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Jeremy Shockey

June 9, 2009

Fictional conversation overheard…

Brees: Are you coming to the voluntary OTAs?
Shockey: Maybe, I’m not sure.
Brees: Whadya mean, maybe???!!
Shockey: Well, I am supposed to be in Miami when..
Brees: Miami? MIAMI!! Do you play for the freaking Dolphins?
Shockey: No, but I like practicing at Miami with all the Hurricane players.
Brees: McFly?? McFly?! Hello McFly. Here, let me help me you out. I’ll give you some geography. You show up at all the OTAs, voluntary or mandatory. In LOUISIANA. Or else I am not looking your way.
Shockey: I’m going to be healthy this season and I’ll be able to help the team much more than last season.
Brees: You’re not going to help anyone here if you dare miss even a single practice. You’re on my s*** list if you miss a single practice, you hear me pea brain?
Shockey: I get it, I get it.
Brees: Good. Now tell me what happened in Vegas.

Pre Free Agency moves, and a little reality check from Phil Mushnick

February 20, 2009

1) Giants tell Butler to check out free agency and keep them posted.

2) The Browns, Texans and Cardinals are rumored to be interested in Derrick Ward, who is asking for $4M/yr when he turns free agent next week.

3) ESPN’s rumor central has decent buzz.

4) You hear it on this New York Giants football blog all the time, but it is so much more than a lesson in the business world: CONFRONT THE BRUTAL FACTS. So how many of you are surprised when we learn that Shockey will be attending the New Orleans Saints’ off-season program? Brees is the boss down there, and Shockey is finally getting the discipline he needed, something the Giants coaches/players were unable to give him.

4a) On a separate note, at the end of the previous link, they mention the Vilma signing possibility wrt the deadline and the Giants draft pick. If you recall, we mentioned this many moons ago that it would NEVER EVER happen because even if Vilma got all the snaps and needed to be re-signed, the Saints would simply post-date the deal and negate the clause. Shady, yes, but it is done all the time, and there is nothing you can do about it. We’re getting the #2.

5) One of the core themes this blog highlights whenever given the opportunity: protect the integrity of the game or else you have no game. So we get a reminder from Phil Mushnick of the NY Post about what that means. He exposes the blatant hypocrisy of baseball in its simplest form. We are supposed to believe that Donald Fehr held the sport of baseball hostage, that the Union would never let Selig and the owners get steroids tested for in any contract. Bullbrown. BULLBROWN. Take the low road. Do you like the view?

Phil Simms Week 11

November 16, 2008

Simms on the NFL and the Gmen this weekend…

1) The Tennessee-Bears game last week illustrates what a team has to do when the opponent loads up to stop your running game… it is radical… it is novel… are you sitting down?… answer: you have to pass the ball! The Bears committed to stopping the Tenn running game, they did, and then Collins started to pass the ball and he beat them that way. He was accurate, his WRs beat single coverage, ~280 yards of passing later the Titans had dismantled the Bears. Next. (This Gilbrown public service warning advisory was brought to you by Ultimatenyg.)

2) Jets-Pats, Casell was spectacular on that last drive. Only a few QBs in the league can make that throw to Moss at the end of regulation, he did. Moss catch brilliant too. Re Jets, the Jets offense is designed well. Favre gets rid of the football, quick 6-7 yd passes, screens… “Brett Favre is one of the best (at those types of passes) I’ve ever seen.” Can the Jets take a run at everything (AFC, Super Bowl)? YES THEY CAN. They can stop the run, they have that good short passing game. Their schedule is easy/manageable. They even can give Tenn lots of problems next week because they match up well against them (run defense in particular vs the Tenn run, but alos their offense vs Tenn too).

3) Giants-Eagles, the Eagles are so far behind the Giants from a talent perspective. Westbrook is their guy and he was not 100%. The Eagles coaches get ripped but it is not fair or accurate, because the Eagles coaches did a masterful job of keeping their team in the game with this Giants team… the Eagles coaches got more out of their players.

