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December 11, 2008

1. Jints- the Burress distraction was bound to hit us at SOME point this year..better week 14 than in playoffs…as for our future, it really doesn’t matter if we beat Dallas or not, except for the possibility of knocking them out of playoffs, which would be GREAT…however, that being said, Coughlin and staff MUST rest was extremely poor “season management” to play Jacobs against Phila..we all know how much it hurts to plow into the line in the cold weather..all the bumps and bruises get accentuated….come January/Feb., Jacobs MUST be as close to 100% as possible…hold him out against Dallas, play him (if he’s ok to go) against Carolina as that is the ONLY game left on the schedule that matters, and hold him out against Minn., so he has 3 weeks to rest.. I wouldn’t worry too much about the Phila. game..I actually believe losing was a good “stress-reliever” given the recent events.. I am a little concerned about our pass rush’s great to make teams one-dimensional by stopping the run…however, if you let their QB sit back there w/o being pressured, our secondary will get annihilated unless the weather precludes passing…also, I believe we MUST game plan better re: the passing game… the Jints have, for the moment, lost their offensive identity w/o is critical they get it back by playoff time..I’m not too concerned about the running attack as it’s basically on cruise control..but the passing game MUST be smooth and in rhythm, particularly Eli’s PLAY-ACTION to Boss, Smith..and Toomer MUST be more “involved” so Eli is more comfortable

Jets- Mangini wants to be a “belechick clone”, i.e, an emotionless statue who expects his 53 players to be professionals who come to work each and every day and know their job..guess what ? this is FOOTBALL !! Your 53 have to bring INTENSITY and frankly, a little bit of craziness, each and every game…they are NOT salesmen at BARNEY’S where they are motivated by commissions and the customers just show up, etc..they have to BRING IT onto the field !! We all believe we know and understand me, the average viewer has no clue that on each and every play 11 players on one team are trying to kill the other 11 players with an amount of violence you cannot such, to expect your team to play WITHOUT emotion is self-defeating.. the best coaches get their teams “riled up” before the game.. have you ever seen Ray Lewis talk to his team on the sideline before a game ?? That’s what we for strategy, Mangini is approaching the Herm Edwards zone, where he plays NOT TO LOSE as opposed to PLAYING TO WIN !!…3rd and 2 on opening series after recovering an onside kick? you’re on the 49er 38 yd. line..RUN JONES TWICE !! you can’t show enough confidence to “go for it” on 4th down if need be ? why did you even bring in Favre ? to throw the ball SHORTER on the average than Pennington ? when was the last time, other than the AZ and Rams blowouts, that Favre actually completed a pass that he physically threw more than 20 yards down the field ?? Why isn’t David Clowney ACTIVE? He’s the only real home run threat the Jets they EVER complete a 15 yd. “skinny post” or deep out ? Do they EVER go from shotgun with Leon next to Favre, and then motion Leon up in the slot to go 1on 1 with a LB with an empty backfield? How many passes does Reggie Bush catch ? When you have a ball control offense that relies on precision, you CANNOT afford ANY drops or mistakes…hear that Keller ?.. and what has become of the DEEP ball after PLAY-ACTION? remember when Cotchery caught a 56 yd TD on opening day off of play-action ? well ?

As for the DEFENSE, or lack thereof, Sutton and/or Mangini have NO CLUE and the D has NO IDENTITY..sure, for the most part they can stop the run..but how can any D that includes Jenkins, Ellis, Pace,and BT rushing the passer and Rhodes and Revis in the secondary, give up such a HUGE amount of passing yardage to SECOND RATE QB’s like Hill? Go with PRESS COVERAGE and RUSH the QB, mix it up…do NOT let “him” get comfortable !! and for heaven’s sake, can you figure out HOW to stop 2 basic plays:
1. crossing patterns “underneath” that go for 15 yds ; and
2. simple flares or screens to RB’s or Wes Welker clones

Mangini should be kicking their butts and getting them so “mad” that they CANNOT WAIT to wallop someone (the BILLS!!) on Sunday…If I don’t see INTENSITY and a pass rush with blitz packages on Sunday, the Jets will NEVER win out..which is what they MUST do as Pats will go 11-5…the Seahawk game will be REALLY scary, but IF they come out and play “JET FOOTBALL” on Sunday and crush the Bills, it will restore their confidence and get them ready for Seattle… I am VERY sure they will handle Miami in the cold and windy Meadowlands if it’s for all the marbles.

