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The Best Offensive Player of All Time?

July 2, 2009

If LT is the greatest Defensive Player of all time, then this guy is arguably the greatest Offensive Player of all time. I saw highlights, I saw stats, but the most impressive thing is that many decades later, people still compare his domination to that of Michael Jordan in basketball. We even heard that from Benigno too. You can argue Jerry Rice (Wonder’s pick) or one of the QBs like Unitas/Montana/Elway/Marino. But how do you argue with a guy who AVERAGED 100+ yards per game HIS ENTIRE CAREER?! Who never missed a game?! Who never missed a Pro Bowl?! I’ll take Jim Brown and LT as my two (offensive and defensive) best players ever.

What others are saying about Bradshaw

February 2, 2008

Mike Vrabel: “He is a great back and he is one of those guys who is gaining confidence each time he carries the ball. Bill (Belichick) loves him. He shows film of him, he gets his helmet knocked off and runs through three guys and says: ‘That’s a pretty good 6-yard run.’ He’s right.”

Junior Seau: “He’s not showing all his game. He’s got a great upside. He hasn’t played a full season. There’s more to his game than you think. He’s going to be a great player.”

Bill Belichick: Bradshaw is a “key player to stop. He gives them a spark when he touches the ball. He has good quickness, he has good power, good vision. He’s a good cutback runner. He made a huge play there in the draw play against Green Bay. I know it got called back, but they had him for no gain, he broke a couple tackles, used his quickness to break out of there and went the distance – 50 yards or whatever it was. Bradshaw is a good back. … He’s a threat to go anywhere on the field.”

Jim Brown, Hall of Fame RB: “(Bradshaw) could be the guy who decides the game.”

Ronde Barber: “That kid is going to be great. We kept on hitting him and pounding him and he kept going forward, fighting for yards.”

Reggie Torbor: “It might sound crazy, but in some spots, he’s harder to tackle than Brandon (Jacobs).”

For the Giants and Bradshaw, the Future is NOW. Speed kills. Use it or lose it. Get this guy the ball as much as possible and win the game.