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April 22, 2009

When they say that this year is not as good a crop of players for the NFL draft, there is no better place to look at as evidence of this than at Offensive Tackle. Even though this draft in 2009 is supposed to be good for the position, it is not nearly as good as 2008 was. In 2008, we had Ryan Clady, Jeff Otah, Jake Long and G Brandon Albert. This year, the only OT that Wonder considers to be in that class is Eugene Monroe… the rest are mostly average. With that said, let’s look at some of the notables.

Wonder Commentary

Offensive Tackle
Jason Smith- He is near the top overall in this draft class, just not value with all things considered. Does not compare well to top OTs from last year.
Eugene Monroe– YES. As advertised. Still has a health issue which needs to be cleared by medical people, and then STRONG YES.
Andre Smith- NO!!! If he cannot get in shape NOW, with millions at stake, what does that say about your drive and work ethic? There is too much risk for someone considered a Top 10 pick.
Michael Oher- Okay, will be a good pro, but less enthused about the value here.
Eben Britton– Yes! A good late first rounder or early second rounder. Mean streak, I like him.
William Beatty- Ok.
Phil Loadholt– Good value for Giants in 3rd Round.
Jason Watkins- potential as 5th or 6th rounder.
Joel Bell- Late second day pick, groom him, see what you get.
Andrew Gardner- Ditto Joel Bell’s remarks.
Jared Gaither- go as high as 4th round.
Scott Burley- sign as a UFA or 6th/7th rounder.
Ryan Stancheck- Big guy, can carry another 20-25 lbs., make him a Guard
Sean Sester- Yes.
Andrew Hartline- Borderline.
Kyle Howard- a project but can be a John Runyan guy. Coach him up.
Mike Brown- Late. Coach up. Can carry more weight.
Jose Valdez- Move him inside to Guard.

Delmas- like him late 1st/early 2nd round. A football player.
Moore- Steal? Are you getting the guy who was hurt in his Sr. year or the Junior who was a 1st rounder?
Chung- NO.
Johnson– He’s a FOOTBALL PLAYER! Take him late 2nd round, GIANTS! By 2010 he will be starting for you for the next 8-10 years. Smart. Understands FB. Will wear the microhone in the helmet and will have all the people in their proper assignments. Solid citizen too. Seems to find his way to being around the ball.. he get’s it done. Not afraid to hit. SO GOOD FOR GIANTS.

Stafford- Lions have to take him. Not as high on Stafford as Ryan.
Sanchez- This guy is not a boomer, weak arm, not a Northeast QB. The 49ers should take him.
Freeman- Feast or famine (aren’t all QBs like that?). You will have to wiat 2-3 years on this guy, he does not see the field well.
White- Can’t play QB, not a RB, not a WR. Do you play him in the slot as a gimmick guy? Obviously Mayock and Wonder disagree. 2-3 yr project.
Bomar- LOVE HIM. Best value QB in the draft as a late 3rd/4th rounder.

Defensive End
Orakpo- This guy is a puzzle. Where do I play him? Hard to be a DE and be small, very few Dwight Freenys out there that make it. He is a workout warrior, but the risk of going too high for him is there since he is a hybrid. I just don’t see it.
Brown- Don’t like drafting him in the first round.
Maybin- He is really an OLB. Skinny legs. HATE the idea of drafting him. Am looking for him to be a total washout in the pros.
TYSON JACKSON– LOVE HIM! 3-4 DE. In 3-4 years will be a stud. Can seal the edge, stuff the run, rush the passer, maybe not all Pro, but VG. Denver should take him at #12 for their 3-4.
Ayers- I like him, but there is a caveat. Feast or famine, needs to put on 15-20 lbs of muscle but all the while not lose the speed rush. Could be a bust or Justin Tuck. Like him in the 15-20 range. I would draft him at #17 for the Jets if Jackson gone.
English- LOVE HIM! OLB. I fear the Patriots sc*m browns are going to get him. He’s half Vrabel, half McGinest. My only hope is that New England takes Connor Barwin instead.
MJohnson- Feast or famine. He should be Julius Peppers. Can he gain 15-20 lbs? Can he show up to play every down?
Barwin- Tweener. TE? OLB? I pass on these types of players.
Kruger- Interesting. Grinder. Gets it done.
Sidbury- Lots of potential. 2nd round.
Evans- some potential. 6th round.
ARobinson- 7th round pick.
NOTE: There is no first round grade for anyone here except Tyson Jackson. (There will be more than a few that GO in the first round, but the rest would not get that grade if the depth in the draft were better.)

Defensive Tackle
Raji- He’s a 3-4 Nose Tackle, can’t play for Giants. Biggest, widest, fattest behind in the history of civilization. Only for a 3-4 team, Denver at #18 is where I would take him.
Jerry- ? 4-3 guy only.
Hood- Like him. Overachiever. 2nd/3rd round.
Brace- 3-4 guy. Might be better than Raji.
Moala- Overrated.
Gilbert- Can be something, 3-4 DE. Athletic, inside or outside, Football Player! Mid 2nd round, 10 picks in (take at 42 or lower).
Jean-Francois- ? Could be ok. 4th/5th Rounder.
WJohnson- 6th/7th Round.

The whole draft browns. Ultimatenyg comment: this is why Reese went stronger in free agency at DL. And it is why those 2009 draft picks are better currency to use on Edwards.