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Camp Comments

August 10, 2009

1) all the flack about the exchange from center is purely because the Giants did not re-sign Grey Ruegamer. No credible backup. Giants almost ‘lucky’ that O’Hara was out so that the first team could see how deficient it is.

2) Defensive tackle Fred Robbins was activated from the physically unable to perform list (PUP) and participated in individual drills. Coughlin said he might begin to take part in team work tomorrow on a limited basis.Anything we get from him will be good,” Coughlin said.

Well, this is unexpected and very good news. We felt that Robbins would be on the PUP at the start of the season, given how difficult it is to get immediate success with microfracture surgery, combined with the knees of an aging DLineman. Looks like we’ll be wrong come Week 1, assuming Robbins continues to make progress. Whether this translates to Robbins making a meaningful contribution is another matter altogether, but it will be impossible for him to make less of a contribution while activated than on the PUP.

3) “Beckum has gotten a little bit better each day,” Coughlin said. “The thing I think he’s started to do a little better is the physical aspect as a blocker.” Let this remark by Coughlin be a sober reminder to all of us that these rookies (Beckum, Barden, Nicks, Brown) are not going to get on the field to make an impact on offense unless they are first able to block up their assignment. It’s good news to see Beckum at least headed in the right direction. So often these guys disappear their first year because they are not fundamentally sound.

4) A little nugget on Bradshaw from Coughlin..

Q. How has Ahmad Bradshaw’s camp been so far?
A. Good.

Q. What’s the biggest challenge as his role is changing?
A. He’s caught the ball well. Obviously, if he can continue to do that, he will help us out tremendously. He runs the ball well, he’s been out there on kickoff returns and punt returns. He’s done a pretty good at picking it all up. Also, his pass protection has really improved. As we go forward, that’s going to have to continue to be a solid part of his game.

We have always felt that #44’s blocking/blitz pickup was improving and that he was okay there. The Achilles.. his fumbling. It is not mentioned here in the Q&A. But without parsing out the words too aggressively, “good” means the caveat is still there- as long as Bradshaw protects the ball, he is going to have a very good season. He should be able to get the touches and this will be explosive for the team when he gets them. We need a guy like this to move the chains, to be a threat out of the backfield. He stretches the opposing defense, causing problems for them the same way that a Westbrook causes problems once the defense has dropped into coverage. Bradshaw does not need to be Westbrook. He just needs to be Bradshaw.

5) Wonder on the Eagles: WOW !! IF, IF, IF the rumors are true, Eagles lost Cornelius Ingram for the SEASON with a torn ACL…if so, HUGE LOSS, not only for this year, but for the future..he’ll never be the same again..I thought he was a STEAL in the 5th round….Eagles keep losing guys…AND their OL is really IN FLUX due to injuries as well…IF so, might be able to overpower their OL and blitz the bleep out of them…and put McNabb on his big old butt…!!

Musical Chairs at DL

July 14, 2009

9 men, 8 chairs. Round and round we go, when the music stops, nobody knows.

Those were interesting comments from Tollefson last week. He is one of the lesser known subs who certainly gets enough time in the rotation as a DE. But does he even make the team?! Let’s do the math..

Assuming that Douzable, Evans, Henderson, Hill, Bryant and JClark all do not make the team…


One of these 9 does not make it. This would imply a shorter list of Cofield/Robbins/Bernard/Alford/Tollefson. I am no doctor, so far be it for me to make a guess about Cofield and Robbins after surgery. I am going to go with Robbins on the PUP list for now so that the Giants take their time, keep him fresh on a longer timetable and have his knees (ETC!) ready for the 2nd half push and postseason. Intentionally speaking, that is a nice luxury to have. Is Robbins better than others on this list? Of course, when healthy, YES. 100% comebacks from microfracture surgery take time. If Robbins were to have a very good camp or even get a lot of reps, it would make this decision harder. Then I would suspect that 1 of these guys- Cofield/Tollefson/Alford gets cut. Normally Cofield would not be there, since he was a starter. But he had offseason surgery too. Drilling down.. Tollefson or Alford? I suspect that Reese would have a shot at getting a late round draft pick for one of them.

The one good thing about all of this is that the Giants are very deep here… nice problem to have. If the Giants stay healthy in camp and some team that is thin at DL does not, then look for the Giants to possibly deal one of them. Why? Because Defensive Linemen are grown, they are not born… another team could make one of these guys a starter and 3 years from now they could be a solid cog in their defense.

Wonder’s take on the logjam at DL? “Robbins might be cut period. We’ll have to see how Tollefson, Cofield, Alford, Bernard look like in camp.” That sounds a little harsh to me. His salary is a reasonable $2.1M in the last year of his contract. A cheap enough call option. I would think the Giants PUP him before they cut him. This way they have an option w/o taking up a roster spot. To be fair, the Giants probably don’t know exactly what they are going to do- they need to see how everyone is doing this summer at camp and then simply evaluate who makes the most sense to be on the roster.

