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Osi mea culpa

September 2, 2009

1) Osi Umenyiora beat a hasty retreat, admitted this AWOL incident was entirely his fault and conceded that this whole thing should never have happened. This was about the best outcome we could have hoped for. Please let that be the end of it. Next.

2) On Monday night this blogger let loose on Wide Receivers with a remark in the comments section of the post. It is nothing most of you have not already heard before. Just go to Rule #3 of The Rules for Winning in the NFL. Then on Tuesday night, I got some good company from none other than the Dean of Wide Receivers, Jerry Rice. The good news for the Giants is that our crop of WRs are pretty grounded and not totally infatuated with themselves. Diehl raves about Nicks. Manningham is a fallen (3rd round) angel. Smith is a 2nd round piece of steak, hold the sizzle. No more Plaxico. Do you really want a player like Marshall who will drop a ball on purpose? Just give me a meat and potatoes LBer in the first round, for crying out loud.