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Plaxico Burress Shot, John Clayton ESPN reports

November 29, 2008

Not a life-threatening injury. First things first, we all hope the man is okay, which is what it sounds like. A distant second, for the Giants, the Burress circus side show continues.

ESPN: Burress and Giants will make financial settlement

September 27, 2008

Chris Mortensen reports the Giants and Burress will settle their disupte. The one game suspension will remain, but the fine will get cut in half and Burress won’t lose bonus clauses due to suspension/conduct detrimental to the team.

The late George Young on players- “It’s about the money. And when they say it’s not about the money, then it is DEFINITELY about the money.”

The late George Young on agents- “Cockroaches.”

I’ll let you connect the dots.

John Clayton

May 16, 2008

This past Monday, some poor soul over at some other Giants site linked to ultimatenyg with the story from John Clayton from ESPN and his perspective on Shockey and Strahan. Amusing. The bullies over there started giving him s*** for sending over a stale story quoting a loser like Clayton.

1) The Shockey and Strahan stories are not exactly ‘timely’ pieces where an ESPN analyst is being held on the clock for a breaking OPINION. It’s freaking MAY, the nadir of our football calendar. EVERYTHING IS STALE!

2) Clayton is not the holy grail. In over 400 posts over a 1.5 year period, do you know how many times this blog referred to his coverage? TWICE. That INCLUDES Monday’s post. AND it also includes the John Fox article where the blog casted doubt on the perception of Fox as damaged goods on the hot seat. So this site is not exactly a John Clayton parrot.

3) My own personal bias has been leaning toward Strahan coming back because of the financial nightmare of a divorce. But I have enough humility and respect for other opinions to ask for any STRONG opinion which is based on strong facts in support for EITHER side. I’d love to share the OUTCOME before it occurs. IF you have a unique perspective on WHY he is going to leave or stay that no one is talking about, I am all ears.

4) Lost in the Monday post was the key part of the message, that Clayton’s perspective on Strahan and Shockey had some merit because he was a step back from the Giants mania and had an unbiased view of the story. His sense of Strahan packing it in has more merit in my eyes than mine or anyone else’s in Giantland right now because he is NOT watching every bowel movement of Strahan and really could care less about the outcome. We care. We are biased. We are dissecting every angle.

The bottom line here is that I’d rather have the answer than be right. Clayton is out there ALL THE TIME, and rarely does he add something which is worth passing along. This time his comments struck me as simple and to the point. His lack of bias is the value, that is the story.

The latest is that Strahan said Wednesday that he has pretty much made up his mind. The earlier he makes up his mind the more likely he is retiring. Clayton does not look so bad right now, given that he is saying Strahan goes and Shockey stays.

John Clayton of ESPN reports on the NY Giants

May 12, 2008

1) John Clayton says that despite all the talk about Shockey, he is going to stay. The Saints were the only ones to offer anything serious for him. They offered a 2 and 5, the Giants wanted a 1. The draft is over and the Giants did not draft a TE. Despite some of the talk from Shockey and the trade ideas, no trade is going to get done so Shockey is going to remain a Giant.

2) John Clayton says that it looks like Strahan is leaning toward retirement. A lot of players Strahan speaks to have left them as confused as all of us. Strahan spoke with Tuck yesterday and even Tuck is confused. At this point Strahan’s head simply is not in football and the speculation is (see Antonio Pierce remarks from Thursday May 8) that he is not going to be able to summon up the desire to do battle when he has gotten his prized ring.

I think that Clayton has a good and unbiased sense of what is there and what is NOT there for these players. At this moment in time it looks like Strahan will not be in uniform on opening day and that Shockey will be.

John Fox

April 8, 2008

What is all the fuss about? ESPN’s John Clayton writes about a few coaches who are the hot seat this season, one of which is John Fox.

What is going on here?!! Fox totally turned around the franchise immediately after becoming head coach, his team’s biggest losing season is 7-9 and the Panthers have been hit by major injuries the past two years. So looking at the aggregate won-loss record of his stewardship as head coach is utterly ridiculous and Neanderthal. Oh, and I forgot to mention that he is 5-2 in the playoffs, having lost to Brady and the Patriots by a bleeder FG at the end… not that anything like that outcome could have POSSIBLY happened to US!?! Do you see where I am going with this? If this guy were around and we needed a head coach, I would pounce on him faster than a …well, a panther. And one more thing- when Spags is plucked from the Gmen at the end of this season, and if the rest of the league is clueless about Fox, I would grab him as our defensive coordinator and let him know that he has the inside track (of course, no guarantees) with the organization to become the next Head Coach. Considering how well-liked he was by the Giants in 2001 (he was almost offered the Head Coaching job if Fassel blinked), this could be a decent setup- the Giants like hiring people who they know. Buy the Fox.

ESPN discusses the New York Giants’ first pick in the draft

March 29, 2008

A view from the other side

February 14, 2008

Simmons from ESPN on his Patriots’ loss. A view from the other side. These were the people who gave us no chance. Giants fans talked about these types in the two weeks leading up to the game; as much as we did not want to think about the emotional letdown of a Giant loss, we knew that a Patriots loss was going to be the equivalent of an atomic bomb for all of their fans. Simmons captures the nuclear fallout and allows Giants fans to relive the moment in full splendor. Yep, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Where did you see that one?

It is easy for us to understand that Simmons missed the big elephant- the Patriots offensive juggernaut could not do the things it had done all season because the Giants pass rush was disrupting their game.

One more thing- his ‘castaway’ simile was poetic genius. Simmons captured the intensity of our joy. Impressive awareness for someone who could have easily been overwhelmed and consumed by his own dismay.

"The Helmet"

February 4, 2008

Simply the biggest play in NY Giants history… “The Helmet”

Phil Simms: (paraphrased) ‘One of the greatest football plays ever.’
Peyton Manning: “Eli’s pass to Tyree, I think, was one of the greatest plays of all time.”
Bob Golic and Mike Greenberg: #1 Super Bowl Play of All Time.

This was an incredible play defining an incredible game. It had Manning scrambling, it had him getting sacked, then a miraculous Tarkenton-esque escape, followed by a heave to David Tyree, met by a Pro Bowl defender, a jump ball, a catch pinned against the helmet, and the ball somehow stays caught despite Harrison pulling at Tyree’s arms to rip apart the ball (not to mention the additional impact with the ground) from his hands. All taking place in a 2 minute Super Bowl drive for a championship.