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Baltimore 13 Tennessee 10

January 11, 2009

These are the games that give you nightmares. You are the better team and you lose. The Titans self-destructed. They marched up and down the field a million times (nearly DOUBLE THE YARDAGE, 391 yds to 211 yds) and kept on sabotaging themselves over and over. Yes, the Ravens deserve credit for hanging in there and doing what they needed to win, but it was Tenn who lost the game. Collins makes one very bad pass off the back foot for an INT, and then TWO fumbles in the red zone kill potential TDs, one of them at the 1 yard line. Am very grateful that wasn’t the Giants out there. We’ve had our share of playoff games where we were the better team that came up with less points. Flipper Anderson. SF 39 NYG 38. Those are two that come to mind. Many Giants players felt the Flipper Anderson year was a Super Bowl team. I agree. And the Jan 2003 loss to SF was a wound that was only healed by the Super Bowl XLII win. I still feel that the offense that year was so potent, that anything was possible on the upside.

They will be talking about the delay of game that was not called on the final Raven drive (Heap 23 yard reception for key 3rd down conversion). This is the kind of brown that I talk about when you shoot for quality wins of more than 10 points instead of the prevent. Now obviously this was not a game where Tenn was ever in the prevent, but the point is that when you blow chances, other insanities out of your control will kill you.

And what about the loss of rookie Pro Bowl RB Chris Johnson?!! If he does not go down with a sprained(?) ankle, the Titans may STILL win this game going away! YOU NEED LUCK. The Ravens got this one with heart and effort and HAD PLENTY OF HELP FROM THE FOOTBALL GODS. They are not a good enough team to win it all because (a) their offense (which we saw earlier this season) is not strong enough and (b) their defense, while very good, can get gashed (as teams like the Giants and even the Titans today proved). No, we should not look past the Eagles tomorrow, but I would not be afraid of facing the Ravens in Tampa should that occur. (Talk about Deja Vu 8 years later?!! There already has been plenty for the Ravens, beating the Titans in the divisional round when they were not the better team THAT year either!) If the Steelers win tomorrow, they will handle the Ravens, barring another series of incredible Titan-like events.

Separately, I was really pulling for the Titans today, because I am a big Collins fan. He made some poor decisions throwing into double coverage downfield, but barring that, he played very well and did what needed to be done for his team to win. Without a credible running game in the second half he carried the team on his back and two fumbles by teammates killed his oppty to get back to the big game. Tenn, the #1 seed is gone. I hope the Giants were taking notes on how important it is to execute and FINISH.

Phil Simms Week 12

November 23, 2008

1) Jets- Titans. Tough to get to Kerry Collins, Mawae leads that protection. Titans can win football games many ways. No, Jets will not get to Collins. Jets will need to score points and shut down running game of Tennessee. Tony Brown, Albert Haynesworth, rotate all 7 DL, can all rush QB. They get in face of QB, make it harder to see downfield. Jets do so many things on offense, so many different runs and different short passes. Harder to prepare for Jets as season wears on because they are always adding new plays and have such a lengthy list of plays in playbook. Collins has had three runs with three teams now, pretty exceptional. Has proven he can win.

2) Pats-Dolphins. Still question marks about the New England defense, Miami faster, Miami wins a squeaker.

This was a disappointing round for Simms, as he did not even hint at who would win the Jets game, and did not even speak a syllable about the Giants. See remarks made by Simms in the Friday post.

We are going to learn a lot about a lot of teams this weekend. (a) Just like we learned a lot about the Giants running game vs the Ravens, we will get more information about the Giants’ defense (1 sack in last two games) vs a high powered passing game. (b) We will learn a lot about the Cardinals, as Whisenhunt himself admits that today is a test to see where his team is. (c) We will see today whether the Eagles’ season is over should they lose to the Ravens. (d) We will see who blinks in the above games with the Titans, Jets, Dolphins and Pats. (e) Panthers-Falcons, good test for both teams. (f) Packers-Saints Mon night. While a loss by the Packers will not end their season, a loss by the Saints has to put their season on life support.

Latest guess from Francesa is that Burress won’t play and that Jacobs will play.