Summary: Robbins microfracture+DL+32 years old= PUP.

Busy day in OTA land, plaxi-shmoe

June 6, 2009

Ralph Vacchiano reports that

Cofield “may” have had micrfracture surgery too. Read the note by Ralph that says how the Robbins blog deleted the word “microfracture” from the Robbins site. Too late, the cat’s out of the bag. I always find it stunning how people try to delete history. Saturday Night Live had a great skit back in November of last year with the Big 3 automakers on C-Span in front of Congress asking for 10’s of billions of dollars. The plan was to get more and more money every few months with no end in sight. These comedians (and the public) had this one figured out well before we pumped in 50B-60B to see GM still go to bankruptcy anyway. Why mention this? Because you can no longer find the video on the SNL website. NBC pulled it. The truth (be it to the gov’t or to the ad clients) hurts.

Lots of passing at Friday’s OTA

Antonio Pierce lost a gear last year. 31 in October? Ouch. This is what happens to ALL LBers. A few are able to sneak by until 33, but most get to 31 and the downhill slide is unforgiving. Boley will help his game, but remember that Boley will probably be thinking too much to be making an impact, at least in the first half of the 2009 season. Pierce’s days are numbered. If he is able to find the fountain of youth and play effectively for one more season, it would be a huge gift. This was why we were so keen on beefing up LBer. I really hope Sintim can help this team, but his hamstring certainly does not help. At least he’ll be able to rest it from mid June to the end of July.

Someone is going to have to explain why it all of a sudden has dawned on plaxi-shmoe that he needs to do a deal NOW to keep him in the 2009 season. He had this at the end of March and passed. Two more months have gone by and he is NOW figuring it out? For his sake the grass better be greener with the Jets/Bucs/Bears.. in 2010?

Fred Robbins

June 4, 2009

Fred Robbins mentions in his blog on Tuesday and Ralph V picked up that Robbins had microfracture surgery. Oh brown. You cannot have enough depth at DL. How many of you realistically think this guy is going to make the final roster? This has PUP list written all over it.

It is a very sad moment for Giants fans. Fred Robbins is a warrior who time and again delivered for the gmen. When you think about what he played through all season? And the Eagles playoff game, he was playing on guts, and almost ran that INT into the endzone! We hope this guy has some gas left in the tank, but this is sobering and realistically we cannot expect that much more. He was in the trenches for us and got us a championship. Fred- whether or not you play for the Giants again, thanks for all you have given us.

100,000 hits

January 28, 2009

Today this blog crossed over the 100,000 hits milestone. So celebrate with Ultimatenyg as we usher in a stronger 2009 with a hungrier Giants team that will play with increased resolve to win a title.

This week is the Super Bowl. Robbins likes the Steelers… I think these guys in the trenches have a better feel for the game than most, so I take note of those calls. (If you have a strong opinion on the Super Bowl winner, let us know.) Next week we have the 3rd Annual Ultimatenyg Awards. The week after is the Combine when Wonder gets into high gear. (I know less than zero about the college players, since I only get the NFL and March Madness.) A lot of NFL teams will be trying to re-sign their players who are about to become UFAs during this period. Two weeks later it will be the end of February, with Free Agency upon us. We’ll have plenty of time to ruminate the possibilities of whether or not Reese, in his 3rd year of the Free Agency market, decides to flex it or remain in virtual hibernation.

And the holy of holies, the DRAFT.

So as we cross this milestone, there is a lot coming. Thanks for being part of the 100,000.

Good news for Giants fans: Robbins is ready

January 7, 2009

Yesterday, Fred Robbins spoke on his blog for the first time in 3 weeks. If you read #98’s comments this season, he has been open about plenty of stuff… not the usual Eli Manning platitudes.

Why is Fred Robbins so important? If you have to ask that, (1) welcome to the blog world, where we explain stuff like that (2) you probably have not been following the gmen that closely.

Robbins is one of the keys to the game on Sunday. Since he is good on run defense, and since the Eagles can’t run the ball well, we know and expect the Eagles to be passing a lot. It is imperative to get the push up the middle on McNabb so that he (a) cannot step into the pocket on his throws (b) cannot step up to avoid the pass rush AND (c) cannot buy time for his dumpoff/checkdown/flare to the RB/TE. “Critical,” says Wonder. Agreed.

Now let’s listen to what Robbins had to say:
We can’t make mistakes against a team like Philly. They’re hot and they’ve really been claiming the line of scrimmage, so it’s going to be a typical Giants-Philly game and could come down to who has the ball last.