4) Giants-Ravens, Francesa made good note of the wind that Flacco will be introduced to today. Back to Simms, with the exception of Ed Reed, the Ravens secondary is (paraphrased) mediocre, nothing particularly good. McAllister is not the same anymore, he can be had. With the Ravens’ words, they say they are committed to stopping the run today. But you can throw the ball down the field against this team. Even against Houston last week, the Ravens still gave 3-4 big pass plays. The Ravens can and will be had on the pass. As for the Giants running the ball, there will be some moments during the game that the Giants will be able to run the ball. Why? Because the Giants running game “is just that good.” (Summary: Simms implied that if the Giants offense does what it needs to do, it will come out on top.)

5) Arizona WRs are excellent.

6) Larry Johnson, Jeremy Shockey, these players find out that if they mouth off, the team will simply move on without them, they’ll find someone else to get the touches and get it done. The team marches on.

7) Boys-Skins, Romo will be able to counter some of the Skins’ novel pass coverages used in their first meeting earlier this year, but Simms believes the Skins will nonetheless come out on top in this game.

All things Giant

November 12, 2008

1) I fear Bradshaw has been sent to the fumbler’s doghouse. Not that it is not deserved. If he gets one CARRY this Sunday that will be a major victory for the Bradshawlics. This team needs his speed, he stretches the field and causes a great deal of trouble for defenses.

2) Adalius Thomas out for the year. That guy still gives me nightmares, glad he can’t possibly meet us in Super Bowl XLIII.

3) Shockey is an even smaller pea brain than I thought. Brees won’t take his Brown (here is a link to a Monday article in case you missed it), he needs an intervention and fast. But for our sake, we hope he will continue to cause as many problems as possible for another 7 games because…

4) …that set of draft picks the Giants get from the Saints just keeps on getting better and better. Based on their schedule, looks like they will finish ~8-8, but that assumes they win at home vs GB and ATL, so perhaps it can get a little uglier for them. They will not lose to KC or DET, but those are desperate teams and anything is possible.

5) The Giants need to respect the fact that they are only 1 game ahead of the Panthers, and they play them later this season. Get the bye AND the homefield advantage. No let up. This team needs every game.

6) If you think the nitpicking that goes on here is a lot, just go down to Philly. If they could run Reid out of town, they’d do it in a heartbeat.

7) Buy low. Purchased #44 jersey (25% off, see link ad to the right) AFTER the fumble. He may go to the doghouse, but I am loyal.

8) I guess Serby voted for “Block ‘N’ Blue.”

9) The league’s second- and third-highest scoring teams play in the same New Jersey stadium: the Giants (262 points) and Jets (255).

10) Everyone was talking about the Eli heel that kept him behind the line of scrimmage. But last week’s move by leon Washington, who grabbed a kickoff while standing out of bounds, was even better. How many of you knew that instead of the Jets getting the ball at the spot of the touch, the ball goes to the 40 yard line?!!!

11) The Giants are -6.5 vs Baltimore.

Be careful what you wish for…

August 18, 2008

you just might get it. The picture above is Carr running for his life in preseason G1 because TE blocking coverage broke down. The early buzz is that the TEs were less than spectacular in their first preseason performance, and that that spark is certainly missing. Here is another roundup of the same story, fresh from Vacchiano late last night.

It would have certainly been nicer to already have that #40 pick on the team, before this season, and before Shockey gets his chance to boost the Saints’ fortunes by simultaneously lowering where our 2nd (and 5th) rounder slot is. For now we have to live with the fact that we have Boss’s hands and that is about it. Hopefully between all of them we can get some blocking and some balance. (Matthews is NOT balance, as he may be a better blocker but he is not at all an offensive threat to keep defenses off-balance. You can file him under C, for Howard Cross… with no disrespect for Cross either given his infinitely better blocking skills.)

Eagerly looking for some upticks from TE play this evening.

The only addition by subtraction..

August 17, 2008

done in the past year was cutting Luke Petitgout. Not that Ultimatenyg had it figured out or anything. The reason for mentioning Petitgout is that he was cut today by TB.

At the time of Reese’s decision last winter we were as perplexed by the move as the media. It was Reese’s first big move as GM. Petitgout’s replacement, David Diehl, gave us addition by subtraction:

The not so good…
1) The OL lost depth by losing interior help when Diehl moved to Tackle.
2) Diehl had the second most sacks allowed in the NFL.

