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Kenny Phillips Fallout

September 25, 2009

Phillips is out for the year. I really did not want to even post today. Losing Osi last August was worse than this, but this is up there. Francesa said it is big, very big. He did not back away, kept on repeating how big a loss this is for the Giants. And he is right.

A quick word on Phillips- this injury could mean his playing days are in jeopardy. This is no layup. Good luck to him and may he successfully rehab his knee.

This blog is about one thing- championships. Can we win a title without Kenny Phillips. It will be much harder, but not impossible. It means we will need more help from the offense, and that means we’ll need Gilbride to remove his head from his butt and get this offense to operate at great efficiency while the defense gets out of intensive care.

Let’s list the problems that need to be addressed in order for the Giants to win a title in 2009-10:

Safety is not, I repeat NOT, a critical position on the field. These guys are some of the lowest salaried people in the league. But go try telling that to the Steelers after they lost Troy Polamalu. Or the Colts w/o Sanders. When you have a player like Phillips who was coming into his own this year (See link above, Coughlin said he was on course for a Pro Bowl season) IT IS A BIG LOSS. But this loss is not a death blow.

HOWEVER> IF the other problems listed above are NOT addressed satisfactorily, the loss of Phillips WILL be a death blow.

There are simply too many things that need to be straightened out before the Giants can be considered contenders. Fwiw, Wonder still thinks the Giants will win the next 3 games with the B team. IF, IF the Giants can GET HEALTHY, IMPROVE THE RED ZONE EVEN MODESTLY, FIX THE GAP/LANE RESPONSIBILITIES ON DL, GET HIXON BACK ON KICKOFFS in time for the Saints, there is a reasonable expectation the team can be 4-1 at worst, or 5-0 and be in a position to move forward.

How many losses on Defense can the team get handed before the whole ship implodes? Alford, Phillips, … Canty, Tuck, Boley, Ross, Dockery. Folks, that is almost an entire unit! Let’s take care of TB this weekend, buy some more time, fix the problems, get people back healthy, keep improving and somehow get to the point where the team can legitimately vie for a title. The season is very early. That is the opportunity. Potential.

We saved the best for last. I am not going to link to everything that was said here on the blog, the regulars know this to be true. We asked for help at Safety 1) before the Draft 2) after the Draft 3) warned about it before Camp as one of 5 issues for the team 4) during camp when we saw CC Brown 5) after camp was over when the roster only had 3 safeties 6) again after seeing CC Brown vs the Redskins AND 7)THEN FINALLY WHEN IT WAS DISCLOSED THAT PHILLIPS WOULD POSSIBLY BE PLAYING INJURED ALL SEASON. Reese has done a great many things right, but he blew it here. There may have been slim pickings out around the league, but this was not a new problem. Now we have a guy named Aaron Rouse (Wonder: “decent fill-in, obviously no star”) as the PRIMARY backup on Sunday and he has never worn a Giants jersey. This was not handled well, not at all. Maybe in the next 3 weeks CC Brown will learn the defense well enough to at least be okay out there. If we were playing Brees this weekend, it would be a clinic.

In CC Brown We Do Not Trust

September 19, 2009

Thursday: Phillips was back to practice (even making a few INTs).
Friday: Phillips misses practice; status for Sunday questionable.

NY Times: Among the injuries to the secondary, the most worrisome seemed to be the one to Phillips, who could be hampered all season. “We are going to manage this for the year, yes,” Coughlin said of Phillips’s knee injury.

When asked if he would play Sunday, Phillips said: “I hope so. It kind of gets you down a little bit. It’s up in the air right now. I want to make sure, if I play, I’m 100 percent.”

If Phillips is out and we have to rely on CC Brown as a starter against a fairly potent passing attack led by Tony Romo/Jason Witten et al, this will definitely be a MAJOR obstacle to winning on Sunday.

As we stated 2 months ago, depth at Safety was one of the 5 issues this team faced this season. Now that Coughlin has disclosed that Phillips has an injury which will need attention all season, it means Safety depth is now a season-long reality, no longer just a blip on the radar. Master of the obvious- Reese is looking everywhere for roster help at Safety.

Alford, Canty, Boley, Phillips, Ross and Dockery. ENOUGH ALREADY!

There is good news: Osi is back in 2007 form, Boley is practicing well, Bernard is contributing and the knee guys at DT (Robbins and Cofield) seem to be doing well.

Tomorrow night’s keys to the game.

Wonder on the Giants and the NFL

September 3, 2009

Guest commenter Wonder throws in his remarks on developments with the Giants and around the league.

