The NFC East. Not even close. Are you kidding me?”

Ultimatenyg: Second best division?

Wonder: “AFC East. Bills are for real.”

Ultimatenyg: “Any feelings this weekend on the NFC East games?

Wonder: “Washington on TOs, will harass Kurt Warner, he’ll make a few mistakes. If even on turnovers, Ariz will win the game. But I expect them to turn over the ball and Wash will win. Pitt plays defense, the Eagles don’t, I like Pitt. GB to win the game because Dallas is the better team but on a short week GB will win the game. Emotional Monday night game, tough comeback game for Dallas.”

Wonder: “I was impressed with the Giants on Monday night.”

Ultimatenyg: Explain.

Wonder: “Neither team (Dal or Phi) could stop the run or pass, the Giants have the best defense in the NFC East, and that will give your team an advantage. At some point they will play a close game that matters and the Giants’ defense will be the difference.

Ultimatenyg: But both offenses made those defenses look weak.

Wonder: “BULLBLEEP! It’s simple- great defense always will give a great offense fits. What kind of s*** is that that Desean Jackson or TO gets behind the defense by TEN YARDS! Neither team looked good defensively up the middle or on the edges. Poor tackling. Horrible! Couldn’t pressure the pocket.

Ultimatenyg: But both team have excellent offensive lines..

Wonder: “Dallas yes, but the PHI offensive line is overrated, susceptible. Defensive line and defensive pressure are what separates the Giants. If DeMarcus Ware does not get to the QB then Dallas does not get to the QB. The Giants just line up and beat you one on one and that will be the difference. The Eagles defensive pressure can only beat you with schemes and blitzes. Your team is a lot better than I thought w/o Osi. They are the most well-rounded team in a very tough division.”