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Pierce distraction

July 29, 2009

Pierce to be indicted by DA for involvement in the Plaxishmoe debacle.

John Mara defends Pierce and spars with the DA.

I am not trying to spread rumors. My only logical guess for where this could come from is that Pierce was the one who asked the hospital employee to not report the gunshot wound. It would be the only reason why the DA is not charging the worker, instead letting her roll on Pierce. “Morgenthau did specify that no New York-Cornell medical personnel would be charged for failing in their obligation under state law to inform police about Burress’ gunshot wound.” Why? I would have to believe the DA is after someone else. With Plaxico Burress not mentioned at all in this light, the next person would seem to be Pierce. This is PURELY CONJECTURE. We have no evidence to suggest this other than what you are reading here.

John Mara speaks to Chris Russo

April 10, 2009

Mara was interviewed on Sirius radio by Chris Russo.

The comments by Mara confirm and clarify initial reports for the Giants’ reasons behind the decision to let Burress go.

Russo asked him about the PSLs and we got a candid admission…

Garafolo: I caught the tail end of the interview when I got back in the car and heard Mara talking about PSLs. Russo had told him Wellington “is tossing up in heaven, going crazy” about the PSLs and Mara responded by saying his late father “was dealing with a completely different set of circumstances than we’re dealing with right here.” He also added with a laugh his father “never really would have let us go into this new building in the first place if he (had his way)” and that Wellington “was happy with the Polo Grounds. He told me that over and over again.”

Well, we are shocked, shocked to find gambling is going on in here! NOT. Wellington Mara had his way all the way up until he died. And that is why they are dealing with “a completely different set of circumstances” now.

Mara, the PSL

March 27, 2009

1) John Mara gave a voice of sanity amidst the mob majority of feel-good affection for the expansion of the regular season to (likely) 18 games. Peter King calls it a “freight train.” What is not to like, another two hits of crack for all the football addicts?!! How can that be bad?! Well, what if the crack is watered down so that now each of the other 16 hits we get are all weaker and less interesting? What if the coaches are juggling players for survival by attrition instead of simply being worried about playing the game to win?

Most of us here were watching football before 1994 when free agency started. We know the drop in quality that came from wrecking the continuity of team rosters throughout the league. That kind of drop in quality will likely come again, perhaps not as significant a drop, but nonetheless the same insidious undermining of competitiveness we have seen before. At least Mara gets it. Kudos to him for defending the quality of the brand.

2) More PSL news. The Giants sold out Field 3, the $5K endzone dreck seats. Are you surprised the $5K seats went before the remaining “club” seats? What- you mean you don’t want to spend $20K and $700/game to watch the Giants? Don’t worry, there is a stupid corporation waiting to deduct those seats as a business expense, provided they still have the profits to write it off against. All the food you can eat, what a deal!

And remember the loophole?

From a brochure given to PSL purchasers:

“What if I am not satisfied with the location I am assigned?”

“If you are not satisfied with your assigned PSL zone and/or seat location, your PSL money will be refunded and your seats will be offered to another Giants fan.”

It comes as no surprise that they moved up the date to show PSL buyers their location from ~March 2010 to the Fall of 2009. Given the economic situation, the Giants are likely rushing to get past this loophole before people change their minds.


February 24, 2009

Ralph Vacchiano got some feedback from some fans about the PSL progress. Add a little Hanlon and you have a NY Daily News blog post.

The “final stage” of PSL sales? The final stages of greed. The Giants have to peddle this schtick dreck Mezz A- Mezz B- Coach’s Club garbage ripoff to their waitlist people so that they can finally market it to the corporates who pay the same stupidity for Knicks and Nets front row seats. They sent me an email and I never heard from them AGAIN. I am a waste of their time, obviously! I was on their waitlist for 10 browning years, one of their diehards. But they are smart enough to know one thing- let the waitlist people show their interest but do not use your salesforce on these people because the economy browns and almost none of these people are stupid enough to want these dreck seats. Maybe we can sucker some of the newbie-never-been-theres to bite on the Field 3 cheapo 5K end zone seats. But we need to plow through these waitlist terds so that we can say we gave you your chance and then move on to the Manhattan skyscrapers and NJ Pharmas.