1) Recap of Giants-Jets preseason game: “DON’T look at stats…Eli played GREAT…best I’ve seen him look in AGES…Nicks is NOT the answer THIS year…in spots, yes..but Smith still the most solid…and yeah, I know he dropped a PERFECTLY thrown bomb…Hixon MUST catch that*t happens but NOT THAT..your QB will get “cold feet” throwing that pass to you…and Boss is not “awesome”…he’s a good player who is often the beneficiary of being in the right place at the right time…O-line and D-line will be great…BUT, they MUST get SOMETHING out of their LB’s..and their secondary is a real issue…Phillips…as I stated, he’ll be ok-good..but “really good-great” ? NEVER…any plays he makes will be due to DL pressuring the QB….if I were Jints, 2 things worry me:

1. Opp teams load up the box and dare the WR’s to make plays; and
2. Opp teams max protect and air it out against the D…plus run screens, bubble screens, quick slants

I think the Jints need a GAME PLAN that includes screens, short circle routes and dumpoffs to Bradshaw and Ware…I also don’t believe they run NEARLY enough play action with crossing routes to take advantage of opp LB’s “creeping up” to protect against the run..of course, they executed perfectly the play action post bomb to Smith that he dropped..but don’t give up on that…”

2) Andre Smith INJURED: “Gee, what a shock…that a FAT, OUT OF SHAPE PIG would get hurt trying to do something “athletic”….do you think he was working with a kick*ss personal trainer the last 5 months?? duh, I don’t think so…I can’t think of ANYBODY who thought that he was “overrated” in the draft..can you???

3) When I commented to Wonder about wanting Maualuga but did not know about the ‘roid use, he had an interesting comeback: “You WANT guys who HAVE already “roided up”…so they don’t NEED TO DO IT IN THE PROS SO THEY DON’T TEST POSITIVE !!!!!….as long as they keep “working out”, they keep MOST of their built up muscle mass…BUT, they can’t just stop or take a vacation..or they might “lose it”…soooooo, I think MAU would have been a stud classic 4-3 MLB TACKLING MACHINE….critical in a good 4-3.

Ultimatenyg here. MORE screens. MORE play action. To Gilbride’s credit, he uses play action, but NOT ENOUGH. You cannot overuse it if the defense is loading the box as much as they did late last season and as much as you know they will be doing again this season.

More camp

August 14, 2009

We’re not going to wax nostalgic and romanticize with the Giants IN CAMP.. onto another post…

Vick signed with the Eagles. Why is it that trouble seems to always find a Weigh Station at the NFC East? Very smart by the Eagles to give this guy a ONE year deal. He is not the alpha male, he is a player trying to help his team, and (pun intended) he is on a short leash. It is not entirely clear how much playing time he will get in 2009, given his need to get in game-playing condition, his need to learn the playbook, the suspension issues etc..

Positive comments from Coughlin on Sintim. “Working with the 1’s.” Not so positive remarks on the offense as a whole. Is it me, or is ALMOST EVERY YEAR the defense ahead of the offense?

Kiwanuka– to be fair, this season he has the luxury of training camp AT HIS POSITION. So we like the upside. He’s been able to make an impact. It has not been consistent. But this year he’ll be busy. Sheridan is going to enable him to get good matchups on pass rushing, so we see no reason why he can’t have a very good year. Coughlin had some very good things to say about him.

At this point Hagan seems to have an inside track to make the roster. If he plays in preseason as well as he is practicing, do the Giants keep 7 WRs? We’ve got some time before that question arises, but we knew there were roster issues at WR a while ago. Still have them.

Bob Papa offers up three players by name who he feels have stood out in training camp:
1) Bryan Kehl
2) Terrell Thomas
3) Kenny Phillips

If these three second year players can make that leap and not only contribute but also make impact plays, then this defense can be formidable. The DL is looking to dominate, so you want to have the guys behind them clean up and feast off of the opptys.


December 2, 2008

1) We heard from players and coaches in the aftermath of the game with the skins that it wasn’t just routinely 8 men in the box. There were times it was 9, even 10 men in the box.

2) Details of how Burress tried to cover up the incident. Here is the problem- you make one mistake by carrying an unlicensed gun. Since there is no harm intended, your first mistake, no criminal record, you can TRY to look past that. But when you start trying to cover up, bribing hospital workers, having friends take away evidence, it is the cover up. Ask Martha Stewart how much time she would have served if she came clean. ZERO. She would never have been charged with anything. DA’s hate obstruction of justice, they don’t like the cover up one bit.

3) Giants weighing options. Oh, joy.

4) A local group of my alma mater has scheduled their holiday party at 1PM-5PM on Sunday December 7th. Aren’t any of them Giants fans?