BUT the very good…
3) Diehl was healthy for all 20 games, missing only 1 series vs TB for dehydration (constantly razzed by linemates for his un-ironman imperfection!)
4) Diehl was adequate enough in pass protection and did a good job on runblocking
6) No more Petitgout back spasms throwing the OLine into damage control

That he has been cut by Gruden tells us plenty. Hmm, let’s see, Reese’s Giants won a Super Bowl and the Bucs released him a year later after only 4 starts and yet another injury in 2008. I guess we need not guess. Reese knew exactly what he was doing when getting rid of Petitgout- he got rid of a player with inconsistent health and “cancer” penalties. With Phillips looking good in camp, all he needs is another rookie or two to ‘stick’ and he will be bulletproof for a while. I think I like calling him Kevlar- any shots fired at him either miss or they just bounce off. He had a violent Shockey in his office and quietly moved on. There is no doubt who is running the show in Giantland.

Pre-camp ideas and things to watch for

July 24, 2008

1) Safety? Butler. Johnson. Knight. Phillips. Pick 2. At this point people are saying that Knight and Phillips have the best shot to be the starters this season, but this position is WIDE OPEN. I hope there is enough depth so that Butler is cut. But in a strange way, I would not be surprised if he started! This is because all 4 are imperfect. They each have strengths and weaknesses.

Butler (see previous post’s remarks from Spags) is a good tackler who knows the system but is freaking slow.

Johnson is entering his sophomore year and he should rate to grow with a nice jump in comfort in Spags’ system. He has the starts (5) from last year to put him incontention for a lot of playing time.

Knight is the veteran with experience, intelligence and strong run stopping skills in the box. But he is weak in coverage and is new to the system.

Phillips is the classic wild card. Rookie #1 pick who everyone will be watching. The level of his play in camp and this season will not only dictate how strong we are at this position but how strong the entire defense is and by that comclusion how well the entire team plays. Remember that when rookie #1 Aaron Ross got inserted into the starting lineup (literally H2 of the Redksins game in W3), the tone of the defense accelerated and the team never looked back. So if Phillips hits the ground running, his presence can be felt QUICKLY.

2) ELI MANNING. Weakest link? Star QB who overshadowed the performances of 4 straight Pro Bowl QBs en route to the Super Bowl? If new Eli is with us in 2008 this team will be a bear. Eli has been talking exactly like what you want to be hearing this offseason- knowing full well about the games where he was weakest link and that he can do a lot to improve to get the team to be ultracompetitive this year. Eli never got too high and that works to his advantage in not coming crashing down to earth. Eli is not resting on his laurels.

3) Do we have any speed at LB?

4) Does Diehl’s play at LT improve? We cannot afford to have the 2nd highest sacks allowed and expect (playoff) competitiveness this season again.

5) Can we get Woodson or Carr to become a credible backup? If I know the Giants they will probably cut Wright in deference to the promise/pedgiree of newest arrivals. Otherwise it would mean an immediate admission of error in the draft pick or reclamation project.

6) Do the rookies of 2007 ascend and make the dramatic impact in 2008 we are hoping for? This holds so much promise for the team.

7) How does the team shut down the run w/o Strahan?

Jeremy Shockey traded to the New Orleans Saints, Part 2

July 22, 2008

John Mara: “I had a couple of long conversations with Jeremy this spring and summer. From those conversations, it was apparent to me that a fresh start was the best thing for us and for Jeremy.”

READ BETWEEN THE LINES, the Giants wanted him because they were better WITH HIM. This was not their choice or their thinking that they were better without him. Their hand was forced.

NEXT. If the Giants are healthy, they can get the job done without Shockey. Gilbride you nitwit, wake up and USE your weapons. Spags had four tremendous pass rushers, he found ways to get ALL going north to the QB and (use Kiwi and Tuck for) wreaking havoc on guards and centers. With Gilbride we have Shockey in on every down… blocking. OMFG.

