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Bradshaw speaks

August 1, 2009 interviewed Ahmad Bradshaw

On the opportunity this year to be the #2 behind Jacobs: (wide smile) “one of the biggest years of my life”

On the duties of the #2, catching out of the backfield, screens: “that is one of the biggest characteristics of my game, catching the ball, running outside the backfield, and being able to get around the edge. Our offensive coordinator is helping me and our offense do that.”

Gilbride speaks to

May 30, 2009

Our fearless offensive offensive coordinator sat down with John Schmeelk of for a video interview”Six out of the seven first picks are all on your side of the ball. That must have been pretty exciting for you!?!”

Kevin Gilbride:”It definitely is exciting, but maybe it’s an indictment of where we were at the end of last year…”

To be fair to Gilbride, the Giants picked up Canty, Boley, Bernard and Brown in free agency, so we were not surprised that Reese was going to put more draft picks on the offensive side of the ball. But all humor is based in truth, and Gilbride KNOWS he has to answer the critics. Coughlin knows as well.

There will be pressure to get Nicks involved this year. And there will be a lot of pressure on Moss, Manningham, Hixon and Tyree to produce. As evidenced by Gilbride’s admission, Steve Smith is the only player who is in a fairly clear position of having a sizeable role before camp starts.

When Gilbride discussed the RBs, it was clear that Ahmad Bradshaw was not going to get anything handed to him. Good. We may be the Bradshawlics, but Bradshaw needs to work for everything he gets, and that includes protecting the ball and earning those carries. If he takes care of business, he should earn that coveted #2 backup spot behind Jacobs and deliver dividends for the Giants. It will be his third year. No excuses.