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Personal Seat License Grief Counseling

June 30, 2008

The 5 stages of Personal Seat License Grief:
1) Denial- “I can’t believe we have to pay off those rich owners.”
2) Anger- “Those m*****-f****** greedy ****ing owners are hosing us with this cr*p. They s***. I am never going to another game!” (See other Giants bloggers who are stuck here on Stage 2.)
3) Bargaining- “I never asked for a new stadium. Maybe I can get my mother-in-law to pay the fee and then she’ll just give the seats to us when she dies anyway.”
4) Depression- I am going to have to pay up for the PSL, the money is going to go to those rich SOBs, and that thought depresses the hell out of me.
5) Acceptance- there are 15 years of people on a waiting list behind me who will pay for these PSL’s. Ultimatenyg points out that the seat licenses will be worth more than I pay for them, so it is what it is, next.