Phil Simms Week 11

November 16, 2008

Simms on the NFL and the Gmen this weekend…

1) The Tennessee-Bears game last week illustrates what a team has to do when the opponent loads up to stop your running game… it is radical… it is novel… are you sitting down?… answer: you have to pass the ball! The Bears committed to stopping the Tenn running game, they did, and then Collins started to pass the ball and he beat them that way. He was accurate, his WRs beat single coverage, ~280 yards of passing later the Titans had dismantled the Bears. Next. (This Gilbrown public service warning advisory was brought to you by Ultimatenyg.)

2) Jets-Pats, Casell was spectacular on that last drive. Only a few QBs in the league can make that throw to Moss at the end of regulation, he did. Moss catch brilliant too. Re Jets, the Jets offense is designed well. Favre gets rid of the football, quick 6-7 yd passes, screens… “Brett Favre is one of the best (at those types of passes) I’ve ever seen.” Can the Jets take a run at everything (AFC, Super Bowl)? YES THEY CAN. They can stop the run, they have that good short passing game. Their schedule is easy/manageable. They even can give Tenn lots of problems next week because they match up well against them (run defense in particular vs the Tenn run, but alos their offense vs Tenn too).

3) Giants-Eagles, the Eagles are so far behind the Giants from a talent perspective. Westbrook is their guy and he was not 100%. The Eagles coaches get ripped but it is not fair or accurate, because the Eagles coaches did a masterful job of keeping their team in the game with this Giants team… the Eagles coaches got more out of their players.

4) Giants-Ravens, Francesa made good note of the wind that Flacco will be introduced to today. Back to Simms, with the exception of Ed Reed, the Ravens secondary is (paraphrased) mediocre, nothing particularly good. McAllister is not the same anymore, he can be had. With the Ravens’ words, they say they are committed to stopping the run today. But you can throw the ball down the field against this team. Even against Houston last week, the Ravens still gave 3-4 big pass plays. The Ravens can and will be had on the pass. As for the Giants running the ball, there will be some moments during the game that the Giants will be able to run the ball. Why? Because the Giants running game “is just that good.” (Summary: Simms implied that if the Giants offense does what it needs to do, it will come out on top.)

5) Arizona WRs are excellent.

6) Larry Johnson, Jeremy Shockey, these players find out that if they mouth off, the team will simply move on without them, they’ll find someone else to get the touches and get it done. The team marches on.

7) Boys-Skins, Romo will be able to counter some of the Skins’ novel pass coverages used in their first meeting earlier this year, but Simms believes the Skins will nonetheless come out on top in this game.

post Rams thoughts

September 16, 2008

1) The Eagles-Boys game last night was a slugfest. Do not be fooled by all the scoring. I would not draw the conclusion that both teams have bad defense. The only thing that was very clear is that if they stay healthy, someone from the NFC East is going to the Super Bowl.

2) Lots of good things came out of Week 1 and 2 for the Giants, but the real stuff is coming.

3) Always amusing to see how Tuck gets the highlight reel for the INT runback for a TD, but meanwhile the reason he will go to the Pro Bowl is because he is such a tremendous force every play. Run or pass. Held constantly. Multiple sacks. After ALL of that, he is humble, gets interviewed after the game and throws all the credit to the team.

4) The Charger screw at the end of the game is why Norv Turner is cursed and why you need to go after the “Quality Win” so referee insanities do not cost you.

5) From Vinny DiTrani: “Coughlin said too much was made last week of Bradshaw not getting any carries against Washington in the opener. “Some things happen that can’t be revealed,” he said.

Apparently in Bradshaw’s case it was a leg injury he suffered the two days before the game. It got him on the injury list the final day but virtually went unnoticed. And when he failed to show his oomph returning kickoffs, he did not get to play from scrimmage.”

6) Wonder was inconsolable re his Jets. “Mangini should be shot. His offense was in the wrong game plan. With slow LBers and a weak secondary (no Gay and Samuel), you must pass ~35 times.”

7) It is obvious that 10-6 indeed will be needed to get a wild card because the NFC East rates to have both teams.

8) The Giants are reading their press clippings, but at least they know they have to keep improving each week. As long as they focus on the latter more than the former, I am less worried about complacency.

9) The Giants can still improve on penalties. A couple of holding penalties killed drives, and unnecessary ones in both games are easily forgiven in wins but costly in losses. One of the reasons the Giants won last year was because they were reduced significantly. This is certainly an area the team can improve on.