Limited Number.” Were we born YESTERDAY? Maybe the day before yesterday, but not yesterday.

We had a very good response from our ticket holders,” said Giants VP of communications Pat Hanlon. “We anticipated being able to make a limited number available to the wait list. In fact, the response from the ticket holders was so good, we have less to offer the wait list than we had projected at the start.” What Hanlon won’t tell you is how many of the seat holders had to trade “down” to the cheaper seats, going “up”stairs to the “loge” and the “terrace” seats. Do the math- they are going through the waitlist people like a hot knife through butter and they have 9,300 Club Seats, so that means that there are many thousands of fans displaced up and out of the way to make room for the corporates. Hanlon may be factual about having less seats to offer the waitlist people, but given the complete lack of attention they paid to the waitlist people, they realized quickly they mispriced the club seats for their existing ticket holders. Remember, the club seats are the prime locations, and they have been passed up. Every day we watch the stock market go lower, we know that cash is king and $700 for a single game means $7K PER YEAR PER SEAT, not to mention the $20K love kiss. (Oh, you forgot the fact that as a season’s ticket holder you have to pay the preseason hidden ‘tax’ of buying that useless set of two preseason games?!)

Believe it or not, you cannot “argue” with what the Giants are doing. They are merely extracting as much value as they can from their stadium, a stadium they built and paid for. None of us may like it, but they can charge multiples (150K?!) of what they are charging if someone will be stupid enough to pay for it (see Jerry Jones). Caveat emptor. The rest of us are smart enough to realize that this is how you alienate your loyal customers- the ones who ultimately pay the bills. This is the road that baseball went down. Look where the dilution and the hijacking of the dollar got them. This will take many years, more likely decade/s, but when it is done the path the Giants owners took will be looked back on as a turning point in the decisions they had to make, one after the other, all leading down a rode of abandonment of the unwritten contract between business owner and people like us.. their fans, their paying customers. Steve Tisch heard the boo birds from the fans when he was called out at halftime. 10 years from now he won’t hear ANYTHING from the corporate empty seats and then he will have much larger problems.

Simms and Wonder comment on the NFL

December 5, 2008


Simms the master won this past week again, what is that, 6 straight weeks over Collinsworth and Sapp?!

1) NYG vs PHL. “The Giants are the best team in football, and they are the deepest. They can overcome the loss of Plaxico Burress. They’ll win the game.”

2) TB-CAR. TB will win, They are not good on the road but Carolina is not a good passing team, TB’s defense good enough to get this win.

3) DAL-PIT. Pittsburgh will win with defense.

4) ATL-Saints. Simms takes Atlanta.

5) WASH-BAL. Simms takes Baltimore.


If the Burress thing had dragged on and on, it would not have been a good thing, but this ends the entire year’s soap opera with him, so it will be a net good thing for the Giants. With him out of the picture, the Giants will go back to doing what they do, namely winning. It makes life a little simpler for the Giants with the drama over. Pierce should end up being protected by Maras, who are close to Goodell, and Burress will be NFL fodder. The two teams which they will have any trouble with are Carolina and Dallas, and they may play both in the playoffs (Dallas after they beat a Minnesota or Arizona, and Carolina if/when they get a bye and play the gmen in the Conference Championship).

The Wonder Plan: Export Pacman Jones, Plaxico Burress and Michael Vick to London, the 33rd expansion team. Give them a 56 man roster, and those 3 players can only play in London, banned from the States. (Okay, it’s the internet, that was a joke.)

It’s the time of the season

December 1, 2008

We enter December, and that can only mean one thing for Giants players. Less pads in practice. Fassel did it with much success. Fresh legs in games.

Coughlin did it when he was forced to listen to his players in the 2007 season on the orders of John Mara. He created the “Leadership Council,” a group of ~ten veterans who were able to communicate player needs and problems. For the first time, Coughlin genuinely listened, and the result was a cohesiveness from which the team was able to mount a Super Bowl run. You could see the players really playing for each other AND playing for the coaching staff. One of those issues the players brought to Coughlin was an issue which came on deaf ears (aired to no avail by Barber) back in 2004-2006> going easier on the team in practice in the latter part of the year so that they could have energy on Sunday. Coughlin listened. Do you think that the Giants became the road warriors because they were eating their wheaties? They became road warriors because, as tough as it was to win on the road with the extra fatigue, they were not killed during the week with pads.