A lot of people have been saying that we could be rusty after a couple weeks off, but I don’t think so. We got in a lot of good work this week and last week. We haven’t relaxed, or taken the foot off the gas pedal. It’s playoff time! There’s no tomorrow and no get ’em next week. Each play really counts, and if you lose you have to wait a whole year to play again.

We’ve worked too hard for this to be the end of our season. We’re still hungry.
I didn’t take the day off against Minnesota even though I’ve been banged up because it could have been tough to get back in the groove going into the playoffs after not playing for 3 or 4 weeks. I wanted to sharpen my technique.

My shoulder is feeling healthy, about 95 percent. I’m finally able to do the things I was able to do at the start of the season, and I’m ready to pick up where I left off before I hurt my hands and my shoulder.

When we played Philly last time I had missed the week before with the shoulder injury and I think I rushed back too soon. My shoulder was not healthy enough for me to have been out there playing. I didn’t want to miss that game, but I wasn’t able to perform up to my capabilities.

If this guy is healthy and playing to “where I left off before I hurt my hands and my shoulder,” it is lights out, my friends. Robbins had 5.5 sacks in his first 6 games before he got hurt, and enabled Kiwi and Tuck to do what they do best. Watch Freddie on Sunday, because if he is getting the push, he doesn’t even need the sacks (although of course they are the bonus). He just needs to push up the middle so that McNabb is disrupted with hurries/knockdowns/Tuck.

SEPARATELY: ASK WONDER. Do you have a question for Wonder on the Gmen or Eagles? On the matchups between CAR-AZ, SD-PIT, TEN-BAL? Who is the player to watch on a particular team? He’ll field your questions (email or comment) with a post for Friday. Btw, nice job by Wonder early Sunday in alerting us to Minnesota’s chances dropping big when Pat Williams was unable to play.

Bring’em On- NO EXCUSES

January 5, 2009

Now that we have reached the beginning of the playoffs, you can post your selection of who will win Super Bowl XLIII on the right column of the blog –>


If the Gmen lose, they do not deserve to be Super Bowl Champions. Why? Because we saw the Eagles’ hand already. Twice. And if you count the same lessons that Gilbrown had to learn yet again vs the Cowboys, three times. There should be few (if ANY) surprises. You have to know about 90%-95% of what they are going to try to do to stop you.

The Giants will play better.. A LOT BETTER than W14. And if they get torched by Westbrook on that checkdown/screen by a LBer getting beat instead of a Safety, then we deserve our fate. As long as the Giants have learned ANYTHING from that W14 matchup, the Gmen will be fine and will win this game. The Eagles have no real running game. I’d be in nickel all day, and dime on 3rd down. The Vikings w/o Pat Williams had no push up the middle, so McNabb had all day. Pls Fred Robbins and Barry Cofield, get that push and we will be fine. Kiwi and Tuck, contain that pocket.

The offense has new rhythm now that it did not have 4 weeks ago, and if Gilbrown is moronic enough to not realize that (a) the Eagle undersized defensive line needs a steady diet of Jacobs and (b) the looks they will give us mean BOSS to move the sticks/red zone, then we deserve our fate. Since major adjustments are not anticipated, the Giants should be able to outphysical this team and win.

Look back to W14’s loss. Remember that the Eagles had the 10 days of rest and were jacked. Now we have the rest and we are the team that will be jacked. Remember the missed blocks? The dropped balls? The Giants were flat that day and they will be much more focused this time.

The people who make the comparisons to the Giants ’07 and Steelers ’05 for what the Eagles ’08 allegedly look like are missing a key DIFFERENCE. The Gmen were 8-1 at this point as ROAD WARRIORS. The Steelers were 7-2 at this point as ROAD WARRIORS. The Eagles? They are 4-4-1, having beaten SF, SEA, NYG (*which we have discussed above and know all about), and MINN. Road warriors they ain’t. They will be 4-5-1 and sent for early January golf after this coming Sunday.

No excuses. Unmask this team right here, right now. They caught us snoozing in W14, but this time it counts, 100% focus, 100% win.

The Giants are -4. The Giants will win and cover.

Rest for the Weary Interior Defensive Lineman

January 1, 2009
The Ultimatenyg Wife and Daughter made cookies for the New Years Party last night.

The rest will be a positive for the DL- an oppty for Tuck, Robbins and Cofield to get back to their early season energy with a few less bumps and bruises to contend with.

When we lost Osi in August, we knew that was a BIG hurdle to getting another title. Well, here we are. All it means is that the Giants need HELP. They need the offense to get more points. They need the kickoff coverage to help them with field position. Yes, they need the Safety to pickup the RB out of the checkdown, not Pierce. (Wonder agrees, says Pierce should not be on the field on 3rd and long.) They can commit a few less penalties. The Giants have enough to win it all, they just need to be a little tighter from here on in. Gilbride needs to get more than 21 points per game this offseason, it will NOT be enough unless guys like Robbins ARE BACK.

