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Simms Sunday Morning QB

January 4, 2009

Phil Simms WFAN/Showtime commentary can be found on Ultimatenyg New York Giants Blog.

1) SD wins over IND. Norv Turner coached, managed, called the plays as well as I have ever seen him. Colts cannot run the football. Chargers defense was more aggressive. People simply not worried about the Colts running game anymore. SD defense bailed the team out. SD was refusing to win. Rivers was not comfortable, uneasy. Guys were wide open downfield, but the Chargers offensive line could not pass protect well, Rivers had no confidence that he could hang in there long enough to go downfield. On the 3rd and 2, Colts go empty backfield(!), Chargers were man to man with one extra guy short zone for the slants, would have picked off Peyton Manning. Result of a sack was caused by the extra defender on the 1st choice slant… would have been an INT if Manning threw it.

2) Jets players re Favre. The amount of attention Favre receives anywhere is extraordinary. So players on his team felt left out and unloved. Not surprised.

3) BAL-MIA today. Simms doing game. Keys.. Balt on defense is smart, hard to read, tough matchup for Dolphins. Miami tries to widen field for Williams and Brown. Simms admits to be wrong about the Ravens, they are a very good team. Cam Cameron doing well for the Ravens under Harbaugh. Matt Ryan hit the wall, Flacco is bigger and stronger and has not hit the wall. Flacco like Eli, unemotional and calm. Dolphins will try to pressure Flacco to force him

4) AZ-ATL. Weakness of ATL run defense was exposed because generally speaking, when ATL is ahead it takes away the opponent’s ability to patiently run the ball on that team. AZ won because they (despite being a bad running team) were able to run the ball later in the game.

5) MIN-PHL. Jackson has settled in. Both teams with West Coast Offense are similar. But MIN has a chance to do things that the Eagles cannot. People forget that just two weeks ago the Eagles scored only 3 points vs the Skins. Phil likes the Vikings.

Phil Simms Week 14

December 7, 2008

1) Singletary looks to get the nod with a permanent contract from the 49ers. The 49ers are not a 4-8 team, because they are on the rise, playing better since the coaching change. Need to solidify QB position, but the nucleus there. Singled out Willis, who is an “unbelievable” MLB, Pro Bowl in rookie year, deserved. Simms was very positive about Singletary, went out of his way to endorse the way that Singletary is doing it, that this type of coach is what is important (for leading players) in the NFL.

2) Jets-49ers. Jets got caught last week after a high, Broncos were rebounding from a bad loss. Looking for the Jets to play a lot better today, but no gimme win. Jets missing the killer pass rusher. Jets did not react well to Denver taking away the short throw. Made Jets go downfield, which they did not do/enough of. Simms will be watching to see if the 49ers do the same thing.

3) NYG are a better team than the Eagles at a host of positions, he rattled off (I believe) OL, DL, RB, WR, QB. The only reason why the Eagles have a chance today is because their backs are against the wall, a loss pretty much ends their playoff hopes. The Giants are playing for the Division title and the Burress “distraction” is overrated.. distractions that we on the outside perceive are much less inside the locker room. The players get back to business pretty fast. Next.

4) DAL-PIT. Cowboys walking into a tough spot. Steelers defensive backs can run with the WRs of the Cowboys, the Steelers can rush the passer, they have the LBers, they have the DBs and will win the football game. OLBers of Steelers Harrison and Woodley can beat an OL to the QB/RB. Pressure players on defense get it done, this is why they are on track for the Super Bowl.

5) Buf-Mia. Edwards has lost confidence. Not even making the routine throws. Used to make all those throws, not making them now. Miami lacks a few players, hanging on, tired, long year for them, trying to win 3 or 4 games here will be tougher. Easy enuf schedule for Miami, but Miami certainly looks better than Buffalo.

6) Ravens are in the mix because Steelers’ schedule is so hard. Harbaugh of the Ravens has unified the team. Flacco has been making big plays down the field, making the throws every week.

7) Flacco and Ryan will NOT change the NFL REALITIES on rookie QBs. (It may change the PERSPECTIVE of some weaker teams and weaker minds thinking they can now draft a new QB and turn a team around IMMEDIATELY). Both Flacco and Ryan were in college for 5 years, mature men. So Flacco and Ryan are not the norm, they were ready physically and mentally, and also the teams executed around them.

The Carom

November 18, 2008

Everyone knows this. I do not like to forget.

The score is 20-10, the Giants have not scored in a bit, and Flacco is getting comfortable back there because there is no pass rush and the Ravens have figured out that to move the ball you need to sit back and pass (more). So what do they do? They pass again to Mason. On the left side. Carom. Jack-Tatum-esque-bounce-oh-look-what-I-found-Ross-TD.

Game over.