10) If you are my team, you’re down by 7 and you have just scored a late TD, PLEASE DO NOT GO FOR THE TWO AND THE WIN. Get the tie and go to OT. It worked for Shanahan but it is stupid football. The 2 pt conversion is a 30% proposition. OT is 50%. Take OT. Last season it was 30 out of 61, or 49%, actually surprisingly high. I feel like the Giants’ odds are like 25% historically, but that is just a guess. You better have the play call ready for it. One of the best ones I ever saw was Kerry Collins under Center for the Gmen, they go empty backfield and Collins QBsneaks it in when the Mike moves out to cover the RB. Great call because the Giants simply don’t use that play and it broke tendency. If YOUR team is one of those that brings DOWN the average then do not go for it unless absolutely necessary.

11) Speaking about Kerry Collins, notice how Collins thrived in the wind from (the former Hurricane) Ike blowing the wind around in Cincinnati? He throws that strong tight spiral which makes him such an asset when there is wind.

12) Speaking about breaking tendency, remember how Ultimatenyg lauded meathead Gilbride for making a great call on the first TD the Giants scored vs the Skins when Eli bootlegged it in? I should have known better- it was not a design QB bootleg. Matthews was supposed to be out there for a pass to the TE on the right side of the end zone, but when LeRon Landry came up to the line he had no choice but to block him. His quick escape to go out into his route was blown up and Eli had no choice but to run the ball in.

Rich Seubert signs contract extension with New York Giants

March 25, 2008

Rich Seubert of the New York Giants signed a contract extension making him a Giant until 2012.

So what is the big deal about an interior offensive lineman signing a contract extension with the Giants? In a word, everything. It is continuity for the offensive line. It is an undrafted UFA from unknown Western Illinois who quietly (well maybe not so quiet as a prankster amongst his teammates) goes about his business of making holes in the running game and protecting the QB.

Seubert was part of the no-name group of offensive linemen assembled in 2001 that started for the 2002 team. I will contend to this day that the 2002 New York Giants offense was the greatest New York Giants offense I ever saw. It featured Luke Petitgout and Mike Rosenthal at Tackle. Chris Bober was the Center. Jason Whittle and Rich Seubert were the Guards.

What firepower:
Tiki Barber 1400 yards in his prime.
Toomer 1400 yards receiving in his prime. (That he did not get a Pro Bowl nod that year was in name only.)
Shockey the rookie for 900 yards and a Pro Bowl.
Kerry Collins 4000 yards.
And a Jim McNally offensive line that was more than good.

Seubert’s 2003 compound fracture leg injury would have ended most careers, but he came back and won a ring this year. Pretty telling that he wanted to remain a Giant the rest of his playing days, mentioning “loyalty” to the organization in his deal. These are the players that overachieve and enable championships.

David Carr is low risk and high reward

March 13, 2008

Listen to what the coach and GM say…

“David Carr is a talented player who came out as the number one pick in the draft,” Coach Tom Coughlin said. “He is a smart and athletic player who has put up some big passing game numbers. We look forward to working with him on the fundamentals of the game. We do have some technical things to work on, but we are anxious to work with him in our program. If we can place him in a positive environment, perhaps he can reclaim some of the things that people saw to draft him in the first round.”

“He has a strong skill set for the position and he has a history with Chris Palmer,” general manager Jerry Reese said. “He is here to compete for a job, and I am looking forward to seeing him compete.”

Carr will be the #3 QB to start and ‘compete’ for a job. He will work with Palmer to ‘reclaim’ form in order to be the #2. This reminds me a little bit of another reclamation project- Kerry Collins. Accorsi invested A LOT MORE in Collins back then. Here, Coughlin and Reese get to rebuild Carr with so little cost, and to be a backup. Carr’s agent understands the situation- their hope is that Carr can establish new value working in a much better environment (ie a complete offense) and get a much better deal once success is reached (see Kawika Mitchell model). For the Gmen, they will be able to SEE the ‘new value’ before anyone else and the hope here is that the coaches can extend his contract when they determine he is a credible backup.

In Houston, Carr was getting ~$7M/yr for 7 yrs as a starting rookie without an offensive line. Here it is 1M for 1 yr as a backup and he has an offensive line. This is a no-brainer. The risk is his roster spot for 2008. Great reward if Palmer can get him on track.