Like we have said before, IF ROBBINS IS BACK IN EARLY SEASON HEALTH, they’ll be on Broadway on Feb 2nd. But when did an interior DL ever finish STRONGER as the season wore on? I am willing to bet that that extra week off for Cofield may have saved him in ways we do not know. Interior DL is like playing Catcher in Baseball. The length of the season is a major grind. The physical demands every game wear you down like no other position on the field. It is not a coicidence that these guys get hurt and eventually cannot play well enough with their injuries and must take a week off to heal.

We looked at the 4 Pro Bowl picks this season (Haynesworth, Jenkins, Ratliff and Williams), added in Cofield and Robbins, and looked at their combined tackles and sacks in the first 11 games and then looked at the same stats in the last 5 games of the season.

Statistic First11 Last5
Starts 100% 84%
Tackles/game 3.1 2.8
Sacks/game 0.52 0.08

So the number of tackles this squad made dropped off by 11% per game. Given that the number of starts also dropped by 16%, you can argue that the run-stopping stayed consistent. But the total number of sacks plummetted from 34 in the first 11 games to 2.5 in the last 5 games, a drop of 84%. These guys simply lose their wheels. ALL OF THEM. I did not inspect the assists/solo tackles ratio, but anecdotally it looked like there were less solos and more assists in the latter part of the season.

EIGHT FOUR PERCENT. THE SACKS DRIED UP. COMPLETELY! For Robbins, his last sack came on October 19th. For Defensive Ends, they may come in “bunches,” but for Defensive Linemen, they come in the earlier part of the season. You can argue, but hey, he got injured! But injuries alone only would account for a 16% dropoff in production, which is almost exactly what we see from the number of tackles. And this dropoff in sacks was for all the probowlers, not just (the alternate Pro Bowler) Robbins.

One factor which cannot be ignored is that Robbins collected 5.5 sacks in his first 6 games vs. weaker competition with a winning percentage of 30.7%. In the last 10 games, the Giants and Robbins faced opponents with a winning percentage of 61.8%. So some of the dropoff in his personal performance may have been related to that variable.

The Giants pass rush misses the push from Robbins up the middle. All teams miss this, but it has been especially acute for the Giants. Even if Robbins does not get the sack, if he getting the forward push this will help Kiwanuka and Tuck because the QB will not be able to step up into the pocket. At this point in the season, all we need is the hurry, knockdown, push. Sacks just confirm the other three and generally cause change of possession.

Separately, if you have a site which tracks INDIVIDUAL HURRIES and KNOCKDOWNS for defensive players, pls let us know.

Fred Robbins

December 19, 2008

Fred Robbins was in practice yesterday. Boy do we need him. Of all the players out there who are hurt (yes, even Ahmad), Robbins is the single most important one to get back healthy. The comments on his blog are actually quite informative, taken at face value. (Also, referenced on the right side is a new listing of players’ blogs that were added last week.)

November 5, 2008: “Playing with two broken hands is a piece of work, man. I broke them a couple weeks ago against the 49ers, both times making tackles.”

December 2, 2008: “I hurt the AC joint in my shoulder in the Arizona game… I’m not complaining. My hands are healed up and my shoulder is coming along.”

December 9, 2008: “My hands are better and my shoulder feels OK, the last few games every season you have to gut it out with some soreness. It’s nothing I can’t play with and it’s getting better day by day. That’s why we want to get that bye week and have time to heal.”

December 16, 2008: “I definitely want to play. That’s the thing, the players always want to be out there on the field, but I don’t want to go out there too early and have a chance to reinjure my shoulder. I want to make sure I’m around for the playoffs, take some time as far as the healing process. I started having problems with it after playing last week. What happens when you have an injury is that you talk to the team doctor, they ask for your opinion, the doc says his opinion and the coach makes the final decision. Coach Coughlin said he wanted to make sure I was around for the playoffs. Health is a big issue and you want to make sure you don’t reinjure yourself. I’m definitely starting to feel better but it’s too early to say for sure whether I’ll play against Carolina. The strength in my shoulder just isn’t there yet, I can’t protect myself on the field and that’s not a good thing. I’ll probably know by the end of the week. Friday I’ll go out there and do some work on the practice field and see how it feels.”

NYG-DAL Intragame comments…Robbins Inactive

December 15, 2008

Giants-Cowboys GameDay Inactives

K Tynes
RB Jacobs
CB Madison
LB Goff
T Koets
DT Douzable
DE McDougle
DT Robbins