There once was a time when the Giants drafted a rookie phenom in the first round who immediately turned heads when he hit the field. He too was filled with all kinds of energy, and physically was a man amongst boys. His name was LT. And Parcells (first as his defensive coordinator and then as head coach) knew how to manage the man-child. Let him do what he did best. Give him his own set of rules. Keep him happy. Make no mistake, LT was a rogue too. Just like Shockey, LT was a party animal with the same unbounded energy. The only difference is that Parcells let his rogue sleep through meetings, and (for better AND for worse) looked the other way at times when it came to LT’s drug use.

IS SHOCKEY A PEA BRAIN? Absolutely! He was unhappy because he felt he was being impeded FROM HELPING THIS TEAM. He simply needed coaches that could communicate with him and figure out ways to make him happy. They all knew the team was far stronger with this ballistic missile pointed at the opponents. By the end, he was pointed at the gmen and he had to go. This was NOT Shockey’s fault. It was Coughlin and (specifically) Gilbride’s. I have said it here before and I will say it again.. when you get a Maserati you do not put it in midtown traffic to collect fares. This was a wasted asset, plain and simple. (Ultimatenyg pointed out the day after he went down with a broken leg that the Giants would NOT miss Shockey because he already was being so underutilized that it did not matter. Sad indeed.) Smarter athletes would have channeled their drives to suit the needs of the team. In fact, the way I saw 2007, with how Shockey was a model citizen and on-field TEAM player, how could you complain? So the facts here are that he is gone and that we should stop looking just at Shockey and more at the Giants organization for why this failed. You get a player with his skills once or twice a generation, they often come with some asterisks, and if you can manage the asterisks you can win championships on their shoulders.

Gilbride still mismanages his talent. Try using Boss in pass patterns more if his hands are much better than his blocking. Get Bradshaw on the field more. Run him on screens in open space. (Despite Strahan and Umenyoira starting at DE) Spags found ways to get Tuck on the field all the time. So when we won the SB and everyone was talking up Spags for a head coaching job and no one was talking up Gilbride, were you surprised? When it came to this, that Shockey had to be traded, it should not have been a total surprise.

New York Giants trade Jeremy Shockey to the Saints for a 2nd and 5th Rounder

July 21, 2008

New York Giants trade Jeremy Shockey to the Saints for a 2nd and 5th Rounder

Just like the Skins had to make a distressed and motivated buy when Daniels went down, the Giants had to make this trade because Shockey forced their hand. The Giants will be okay but they lose a Pro Bowler. Blame goes to Gilbride, who kept the Maserati busy in midtown traffic picking up fares instead of out on the highway where it belonged.

Note that these are NOT the same “draft picks” as the ones offered by the Saints in April. In April the Saints were at #9 in the second round, the 40th pick in the draft. Not only do we have to wait a year to pick, we will likely be picking a lot lower than #40 and the 2009 draft will not be nearly as deep as 2008’s draft. I am sure the Giants argued these points in holding onto at least the original ‘terms.’

New York Giants sign Chris Snee, Michael Strahan says trade Jeremy Shockey

June 25, 2008

Giants sign Snee.

Strahan says let Shockey leave and play somewhere else.

So much for a quiet period between minicamp and training camp. These two items are VERY important within the context of the NY Giants’ attempt to repeat. There is a list of veterans that are quietly and (duh, Plaxico) not so quietly waiting for a new contract. Locking up Snee BEFORE he went to the Pro Bowl (he is there in everything but name only) was a great move… another one of those ‘meat and potatoes’ #2 picks.

As for Strahan’s remarks about Shockey, they mean A LOT because Strahan was the pulse of the team. He just left, meaning he still IS the pulse. He understands and is not bashful about speaking his mind, so we just got a clear signal of where the other players are. They know how good he is but after a certain point you do not need the distraction anymore. Does he fit? Unless these guys can patch it up, Strahan argues to get what you can get for him and move him. I re-watched the Dallas, GB and Patriots playoff games, and saw plenty of weakness in Boss’s game..poor/inconsistent blocking, dropped passes.. Boss will get better but remember he is not Jeremy Shockey. This will be a loss. I am not closing the door on Shockey- ironically it could be the lack of a deal with Reese and him that force him to play out (the next year of) his contract, but it looks like Jeremy Shockey is ultimately going to get what he wants: a different team.