It was not Gilbride’s fault that Manning threw the pick near the end of the H1. So this game could have easily been 23-10 or 27-10 at that point. The point here is that it WAS 20-3, then 20-10, then 20-10 with Flacco moving that team, and somewhere the URGENCY was lost in the offense. The Ravens were hanging around.

The defense has been doing a great job on run defense in almost all situations this season. But even when the DL can pin its ears back and gear up for pass rush, there have been more than a few games this season where we have not seen it from the DL. Robbins (hand) has been playing hurt. Tuck gets doubled.

When Robbins gets healthy and this DL can impose its will on teams with 4 pass rushers consistently again, then we can argue about which unit on the team is better. But right now, it is not even close. Not by a country mile. The OFFENSE is the most dominant unit on the team, it is the best offense in the league (I do not care what the Gilbrown-impaired stats say about New Orleans or whoever) and it needs to put away opponents with the same urgency at 20-3 that it does when it is behind the Bengals at 20-16 or when it kicking Seahawk brown.

I’ve said it here before, 40 points per game. There is no reason this offense cannot score 40 points a game. We just played the Steelers, Eagles and Ravens and this offense (read: OL) imposed its will on ALL OF THEM. Take responsibility for 60 minutes and blow out the score. EVERY GAME. EVERY OPPONENT. Why leave anything for chance with your DL’s inconsistent pass rush? I have not begun to look at the Cardinals (last time I saw them was small vs the 49ers and vs the Jets), but that game could be a shootout. If the NY Giants offense plays 60 minutes, it can outscore anyone. You may or may not like it because it is not “old time Giants football,” but that is the hand you have been dealt. This Giants OL is unlike anything I for one have ever seen, so have no mercy on opponents and go for the jugular EVERY possession, annihilate these teams, put them ALL away ALL the time. Skill players everywhere at every offensive position. That offensive line is a royal flush, play it for what it is.

NY Giants 30 Baltimore Ravens 10

November 16, 2008


1) Ward had a very nice blitz pickup of Ray Lewis on 3rd and 15 which enables a key 21 yard pass catch to Burress, giving a key first down in the first drive of the game and the tempo to be established for the Giants.

2)The Ravens simply made a cardinal sin, you cannot tackle Jacobs high. High they went, and loss they got.

2) Giants vs Ravens… 207 yards rushing against a team that was allowing 56 yards/game. This Ravens defense had not given up 100 yards rushing in 27 games. This was the first 200 yard running game given up vs this defense in 11 years. THE POINT- this Giants OL did it again. During the week, Lewis asked aloud, those holes the Giants OL created, c’mon, the RBs are not doing a lot, and he implied by it that the Ravens would not be handing the Giants those running lanes. Well, Jacobs, Ward and Bradshaw ALL had 20+ yard runs.

3) Robbins blocked a 33 yard FG. It will be nice when this guy’s hand/s are healed, because he’ll be resuming his pass rish too when that happens.

4) Aaron Ross had two picks, 1 for an TD. That TD was the killer of the game, effectively ending the game there assuming no craziness.

5) The Giants did not get a pass rush until late in the game.

6) Manning pick to Lewis was about the only real negative. Stop the telegraphing. (see #12 addendum at bottom)

7) Bradshaw had a 77 yard run, is he the best back on this team or what?!! Jacobs and Ward did great, but you have to ask yourself what would #44 be doing with the same opportunities. Ward had a big run for 22 yards early in Q2… you have to ask, would #44 have gone the distance on that same play?

8) Injuries? Ross, McKenzie, Jacobs?

9) Flacco (who was probably off their run radar) killed the Giants with those scrambles, but there was not enough around him to make them come together for the points to make a difference. Correctable mistake that Spags will clean up by getting more pocket discipline on those scrambling QBs.

10) Giants run defense continues to stuff the opponent.

11) Ravens only success came in trying to slow down the Giants successful D with those pesky reverses and screens to stop Giants overpursuit. That is not a big issue, it is correctable, and even by Q4 it was abandoned by the Ravens.

12) (addendum, added 10PM) Manning got a beating today. We saw him get hit on more than a few plays, but someone who was at the game and did not have to look through the camera’s eyes said that Manning took a lot of punishment. I want to point this out because when I mention the telegraphing, it is not to take away from a really good game that Manning played. His QB rating is a browning joke, the stat is so bogus at times, and this is certainly one of them. Besides, when there is that much wind, who gives a rat’s Brown about the surface. He uses that hard count, he deals with Gilbrown’s playcalling, he makes the decisions, he hits his receivers, he gets a tremendous amount of credit in this win.


November 15, 2008

Wonder: “Must use BOTH Jacobs and Ward in beginning of game to set up their MOST IMP weapon this game- play action pass…screens and dumpoffs not real good against Balt…much better to use misdirection and hit Boss or WR’s crossing behind the LB’s…play action will buy just enough time for that as well as suck the LB’s up…provided you BEGIN with Jacobs AND Ward…look for Plax and Toom and Smith to have BIG games.”