5) Wonder asks aloud, how can it be that Revis and Rhodes are that gifted and yet the defense can be so woeful vs the Broncos? Answer- poor defensive schemes. Message-we take for granted the answers Spags has every weekend.

6) Speaking about taking things for granted, ever notice how the defense does not miss tackles?! Phillips, for one, is the hoover vacuum cleaner. Limiting those yards after catch is why our defense keeps us in games, bending but not breaking. One of the best parts of that 5 set DVD of the 2007 season was hearing Strahan’s voiceover of the Super Bowl (of which, even my WIFE enjoyed!). One of the most revealing remarks he made was how the coaches preached (in preparation for the game) how important it was to do the ORDINARY. How making the tackle was so ordinary yet so important. This 2008 team is paying attention to detail and doing the ordinary. Not a complete surprise, but if you do the ordinary well for an entire season you end up with something extraordinary.

7) Did you see the hit put on Wes Welker by former NY Giant Ryan Clark in Sunday’s game between the Steelers and Patriots? Those of you reading this blog know we do not cheer, highlight or advocate the violent side of this game… with that qualifying remark stated, I confess to thoroughly enjoying seeing Welker get popped. Like they state in the article, “it wasn’t dirty, it was football.” Going over the middle subjects you to that risk. It still frustrates me to no end to watch that little piece of brown avoid and maneuver through there without any consequences. All I can say is the truth, that I got a tremendous amount of satisfaction from seeing someone finally nail that guy.

8) Under separate heading, we applaud the SAME article for trying to beat back this trend in pussifying the NFL. From now on, when anything like this happens where a guy gets a penalty and/or gets fined for NORMAL FOOTBALL, we are simply going to refer to it as the PFL. Nothing more needs to be said. Write a letter to:

Commissioner Roger Goodell
National Football League
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

9) The Giants are -8.5 vs the Eagles. What is so impressive (or weak, depending on your perspective) about the handicapping is that you have to remember it was only ~3 weeks ago the Giants were +3 at the Linc. So what does that say? Under normal circumstances, the Gmen would be -3, since a FG is the difference between a neutral field and home (6 pts difference between home and away). For the line to move another 5.5 points is staggering. Considering how the Eagles manhandled the Cardinals, my interpretation is that it says more about the Giants getting their business done than anything else. They are 10-2 versus the spread this season.

10) When the defense shows 8 men in the box, I would throw it 100% of the time. If they have 6 men in the box, I would run it 100% of the time. Obviously those numbers are slight hyperbole. But you get the idea. You must punish these teams if they want to take away the run. Brown them where they breathe. 9 men, 10 men in the box? They are overcompensating for our rushing attack in such a bad way. Gilbride is not all the way there yet, but he sure has come a long way from the Bengal game. He had Manning passing plenty, and with a lot of success, and then those dumpoff slip screens right behind the box, pretty. To illustrate how far Gilbride has come this season, there is NO WAY he calls the slant to Hixon (on 1st and 10 from the 3 after the INT by Ross) in the Bengal game, and probably not vs the Steelers either. A run on that play gets two yards MAX, they were loaded in there like sardines. Absolutely fantastic call. Worth the price of admission.

11) Pierce does not see himself getting arrested.

12) Some of the other players in the Giants locker room after the game: “Let’s go to Applebee’s.”

New York Giants 16 Washington Redskins 7

September 5, 2008

Meat and potatoes win. Yes Wonder, the Redskins stink. They are learning a new system, their offense is woeful and they have a lot of injuries. Their two minute offense wouldn’t scare a college team. It is not who you play but when you play them. They will get a lot better- every team improves from W1 to W17.

Offense: Manning was not present for all 4 quarters, but he looked good. He used the pump fake and looked off the safety on more than a few occasions, which was vg. Burress was excellent. Steve Smith picked up right where he left off with his terrific 3rd down possession catches which kept moving the sticks. Jacobs was punishing… he always looks good at the beginning of the season when he has fresh legs. Ward looked very good too… and as good as we have ever seen him catching the ball out of the backfield. When Jacobs has fresh legs it is hard to argue for Bradshaw. With the exception of a pass or two out of the backfield that screamed for #44, any of the three of them could get this job done. John Madden was having a lovefest with the offensive line.. I was surprised he did not suit up to join them down there. Great play call by Gilbride on the naked bootleg at the 1 yard line. As we mentioned in preseason, Manning should run ONCE per game just to keep the defense off-balance.

Defense: the DL was fantabulous. Pick a lineman, they all played great. I saw #21 all over the field. He made a great play to stop a first down by making an open field tackle of rookie Devin Thomas just short of the sticks. Webster played very well. Alford got called for a big 15 yarder which was horsebleep. They say it is a rules change but Alford totally missed his face mask anyway. Ross looked bad on the Moss TD, but he may have been in zone, so I won’t judge that one too harshly. (The real culprit on that drive was…

Specials: Not good, folks. No hang time on kickoffs gives them good field position. Carney will work until Tynes can come back. Costly roughing the kicker by McDougle was a turnover insanity.