NY Jets 34 NE Patriots 31

November 14, 2008

This was not supposed to be the Friday Post for a NY Giants blog. But there was simply too much to comment on here. Eric Mangini is a browning moron, and if he ever coached my team I would need to keep a full supply of barf bags handy. I may never have seen a game that was a more glowing example of the insanities of the Prevent Offense and Prevent Defense. This Jets team broke Rules 15 and 16 so many times, I lost track.

The Jets go up 24-6 late in Q2 and Bob Popa and Cris Collinsworth are anointing the Jets for having completely dismantled this Patriots team. And rightly so. But they are forgetting one thing. Manidiot.

Rule # 17: Players are told to play for 60 minutes. Yet who benches the head coach when he only coaches for 50? In this case, if the Jets coaches had coached for 50, that would have been radical. By this count, it was more like 36 minutes. Disgraceful.

1) Forget benching the coach, how about firing him. The Jets defense goes soft, into Prevent Defense1. Belichick has decided to go for it on 4th and 3 (which I believe is a mistake, take the FG) at the 23 with 2:40 left Q2. Sack for change of possession. So now you REALLY think that the Jets will go into the half up 24-6. But there is more.

2) Now the Jets have the Ball and go into the Prevent Offense1. It may not look like it in the stat sheet, but the Jets were doing the coronation, happy and fat.

3) The Jets go into the Prevent Defense2, and with the Patriots in no huddle, they march all the way down the field in ~1:30 and score to make it 24-13 at the half. SINFUL. Terrible.

4) The Potent Jets offense, which put up a zillion yards in H1, went into hibernation, Prevent Offense2. There was NO ATTACK in it. The dial was set to SLEEP.

5) Naturally the Patriots keep chipping away, until they score with 10:16 left in Q4 to tie the game 24-24. Remarkable. Effectively, the Jets coaching staff took off from 2:40 in Q2 to 10:16 in Q4, about 22 minutes. Very nice.

6) Wait a second, the game is tied? Okay, Okay, say the coaches. Time to wake up and play again. So the Jets drive down into the red zone, get a questionable holding call on Vrabel (breaks my heart) and a few plays later score the TD to go up 31-24 with 3:10 left.

7) Kris Jenkins makes a key sack on 2nd down and when the Pats miss on 3rd down, they actually have to kick (2:24 left), hoping and praying that they can somehow get another chance to get their hands on the ball.

8) Their prayers are answered! They are playing against Manidiot and the prevent Offense! I’ll give you a hint, where have we seen this before? EXACTLY LIKE THE GIANTS EAGLES GAME FOUR DAYS AGO. Prevent Offense3. RRRK special. Just like the Giants with 5:30 left, the Jets run three plays in a row and … I am shocked, shocked…. they don’t move the chains! Well blow me down!

9) So now the Patriots get the ball back with 1:04 left and no timeouts. Time for Manidiot to roll out Prevent Defense3. The old 3 man rush technique. The Pats move down the field like a hot knife through butter and get a TD to tie the game with 0:01 left. You should have seen the look of #4 when they scored… Favre is thinking, what do I have to do, coach the team too? He knows his coaches killed this effort.

10) Then a miracle occurred for the Jets. They won the coin toss. Time to turn the offense back on. On a key 3rd and 15 from the Jets 15, Favre hit Keller for 16 and a first down. Favre led the team all the way down field, and Feely nailed the 34 yarder.

Had it all the way. If Manidiot does not win the coin toss his team loses that game, and it goes down as one of the ugliest collapses in Franchise history. And the Jets know collapses. Let’s quote Cris Collinsworth: “The only thing the Prevent Defense (/Offense) prevents you from doing is winning the game.” Shameful.