Some great quotes from Ray Lewis a few days ago:

“Not to take no credit away from these backs,” Lewis said, “but they’re running through holes so big you’re sitting there saying ‘What in the world?’ “

“You can get into any (QB’s) head if you get after him and really start confusing him and start hitting him the way they don’t want to get hit,” Lewis said. “I don’t care if you’re a rookie or a veteran. If you let any defense get after you the way our defense is predicated on getting after people, it can be a frustrating day.”

Ray Lewis is going to the Hall of Fame for a reason- he understands the game and he makes an impact on the field. Thank goodness he’s 33 and can move on sooner than later. Do you think that Lewis and the Ravens are going to allow for huge holes this Sunday? This is why I prefer Ward to get the bulk of the carries. He’ll hit these smaller holes faster (of course I want #44, let’s see if he gets playing time) and that will be important. Me? I use Jacobs as the human decoy and see him in play action stoning some poor blitzing soul.

As for the Giants defense, they have a challenge too. This is not the Ravens offense of the beginning of the season- Flacco gets better every game. But notice who the Ravens offense is dominating the past four games: the 18th, 25th, 27th and 19th ranked defenses. The Giants have the 3rd ranked defense and they will certainly not let this rookie QB and his offense put up 30 points. If Derrick Mason (leading receiver, game time decision) does not play, this is going to be a long day for the Ravens offense. Spags will stack the run and Flacco will not have the kind of receivers to take the pressure off.

Even though it is the 1PM game, I have to believe that Simms is doing this one. I want to hear his 945AM commentary on Sunday, that will tell us a lot.

In case you missed it from yesterday afternoon, Kareem McKenzie was arrested for DUI. Also, Webster practiced and he will (likely) play.

Jeff Fisher, Phil Simms on WFAN

October 5, 2008

Jeff Fisher: hands full with Baltimore today. Rookie RB Chris Johnson doing it everywhere (run, catch, protect). Rotating him and LenDale White, don’t wear them out. Collins having fun, enjoying everything. Can’t buy his experience. OL is protecting Collins, a (huge) key. Baltimore is not asking a great deal of Flacco. Flacco is going to be a fine QB. The Tenn OL will have a good test today.

Phil Simms:

1) The fallout from Dallas loss is magnified in this town. Washington extremely clever. Some of the defenses the skins did caught them off guard. Dallas defense is LOADED, production is not there from LB etc.. so that has Simms wondering. Zorn has polished up Campbell really well. Overall team speed of Washington was impressive. They (specifically the Washington secondary) outran the Cowboys.

2) Colts run defense is awful (and that is being charitable to them!), without a healthy Sanders, adios.

3) Giants at this juncture are #1 in league. Giants can beat you in a lot of ways. Feedback from the Bengals on Giants was impressive.

4) NFC East has it all. All of them can do it. All teams are physical, QB play is good up and down the division, and they all hit the QB on defense.

5) Likes Titans over the Ravens. Nonetheless, impressed with Ravens.

6) Yes Favre looked a lot more comfortable, but the Cardinals pass defense was terrible.

7) SD: Jamal Williams, Rivers, Gates, LT.. core of team did not practice in preseason, need time to be at full strength. Given the time to get to full strength, SD can be a top team. Tremendous physical talent. Without Merriman, SD lacks a ‘closer’ on defense. With Merriman, believes they would be 4-0 instead of 2-2.

8) Cardinals vs a 4-0 team at home, important game. Bills allow you to play with them, don;t knock you out, that is why AZ has a decent shot. Suspect on the Bills, not buying them as a 4-0 team.

9) Jags vs Steelers- both teams are undermanned vs where they were in the playoffs. Rashean Mathis is the best CB in the league, and he is out. Steelers will win. Steelers need to keep Roethlisberger healthy, Simms wants Roethlisberger to stop trying to make a play every single play or else he will not survive the season.

10) Rookie Sedrick Ellis of the Saints looks VERY good, but hurt. Minnesota can overpower you, strong line play. Saints can beat the Vikings by spreading it out (note to Giants fans when we play the Vikings later this season… Spread it out vs this team and make them man you).

11) Winning is about big plays. You have to push defenses by passing downfield, stretch defenses. (Are you paying attention, Gilbride?)

The Ravens and Steelers

October 2, 2008

Did you miss the Ravens-Steelers game on Monday night? The Giants play both of these teams later this season; both will be a handful. They both play solid defense and make you earn your points. Neither has a dynamic offense… they get it done by having their defenses force you into mistakes and then shortening the field so that they can take advantage on a small porch. Watch the video for Flacco’s poise and presence, as well as his rookie mistakes. He looks like he has game. Ray Lewis thinks his team is live because they can play on both sides of the ball. To me they look a year away, but since they play defense anything is possible. Just look at the Giants last year. In fact, it is Ray Lewis who sites Strahan when comparing his own crusade for a title.