The Giants had to win this game, they did win, NEXT. The first 4 weeks are exactly like this, schtick dreck competition where the gmen must get their business done. The Giants benefit from this 10 day layover because everyone makes mistakes in W1, the Giants get to iron them out after a win and become a better team. Wilkinson and Kehl got a lot of playing time and looked fine with the exception of each taking a bad penalty… the coaches will take a scalpel to each of these guys if they keep making boneheaded mistakes like those. (Kehl had the illegal block on kickoff, Wilkinson had the unnecessary roughness.)

New York Giants Safety #21 Kenny Phillips

August 13, 2008

Okay, okay. I promised myself I would not get too excited. Sorry, I am excited. Kenny Phillips has a few people gushing, and they are the right ones.

Safeties coach David Merritt: (Last year you had) “phenomenal team-oriented players and then you plug in a guy like Phillips who has the athletic that he brings to the table- it is going to be special.”

Then Merritt went on to quote Plaxico from a conversation he had with him yesterday. Said Burress: “Coach, Man, I’m going to be honest with you, I hate seeing guys like Kenny back there in the middle post because they are so fast and so rangy… (Merritt continued in his own words)… you see this young man get from the middle of the field to the sideline in a beat, that intimidating factor right there coming from a guy like Plaxico means a lot. I look for great things out of him.”

No, this was no puff piece. The coach took the time to tell everyone he is still a rookie, he is not a starter, he has not been anointed, he still makes his mistakes. But this sounds real good, coming from a coach and a veteran on the other side of the ball. This is EXACTLY what you want to hear.

Puff piece on Phillips from NFL.COM

July 30, 2008

They have had what, like 4 days of camp? So this hype on Phillips means very little. But it could be worse. He could be wallpaper too. So we will take it for what it is worth. All I know is that we have 4 guys competing for spots so that can’t be bad. And it sounds like Phillips can cover ground with speed that is slightly better than Butler, so this is a good thing.

Pre-camp ideas and things to watch for

July 24, 2008

1) Safety? Butler. Johnson. Knight. Phillips. Pick 2. At this point people are saying that Knight and Phillips have the best shot to be the starters this season, but this position is WIDE OPEN. I hope there is enough depth so that Butler is cut. But in a strange way, I would not be surprised if he started! This is because all 4 are imperfect. They each have strengths and weaknesses.

Butler (see previous post’s remarks from Spags) is a good tackler who knows the system but is freaking slow.

Johnson is entering his sophomore year and he should rate to grow with a nice jump in comfort in Spags’ system. He has the starts (5) from last year to put him incontention for a lot of playing time.

Knight is the veteran with experience, intelligence and strong run stopping skills in the box. But he is weak in coverage and is new to the system.

Phillips is the classic wild card. Rookie #1 pick who everyone will be watching. The level of his play in camp and this season will not only dictate how strong we are at this position but how strong the entire defense is and by that comclusion how well the entire team plays. Remember that when rookie #1 Aaron Ross got inserted into the starting lineup (literally H2 of the Redksins game in W3), the tone of the defense accelerated and the team never looked back. So if Phillips hits the ground running, his presence can be felt QUICKLY.

2) ELI MANNING. Weakest link? Star QB who overshadowed the performances of 4 straight Pro Bowl QBs en route to the Super Bowl? If new Eli is with us in 2008 this team will be a bear. Eli has been talking exactly like what you want to be hearing this offseason- knowing full well about the games where he was weakest link and that he can do a lot to improve to get the team to be ultracompetitive this year. Eli never got too high and that works to his advantage in not coming crashing down to earth. Eli is not resting on his laurels.

3) Do we have any speed at LB?

4) Does Diehl’s play at LT improve? We cannot afford to have the 2nd highest sacks allowed and expect (playoff) competitiveness this season again.

5) Can we get Woodson or Carr to become a credible backup? If I know the Giants they will probably cut Wright in deference to the promise/pedgiree of newest arrivals. Otherwise it would mean an immediate admission of error in the draft pick or reclamation project.

6) Do the rookies of 2007 ascend and make the dramatic impact in 2008 we are hoping for? This holds so much promise for the team.

7) How does the team shut down the run w/o Strahan?

New York Giants sign Kenny Phillips

July 23, 2008

New York Giants sign Kenny Phillips.

Now all the Giants need to do is get Plax in camp and this will be one happy family for preseason.