Btw, Brett Favre was fantastic. (Jenkins, Keller, Washington were also excellent.)

For any Jets fans out there, your last 5 games are very winnable, your team can easily be 12-4. Incredible. Despite the horridness of the Prevent, that the Jets were lucky enough to manage to hold on (thanks to the coin flip) can portend good things for them now. This is a tremendous win for that franchise. It was only a few weeks ago that this team lost to the Raiders and then barely escaped vs KC. But like we saw last year in Washington Week 3, all it takes is one special game to turn an entire franchise around. The Jets got some special mettle out of this victory over the Patriots. If only they had a head coach with half a clue, they’d be dangerous.

post Rams thoughts

September 16, 2008

1) The Eagles-Boys game last night was a slugfest. Do not be fooled by all the scoring. I would not draw the conclusion that both teams have bad defense. The only thing that was very clear is that if they stay healthy, someone from the NFC East is going to the Super Bowl.

2) Lots of good things came out of Week 1 and 2 for the Giants, but the real stuff is coming.

3) Always amusing to see how Tuck gets the highlight reel for the INT runback for a TD, but meanwhile the reason he will go to the Pro Bowl is because he is such a tremendous force every play. Run or pass. Held constantly. Multiple sacks. After ALL of that, he is humble, gets interviewed after the game and throws all the credit to the team.

4) The Charger screw at the end of the game is why Norv Turner is cursed and why you need to go after the “Quality Win” so referee insanities do not cost you.

5) From Vinny DiTrani: “Coughlin said too much was made last week of Bradshaw not getting any carries against Washington in the opener. “Some things happen that can’t be revealed,” he said.

Apparently in Bradshaw’s case it was a leg injury he suffered the two days before the game. It got him on the injury list the final day but virtually went unnoticed. And when he failed to show his oomph returning kickoffs, he did not get to play from scrimmage.”

6) Wonder was inconsolable re his Jets. “Mangini should be shot. His offense was in the wrong game plan. With slow LBers and a weak secondary (no Gay and Samuel), you must pass ~35 times.”

7) It is obvious that 10-6 indeed will be needed to get a wild card because the NFC East rates to have both teams.

8) The Giants are reading their press clippings, but at least they know they have to keep improving each week. As long as they focus on the latter more than the former, I am less worried about complacency.

9) The Giants can still improve on penalties. A couple of holding penalties killed drives, and unnecessary ones in both games are easily forgiven in wins but costly in losses. One of the reasons the Giants won last year was because they were reduced significantly. This is certainly an area the team can improve on.

10) If you are my team, you’re down by 7 and you have just scored a late TD, PLEASE DO NOT GO FOR THE TWO AND THE WIN. Get the tie and go to OT. It worked for Shanahan but it is stupid football. The 2 pt conversion is a 30% proposition. OT is 50%. Take OT. Last season it was 30 out of 61, or 49%, actually surprisingly high. I feel like the Giants’ odds are like 25% historically, but that is just a guess. You better have the play call ready for it. One of the best ones I ever saw was Kerry Collins under Center for the Gmen, they go empty backfield and Collins QBsneaks it in when the Mike moves out to cover the RB. Great call because the Giants simply don’t use that play and it broke tendency. If YOUR team is one of those that brings DOWN the average then do not go for it unless absolutely necessary.

11) Speaking about Kerry Collins, notice how Collins thrived in the wind from (the former Hurricane) Ike blowing the wind around in Cincinnati? He throws that strong tight spiral which makes him such an asset when there is wind.

12) Speaking about breaking tendency, remember how Ultimatenyg lauded meathead Gilbride for making a great call on the first TD the Giants scored vs the Skins when Eli bootlegged it in? I should have known better- it was not a design QB bootleg. Matthews was supposed to be out there for a pass to the TE on the right side of the end zone, but when LeRon Landry came up to the line he had no choice but to block him. His quick escape to go out into his route was blown up and Eli had no choice but to run the ball in.