The players responded with more respect for Coughlin. A trust was forged out of this and other actions on the coach’s behalf. The players (that I am aware of) who confirmed this were Strahan and Burress. How ironic that it is Burress who we get to listen to ~ 11 months ago, in a completely different place. Very interesting to hear him again, in light of all of his troubles.

Jeremy Shockey traded to the New Orleans Saints, Part 2

July 22, 2008

John Mara: “I had a couple of long conversations with Jeremy this spring and summer. From those conversations, it was apparent to me that a fresh start was the best thing for us and for Jeremy.”

READ BETWEEN THE LINES, the Giants wanted him because they were better WITH HIM. This was not their choice or their thinking that they were better without him. Their hand was forced.

NEXT. If the Giants are healthy, they can get the job done without Shockey. Gilbride you nitwit, wake up and USE your weapons. Spags had four tremendous pass rushers, he found ways to get ALL going north to the QB and (use Kiwi and Tuck for) wreaking havoc on guards and centers. With Gilbride we have Shockey in on every down… blocking. OMFG.

There once was a time when the Giants drafted a rookie phenom in the first round who immediately turned heads when he hit the field. He too was filled with all kinds of energy, and physically was a man amongst boys. His name was LT. And Parcells (first as his defensive coordinator and then as head coach) knew how to manage the man-child. Let him do what he did best. Give him his own set of rules. Keep him happy. Make no mistake, LT was a rogue too. Just like Shockey, LT was a party animal with the same unbounded energy. The only difference is that Parcells let his rogue sleep through meetings, and (for better AND for worse) looked the other way at times when it came to LT’s drug use.

IS SHOCKEY A PEA BRAIN? Absolutely! He was unhappy because he felt he was being impeded FROM HELPING THIS TEAM. He simply needed coaches that could communicate with him and figure out ways to make him happy. They all knew the team was far stronger with this ballistic missile pointed at the opponents. By the end, he was pointed at the gmen and he had to go. This was NOT Shockey’s fault. It was Coughlin and (specifically) Gilbride’s. I have said it here before and I will say it again.. when you get a Maserati you do not put it in midtown traffic to collect fares. This was a wasted asset, plain and simple. (Ultimatenyg pointed out the day after he went down with a broken leg that the Giants would NOT miss Shockey because he already was being so underutilized that it did not matter. Sad indeed.) Smarter athletes would have channeled their drives to suit the needs of the team. In fact, the way I saw 2007, with how Shockey was a model citizen and on-field TEAM player, how could you complain? So the facts here are that he is gone and that we should stop looking just at Shockey and more at the Giants organization for why this failed. You get a player with his skills once or twice a generation, they often come with some asterisks, and if you can manage the asterisks you can win championships on their shoulders.

Gilbride still mismanages his talent. Try using Boss in pass patterns more if his hands are much better than his blocking. Get Bradshaw on the field more. Run him on screens in open space. (Despite Strahan and Umenyoira starting at DE) Spags found ways to get Tuck on the field all the time. So when we won the SB and everyone was talking up Spags for a head coaching job and no one was talking up Gilbride, were you surprised? When it came to this, that Shockey had to be traded, it should not have been a total surprise.

Odds and Ends

July 19, 2008

Video: O’Hara and Madison talk about the 2008 season ahead.

Bob Popa takes over the mic on the NFL Network. With Gumbel gone, almost worth thinking about subscribing.

John Mara introduced the PSL plan to the first wave of season tickets holders. They are starting near the 50 yard line. FOUR points of note: (1) you will probably see some people who are balking at the higher-priced PSLs, but the Giants will enable those currently in very good seats to “trade down” and select a cheaper PSL (2) there are 150,000 people currently on the season’s ticket waiting list (3) The PSL’s are payable in 3 installments– 20% in 30 days, 40% by Aug 1, 2009, 40% March 1, 2010. Lenders are saddling up to the Giants to arrange financing options. (4) Parking and stadium egress will be greatly improved for the new stadium. (My goodness, I could design it blindfolded and it would be an improvement over what they have now.)